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10 Critical Signs Your Dog Is Begging for Help



10 Critical Signs Your Dog Is Begging for Help

Are you a loving parent to your four-legged fur dogs? we only want the best for them and that is by keeping them healthy, happy, and lively.

However, like humans, dogs may also need help during their lifetime. The question now is how do we know if they need our help?

Here are some critical signs to know that your dog is begging for help.

Understanding our dogs and communicating with them effectively is what we’re going to be looking at today.

There are times when it’s hard to know if they might need our help. So how do we actually communicate with our dog if something is not right?

Fortunately, there are signs we can observe if our pet is not okay and there are things we can do about it. 12 Human Foods that are Good for Dogs

(1) Limping and lameness

10 Critical Signs Your Dog Is Begging for Help

when a dog is limping it might be probably because they are experiencing pain in some parts of its body which in turn can cause lameness.

A dog may also squeal when that certain part of the body is touched however, a dog may exhibit such behavior due to minor discomforts such as a twisted ankle or a broken nail however it may also cause more serious problems such as arthritis, Lyme disease or hipper elbow dysplasia.

If you think your dog is fine aside from not being able to move freely it is best to monitor them for a day or two if their situation gets worse it’s time to have them checked by a veterinarian.

(2) An Unusual way of eating or drinking

10 Critical Signs Your Dog Is Begging for Help

If your dog exhibits any unusual change in the way he eats or drinks, this is one of the clear signs that they don’t feel too well.

Some signs you should observe are eating and drinking far too much or too little not being too excited about mealtime as they used to be or not touching their food bowl at all.

It is possible that a harmless bug or insect might be passing through their system but this may also be a cause of change inhabit such as when they run more often than they used to so they consume more energy than usual.

However, let’s not erase the fact that this can also be because they are experiencing more serious health problems such as diabetes, liver, or kidney disease. If your dog’s issue worsens it’s time to see your veterinarian.

(3) Rashes and changes in skin and hair

while skin rashes are common when dogs experience allergies, rashes, irritations, and itches that never go away should be taken seriously

If your dog is continuously scratching their bodies until it forms redness and inflammation

It is best to get help from a veterinarian, the same is true when they experience hair loss and other hair problems.

4. Walking stiffly

10 Critical Signs Your Dog Is Begging for Help

Aside from being susceptible to skin rashes dogs are also prone to developing Lyme disease due to a tick bite which may cause swelling in their joints thus disabling them from comfortably moving around, other symptoms that you may observe are fever, disinterested meals, and lameness.

While symptoms of Lyme disease are subtle not being able to catch it early may result in an occasional but life-threatening condition.

Therefore if you think your dog has caught Lyme disease it is best to take them to the veterinarian as soon as possible so they can diagnose your dog and give them proper medication right away. 14 clear signs your Dog loves you

5. Inappropriate defecation

If your dog is potty trained and they suddenly caused an accident in the house it may be more than just an accident, maybe your dog needs help like children.

Dogs are also used to routines which means that they may wake up and go to sleep at the same time every day

This is also true when during mealtime and when they need to use the toilet, therefore if your dog suddenly poops or urinates outside its routine it may be because something is wrong changes in your dog’s toilet routine can mean different things.

It may be because their stomach is upset because of a bug, it can be because of a urinary tract infection or it could be something more serious

Although it can be frustrating to clean up your dog’s mess do understand that it’s not something that they intentionally do thus getting angry and punishing them won’t do any good. Most often this behavior is a sign that they are begging for help

6. Whimpering and trembling

Image tag: left, image quantity: 148 | tag | Hippopx

There are various reasons why your dog is whining and shaking and it always depends upon the situation.

This could be because they are experiencing anxiety which usually happens if they are left alone for long periods of time on a regular basis or they are hurt by extremely loud noises such as thunder, fireworks, or car hawks or it could also be because they’re still adapting to their new environment.

Determining the cause of this is vital before you proceed to the next step which is providing a solution to the problem

for example, if you think it’s because of the loud noises, soundproofing your house or an area inside your home is an excellent idea.

7. Tearful or red eyes

There are various external reasons why your dog might have red irritation and tearful eyes

This may be because of a scratch or an injury to your dog’s cornea which caused infection and irritation

If not addressed early this can worsen, so it is important that they get checked with the veterinarian as soon as possible.

8. Uninterested in cuddles or toys

If your dog is usually snuggly and affectionate but suddenly started to keep its distance between you.

It may be because something is wrong with them the same is true if they suddenly act uninterested in their toys like the other critical signs.

There are various reasons why a dog might exhibit this behavior but the most common one is that they may be suffering from pain while dogs are able to feel emotions, they hold no grudges, therefore it is important to know why they suddenly exhibit a lack of affection.

9. Excessive barking

While barking is common for all dogs excessive barking is a clear sign that they are bored, scared, or experiencing anxiety. In the human world, excessive barking is like a baby’s cry.

The tone of your dog’s bark will also allow you to determine why they are barking excessively.

A high-pitched bark is commonly a sign of stress while a monotonous bark may be a sign that they are bored and they want your attention.

10. Scratching and licking paws

Licking of paws and scratching is common for dogs, it can also be a sign that your dog is suffering from gnarly allergies.

Aside from scratching you may also have to look for other signs such as irritated skin, stinky ears, and brown stains on their feet.

Regardless of what causes this, you should take your dog to the vet immediately because not only does it cause discomfort to your dog but untreated allergy may also result in secondary fungal and bacterial infections.

Overall the most important thing is to observe if your dog is exhibiting such behaviors and unfortunately if they do make sure to rush them to your veterinarian as soon as possible.


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