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10 Biggest Rivalries in the Animal kingdom



10 biggest rivalries in the animal kingdom

In the animal kingdom, we are most likely to see great dominance from the predator over its prey which always ends in a great conflict.

In some habitats, some species have been fighting with prey for a long time, thus forming a very great rivalry!

So let’s see, what are the biggest rivalries in the animal kingdom?

(1). Lions vs Hyenas
(2). Ants vs Termites
(3).White Shark vs Killer Whale
(4). Bear vs Wolves
(5). Giant Squid vs Sperm Whale
(6). Honey Bees vs Asian Giant Hornets
(7). Mongoose vs Cobra
(8). Python vs Alligator
(9). Elephant vs Rhinocerous
(10). Polar Bear vs Walrus

(1). Lions vs Hyenas

10 Biggest Rivalries in the Animal kingdom

If you’ve seen the Lion King movie, you’re probably aware of the lions’ and hyenas’ rivalry. They were terrified of Mufasa, but they loved to chase after Simba.

Because lions are stronger than hyenas, you might think this is unfair competition, but things aren’t always the same.

Hyenas and lions oftentimes cross paths in their ranges. When conflicts arise, it’s usually in the hyena’s favor when they have their clan as a backup.

Judging by the hyena’s bite force of over 1000psi, almost twice that of a lion at only 650psi. A clan of hyenas is definitely a worthy rivalry.

10 Biggest Rivalries in the Animal kingdom

Hyenas can very well defend themselves against lions. However, male Lions hunt hyenas down by following their funny irritating calls and then kill them.

Lions hunt down the dominant female of a clan in most cases and kill her, this confuses the hyena and makes them flee in fear.

Even though hyenas have adapted and used numbers to their advantage, lions have also adapted and become wise in defeating hyenas. So the rivalry continues non-stop.

(2). Ants vs Termites

10 Biggest Rivalries in the Animal kingdom

One might look at the termite and think, they would definitely win this battle against ants, After all, termites are substantially larger than ants, usually by 2-3 times, if not even bigger.

The head of a termite is built for battle, but that makes no difference in the termite vs ants war

It’s not always a fair fight, whenever ants go head to head against termites. Termites get annihilated. How to survive the most vicious animal bites

Even though ants are smaller in comparison to termites, they are more aggressive, smarter, and always have larger numbers than termites.

10 Biggest Rivalries in the Animal kingdom

Ant’s most often invade termites’ habitat, lure the workers and warriors out and then go in to kill the termite queen, dragging her out from the nest. This would cause confusion and possibly death to the termite colony.

So in the fight between Ants and Termites, Ants are smarter and always win.

(3). White Shark vs Killer Whale

10 Biggest Rivalries in the Animal kingdom

The majority of people believe that the Great White Shark rules the waters and doesn’t have to worry about other creatures. Who would dare to confront such a terrifying beast?

The water, after all, is full of surprises and, most importantly, big terrifying creatures. What happens when a Great White Shark comes into conflict with a Killer Whale?

Orcas often referred to as Killer Whales, can reach 31 feet in length and weigh up to 12300 pounds (5600 kg) (9.5 meters), while the Great White Shark usually weighs up to 2200 pounds (1000 kg) and reaches about 16 feet (5 meters).

Large predators, such as orcas, prefer prey species with a lot of fat on their bodies, which means that the shark’s entire body is undesirable as a meal.

10 Biggest Rivalries in the Animal kingdom

However, There have been verified reports of killer whales hunting sharks for decades.

It’s possible to even that great whites may have been part of the killer whale’s diet well before then.

Watchers on the Farallon Islands saw a true battle between these two marine giants.

They claim that the orca changed course to attack the Great White.

The orca slammed the shark in the flank, throwing it off balance, and then snatched it from behind, flipping it over and drowning it. why is a killer whale called the king of the ocean?

The good news for sharks is that they seem to learn and adapt fairly quickly.

Sharks are terrified of killer whales and so they flee areas dominated by killer whales.

(4). Bear vs Wolves

10 Biggest Rivalries in the Animal kingdom

Wolves are substantially smaller than bears. Grizzly Bears are between 5 and 8 feet tall (1.5 to 2.5 meters) and weigh up to 800 pounds (363 kg).

A wolf’s height and weight vary from 36 to 63 inches (91 to 160 cm) and up to 175 pounds (79 kg).

As a result, if a lone wolf encounters a bear, it will most likely retreat because it has no chance. Wolves, on the other hand, have a significant advantage: they operate together as a pack.

Wolves and brown bears often come into conflict over a kill.

Wolves are more than capable of defeating animals much bigger and stronger animals, so bears are no exception.

10 Biggest Rivalries in the Animal kingdom

The wolf’s greatest strength is in its number and teamwork The bear is much bigger and stronger.

Wolves can only defeat a smaller grizzly bear, but it would have to go head to head with the mother and that’s a life-threatening situation.

Wolves would oftentimes win the battle if they surround the bears and keep biting them from all directions, the bears would most likely flee or end up dead. 

The ability of the bear to escape would depend on its size and determination.

A small bear would give up and die in the fight against wolves but a much bigger bear would succeed in killing at least a wolf or two before it flees away.

(5). Giant Squid vs Sperm Whale

10 Biggest Rivalries in the Animal kingdom

Sperm whales are enormously big and massive, they could reach lengths of 49-59feet (15-18meters) and can dive to the ocean’s depth of 3280 feet (1000meters). And this depth is where sperm whales come head to head with the Giant Squid.

Giant Squid often known as deep-sea creatures are incredibly big, the biggest ever found measures 59 feet (18 meters). 

It’s hard to say who would win such a fight, and that’s because the giant squid lives in very deep waters and a fight like this has never been seen or filmed!

10 Biggest Rivalries in the Animal kingdom

Though giant squid is encountered remarkably rarely by people, they are thought to make up about three-quarters of sperm whales’ diet in the Southern Ocean.

Even if the giant squid especially is equipped with a fearsome arsenal of weapons, including barbed swiveling hooks,

and often leave scars on the bodies of sperm whales, the number of colossal squid beaks found in the stomachs of sperm whales indicates that the latter often win.

(6). Honey Bees vs Asian Giant Hornets

10 Biggest Rivalries in the Animal kingdom

The Asian giant hornets are huge insects that weigh about 2 inches in length and can fly well above 15 miles per hour

What inevitably happens is that Hornets feed honeybee larvae to their young ones and thus create a conflict between these two species.

In their quest to invade honeybee hives, they look for larvae and destroy bee colonies in the process, Hornets have huge mandibles which they use to cut bees’ heads off.

When the bees try to defend themselves by stinging their foes, they are unable to penetrate the hornet’s thick armor. A single hornet can kill up to 20 bees each minute.

You’re probably thinking that the bees have no way of fighting back at this point. To be sure, they’ve built a formidable defense against these intruders.

10 Biggest Rivalries in the Animal kingdom

The bees do not try to hinder a Hornet from finding a hive. Instead, they let it in, allowing themselves to be caught in their trap.

They build a bee ball around the hornet and begin vibrating, heating it up until it is fried. This is one of nature’s most impressive protection mechanisms.

Asian Giant hornets are hostile and deadly but honeybees have adapted and developed ways to defend themselves and fight back. 6 most painful insect bites in the world

(7). Mongoose vs Cobra

10 Biggest Rivalries in the Animal kingdom

Few animal fights have garnered more attention than the iconic conflict between the cobra and the mongoose throughout history.

Cobras were feared and venerated as deities in ancient Egyptian and Indian cultures because of their poison.

Mongooses, in particular, were admired for their ability to slay deadly snakes.

Mongooses can and do eat cobras and other dangerous snakes, despite the fact that cobras are not interested in eating them.

While cobras have extremely deadly venom, it is insufficient to deter a hungry mongoose.

10 Biggest Rivalries in the Animal kingdom

This is due to the fact that many mongoose species are incredibly fast and have thick fur coats.

They have specific acetylcholine receptors that make them resistant to snake venom or immune to it. Top 7 most venomous snakes in the world

So, the mongoose has a huge advantage in a fight between a cobra and a mongoose. This does not, however, make the conflict any less compelling.

Cobras and mongooses are sleek and cunning as they go head to head.

(8). Python vs Alligator

10 Biggest Rivalries in the Animal kingdom

The male American Alligator averages (3.4meters), 11.2 feet in length and they weigh about 1000pounds (450kg). These creatures have armored skin coated with bony plates.

The Burmese python can reach 16 to 23 feet ( 5 – 7 meters) and weigh 200 pounds (90kg). They kill by constriction, squeezing the life out of their prey until it suffocates and dies, they are excellent swimmers and can stay below water for up to 30 minutes.

10 Biggest Rivalries in the Animal kingdom

Both Burmese python and American Alligators, don’t usually go head to head in the wild but sometimes their territories overlap.

What tends to happen in most cases is that the gator eats piece by piece of the python but eventually, the python wraps itself around the gator, suffocating it and swallowing it whole.

(9). Elephant vs Rhinocerous

10 Biggest Rivalries in the Animal kingdom

African elephants are the largest and biggest land mammals on earth. Reaching 8.2 to 13 feet (2.5- 4 meters) in length and weighing about 14,000 pounds (6350kg).

Rhinocerous on the other hand is smaller than an elephant, they can reach a length of 4.5 to 6 feet (1.4-1.8meters) and weigh well around 3000 pounds (1400kg).

Both creatures can be aggressive if need be, they are both intelligent and have great stamina. They both rarely fight each other.

Elephants are peaceful in nature, unless when threatened or a protective mother can be enraged when protecting her young.

An elephant in heat can also be very aggressive and will definitely defeat a Rhino if it comes in contact with them.

All it takes is the elephant’s weight and the Rhino is dead.

10 Biggest Rivalries in the Animal kingdom

In February 2000, 36 rhinos were reported killed by a youthful group of orphaned elephants in an African park.

This group of Elephants exhibited unusual aggression. which can have been as a result of a lack of proper training that could have come from family life in the wild.

This group of elephants was always constantly on the lookout for Rhinos with the intention of killing them off.

(10). Polar Bear vs Walrus

10 Biggest Rivalries in the Animal kingdom

Polar Bears are colossal polar animals. Adults can grow to be as tall as 8 feet (2.5 meters) and as heavy as 1600 pounds (720 kg).

Polar Bears find walruses to be extremely dangerous prey. It can grow to be 7.25 to 11.5 feet (2.2 to 3.5 meters) tall and weigh up to 1.5 tons, making it twice the size of a Polar Bear.

They also have two tusks that are three feet long and can be used as lethal weapons. Anything can happen when a Polar Bear tries to assault a Walrus.

10 Biggest Rivalries in the Animal kingdom

Although the bear is a natural predator, there have been numerous reports of Polar Bears being killed or badly injured by walrus tusks.

The Polar Bear will have an advantage over walrus on land, but in most cases, you will find that when walruses get attacked by Polar bears,

they try to flee towards the water and that way they gain an advantage. Walrus uses its tusk as the major weapon and makes the kill successfully.



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