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10 Dog Breeds Only The Brave Can Handle



10 Dog Breeds Only The Brave Can Handle

Despite the fact that dogs are recognized for being naive, innocent creatures who may make for good four-legged companions

Now, not all dogs are suitable for everyone, from wolf killers to lion hunters to those who can scale walls to reach their prey. Here are 10 dog breeds only the brave can handle.

(10) Caucasian Shepherd dog

10 Dog Breeds Only The Brave Can Handle

While small dogs can be a little hard to keep up with, there’s no denying the fact that big dogs are a whole other challenge and the caucasian shepherd dog is one of the biggest ones of them all

On its hind legs, this 30-inch dog can easily match an adult human’s height but it’s its insanely thick coat that sets them apart.

they’re so strong that in a lot of parts of the world, they are called wolf killers, that’s because if they want to they can easily pin down a vicious wolf under their 180-pound weight like they’re just playing fighting.

What’s great about these dogs though is the fact that they’re remarkably intelligent and can recognize their family members. They tend to be overprotective as well

All of this also means that they’re not the easiest dogs to train and if you’re not brave enough to be the alpha in this situation you might find yourself being dragged around by a walking killing machine.

(9) Bully Kutta

10 Dog Breeds Only The Brave Can Handle

When a dog’s name has the word bully in it, you should know that it’s not going to be an easy ride having one of these around.

Bully Kutta is a variation of the bulldog that hails from the India and Pakistan region

And well let’s just say not everyone is able to do that for starters, you’re looking at quite a big dog here the full-grown bully cutter is 32 inches long and weighs around 170 pounds of pure muscle they’re not afraid to use all that muscle either.

If something ticks them off they just lunge at it and will attack teeth first

Once they do they, just hold on for dear life and don’t let go no matter what you try, so if the keeper isn’t brave enough they don’t stand a chance against the insane dog.

(8) Kangal

10 Dog Breeds Only The Brave Can Handle

Lions are the king of the jungle can you imagine having a dog that’s specifically trained to hunt them, well that’s exactly what it’s like to have one of these dogs around

These are called Kangals or Turkish Kangals they mean trouble

This is the type of dog that’s well aware of its massive size, standing tall at around 30 inches, and can easily be 130 pounds.

When it comes to scaring away the target, this dog doesn’t even end up having to do anything major.

It’ll just stand there look extremely intimidating and make anyone submit unless you know you can take that type of energy every single day.

You might want to try out a gentler breed first and work your way up to a beast like this one.

(7) Greyhound

10 Dog Breeds Only The Brave Can Handle

Double muscle layered greyhound, a regular greyhound is usually tall and lanky and uses that type of build to run at speeds of 150 miles an hour, but the one we’re talking about isn’t the average greyhound

It’s a double-muscle layered greyhound, this dog has the same basic build but instead of being lanky a rare gene mutation gives them two additional layers of super bulky muscles

Because of that, they go from being fast intelligent dogs to those that also have a lot of muscle to use to their advantage and well they do just that.

If these guys feel like someone’s not acting right they’ll run over and use their best judgments paired with the physical strength to take them down and well once they start it’s very hard to make them stop.

(6) Alabai shepherds dog

10 Dog Breeds Only The Brave Can Handle

There have been lots of working dogs throughout the decades but the alibi shepherds have stood their ground as one of the best ones of them all one look at these dogs and you’ll know how they mean business.

They take the security of their family and ground so seriously that they don’t care what comes their way whether that’s a human intruder on their property or a wolf trying to mess with your farm.

No matter what it is if it’s not supposed to be there the alibi shepherd will get it out of there.

These dogs are so good at scaring threats away that they’re literally known as wolf crushers.

That’s because they crushed their target under their weight to hold them there, clearly, these are not the type of dogs you should mess with unless you’re feeling particularly brave that day.

But even then chances are you’re not going to make it out of it fully intact.

(5) Great Pyrenees

10 Dog Breeds Only The Brave Can Handle

At first look, the great Pyrenees look like the greatest dogs that just want to hang out, play, and have fun.

well, they are that type of dog, but when they need to, they can turn into the fiercest of all guard dogs how do they do that?

The Great Pyrenees is absolute fluff balls, but they are mighty big

These guys grow up to be around 30 inches in height weighing 120 pounds easily, add to that their giant coats and you have quite the big boy.

But that’s not the best thing about them, if there’s one thing these dogs take seriously it’s the security of their entire family

No matter the responsibility of protecting, they’re going to give it their all

The only thing here is that it takes a very specific type of person to deal with these dogs

If whoever’s training them doesn’t have nerves of steel this dog is going to know and will train them instead. 12 Dog breeds That Can Fight Wild Animals

(4) Komondor

10 Dog Breeds Only The Brave Can Handle

When you say the name Komondor you’ll notice just how similar it sounds to Komondor and that’s because these dogs literally run their command wherever they go

This is the type of dog that’s always on high alerts and can sense danger from a mile away

If someone comes near them and they’re not really supposed to, they’ll immediately switch from being a cute mop dog to being the angriest mop that will ever run at you.

What’s worse is that they’re also very fast so by the time you even register what’s going on it’ll be too late and you’ll have a massive 120-pound dog pouncing on you relentlessly.

If you aren’t brave enough to handle it, it’s going to get the upper paw in that situation.

3 Fila Brasileiro

Fila Brasileiro Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Pictures

If there’s one dog that can act all cute and become vicious when it’s needed. It’s the fila Brasileiro

These dogs are Brazilian and were bred to help around at the farms but it wasn’t until they actually got to work that the breeders realized that they were also great at guarding well everything

They can track anything very efficiently and if someone messes with them they’ll remember everything yep these dogs don’t forgive and forget ever.

Even if someone doesn’t want to mess with them but looks at them the wrong way they’ll pretty much get wrecked because these dogs do not stop until they get what they want.

2 Cane Corso

Cane Corso - TCane Corso Cane Corso Breeder. About the breed Cane Corso: Cane  Corso Breed standard.

When you’re talking about dogs that can make anyone melt with just one very intense look it’s this one

Their head is usually the first thing people notice and that’s because most of their weight is in their heads. Top 15 Dogs With Strongest Bite Force

On average these dogs grow to be 30 inches tall and weigh 100 pounds, that doesn’t just make them these crazy

big-headed dogs but also, if they do end up biting someone it’s going to be a heavy painful bite that might leave a lot more than just a mark

There’s nowhere you can run or hide away from a cane Corso if it wants you it’s going to come and get you.

1 Belgian Malinois

Belgian Malinois Outdoor - Free photo on Pixabay

If a dog is good enough to be a fierce police dog, you know that they’re going to be very hard to take down and that’s exactly how these guys are.

This dog came to be after several super-intelligent strong dogs were bred together until they landed on a super dog that just doesn’t take no for an answer.

Although a brave trainer would be able to reason with one, for an average person these dogs are a massive challenge.

They stand tall at 30 to 32 inches and can weigh only 60 pounds, It’s not really that heavy but almost all of that weight is their muscles which they can use to do whatever they want.

Whether that means knocking anyone to the ground or holding them there or even jumping so fast that they end up climbing walls like their spider dogs.

A true super dog that really needs someone brave to handle it.

10 Dog Breeds Only The Brave Can Handle Lists

  1. Caucasian Shepherd dog
  2. Bully Kutta
  3. Kangal
  4. Greyhound
  5. Alabai Shepherd dog
  6. The great Pyrenees
  7. Komondor
  8. 3 Fila Brasileiro
  9. Cane Corso
  10. Belgian Malinois


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