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10 Animals that can defeat a Crocodile



10 Animals that can defeat a Crocodile

Crocodiles are enormous semiaquatic reptiles that can be found in Africa, Asia, the Americas, and Australia.

The Nile crocodile is a huge freshwater reptile indigenous to Africa and can be found in 26 countries.

There are many animals that can defeat crocodiles or alligators however there are some that can give a good fight and even at times defeat them.

What do you think happens when an electric eel encounters a crocodile?

What do you think would happen if a crocodile met a pride of lions Let’s look at animals that can defeat crocodiles, alligators, and caimans.

10 Animals that can defeat a Crocodile

  • Python
  • Giant Otter
  • Buffalo
  • Baboon
  • Elephant
  • Hippopotamus
  • Lion
  • Tiger
  • Jaguar
  • Electric Eel

(10) Python

How to Survive Being Swallowed by an Anaconda

What happens when a python clashes with a huge crocodile?

In a dark Australian swamp, a python swallowed a giant crocodile whole after squeezing the life out of the crocs.

A massive snake in Australia has won a life-or-death battle with a crocodile, devouring the animal whole after a long struggle in front of stunned witnesses.

The snake, which was considered to be a python, was around 10 feet long and appeared to be in good health.

The crocodile in question was about three feet long.

“They had quite a tussle in the water,” and then the snake dragged the crocodile to the lake’s edge.

(9) Giant Otter

10 Animals that can defeat a Crocodile

The giant otter eats pretty much anything, from fish, characins, and catfish, but it will also consume crabs, turtles, snakes, and small caimans.

Otters can be some of the nastiest creatures on the planet, they may appear cute but they are no strangers to heinous acts such as capturing newborn otters and keeping them for ransom in exchange for food. Otters are carnivores who require a quarter of their body weight and food every day.

Oddly enough otters are often the apex predators or close to the top. otters feed on caimans and they dive underwater to get a better look. No matter how large their opponent is they will charge and attack.

When attacked by larger predators like crocodiles otters are known to band together and collaborate to fight the crocodile.

(8) Buffalo

10 Animals that can defeat a Crocodile

Crocodiles are vicious animals that consume snakes, buffalo, cattle, and even humans. They normally target prey as large as an adult buffalo, but these prehistoric predators will take on anything in the hopes of ripping off a scrap of meat. Elephants aren’t safe as well

Even though buffalos are prey for crocodiles, these formidable bulls have been known to fight back injuring and killing crocs in the process.

(7) Baboons

Free photo: baboon, kenya, africa | Hippopx

A troop of baboons can take down even the largest of crocodiles, some baboons are braver than others and once they jump over the crocodile the rest of the troop follows sue.

If the crocodile manages to snatch the baby of the baboon, the mother comes to the rescue and snatches back from the crocodile herself, the damage would have already been done and the baby baboon is dead, however, there’s a possibility that the crocodile would end up injured or dead if the aggressive troop lashes on.

(6) Elephants

Elephants are gentle animals, but they may also be violent and deadly at times, particularly if they are mothers.

The video was captured by a guest at a safari in Zambia, Africa, and shows a female African elephant trampling a crocodile to death because she didn’t want the reptile creeping on her baby.

(5) Hippopotamus

10 Animals that can defeat a Crocodile
10 Animals that can defeat a Crocodile

The hippo is usually far larger than the crocodile and hence always wins. However, a huge crocodile would defeat the hippo if the water was very deep. A crocodile, even if larger, has very little chance against a hippo since hippos join forces and help each other attack crocodiles.

Hippos are large and frightening, which is why crocodiles are scared of them. Hippos are ferocious predators capable of killing and chewing the crocodile.

Crocodiles, on the other hand, are exclusively terrified of adult hippos. They will consume and kill a baby or a deceased hippo if necessary.

Hippos don’t seem to be a favorite prey for crocodiles as Crocodiles are terrified of hippos.
Crocodiles are not scared of many animals but they particularly like being confronted by hippos…

Crocs are known to fight back when confronted by big cats like lions or elephants but not with hippos…

(4) Lions

Lion vs. Croc showdown | Photo by Jim Davis | Bradjward | Flickr

A lion is the apex predator and the ruler of the jungle. They are free to prey on and consume any animal they want. Lions and crocodiles fight over food most of the time. As a result, lions can hunt and devour crocodiles.

The lions will have the upper hand against the crocodile. As is typical of apex predators, both animals are suspicious of one other. Nile Crocodiles are substantially larger than lions.

(3) Tigers

Tiger baby and big tiger | Free Photo - rawpixel

Tigers will always kill crocodiles on land, tigers are known to kill crocodiles on many occasions, jumping behind the crocodile’s back and biting it just behind its neck.

(2) Jaguar

Can a Jaguar defeat a crocodile? well, it depends on who strikes first. If a Jaguar ambush a crocodile unawares, the croc dies.

Jaguar has the strongest bite force of all feline cats, a force of 2500 PSI., and its ability to crush the skull of a crocodile with its powerful jaws.

A Nile Crocodile on the other hand has a bite force of 5000psi, if it ambushes a jaguar, the jaguar will be ripped in half with such powerful bite force.

(1) Electric eel

Electric Eel | Electrophorus electricus—actually not an eel,… | Flickr

Native to South America and an apex predator. Nile Crocs ambushes their prey with incredible speed. All it takes is for a prey to come close to the river bank and Nile crocs will strike

This six-foot animal produces a killing shock of electricity.

It flushes out its prey and delivers its death-blow of 500 volts enough to stun an adult human.

Their long slender body gives them the appearance of an eel yet they’re the only ones who can deliver a high voltage jolt of electricity. They are all top predators who have little to fear in their natural environments.

Electric eels get their name from the fact that they deliver an electric shock of up to 860 volts depending on the species.

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