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10 Facts about Australian Shepherd Dog



10 Things Only Australian Shepherd Dog Owners Understand

Because of their name, many people thought that the Australian shepherd came from Australia, however, this breed actually originated in the western united states in the 1840s to herd livestock.

Today they still remain excellent working dogs which means they need to have a job to do.

Australian shepherds can only be happy if they’re given a task to exercise and join various dog sports. 8 Things only Kangal dog owners understand

They are loyal, smart, and entertaining dogs.

(1) Australian shepherds are strikingly beautiful

10 Facts about Australian Shepherd Dog

Medium-sized dogs that are slightly longer than tall. Males stand at around 20 to 23 inches tall at the shoulder, while females stand at around 18 to 21 inches.

Their weight ranges from 40 to 65 pounds, their medium-length coat is water repellent that keeps them warm during cold weather.

Aussies who live in colder climates tend to have heavier undercoats than those who live in warmer areas. Aussies are meant to be working dogs who are capable of herding livestock.

(2) Australian shepherds are average shedders.

10 Facts about Australian Shepherd Dog

If shedding is a big deal for you then you might reconsider having this breed.

Australian shepherds shed all year round, but they will shed heavily twice a year to keep their coats matte and tangle-free, weekly brushing is necessary.

If it’s the shedding season you may need to brush them more frequently, you can also trim their hair to make it look

tidier, bathing should only be done when it gets really dirty while grooming you might also need to check their ears and eyes for any signs of sores inflammation, or infection, If you’re unsure it’s better to visit the veterinarian.

(3) The Australian shepherds are keen observers and are highly intelligent.

10 Facts about Australian Shepherd Dog

Dogs who can learn by just observing love to easily absorb new things and for this reason, they make great dogs for skilled work and performance.

However, because there are keen watchers, you must exercise caution in what you show them.

for example, if they see you digging a hole in the backyard there’s also a tendency for them to do the same. Top 15 dogs with the strongest bite force

(4) Australian shepherds are versatile dogs

10 Facts about Australian Shepherd Dog

Aside from being herding dogs, Aussies are also successful in various

dog careers such as assistance dogs, police dogs, search and rescue dogs, guide dogs, eye dogs, and hearing dogs.

This is because they are highly intelligent dogs who thrive when given a job to do at home, Aussies can be taught how to help around the house including picking up the remote, the newspaper, or the laundry that’s fallen off the floor.

However, since they have strong herding instincts they may still carry this behavior inside the house therefore these dogs are not for timid and inexperienced owners. Instead, they need someone who is firm strong, and can lead the pack.

(5) Australian shepherds are loyal and devoted to their families.

10 Facts about Australian Shepherd Dog

Originally bred to work. It’s natural for Australian shepherds to be loyal to their family and be protective of their property because of this expect these dogs to be aloof and reserved toward strangers.

It is important that they are trained and socialized, while they are still young. They need to grow into well-rounded dogs.

Puppies should be exposed to various sites, sounds, environments, people, and animals so that once they grow up they know how to act properly in various situations.

Every day this breed will spend most of its time working playing and just being loyal to you.

They need to be close to their humans thus they shouldn’t stay in the backyard or at the kennel for a long time

(6) Australian shepherds are not for everyone.

10 Facts about Australian Shepherd Dog

Being a leader is a natural instinct for this breed, after all, they

were bred to herd livestock for this reason Australian shepherds need an owner who knows how to lead the pack otherwise, they won’t hesitate to take the dominant role in the family.

Their owner needs to be firm, patient, and consistent with the training. That said, they are not for the novice and first-time dog owners.

(7) Australian shepherds are sensitive dogs.

10 Facts about Australian Shepherd Dog

Although medium in size, these dogs have huge feelings.

They seek your time, attention, and love. Without it, they will become extremely sad which can lead to

depression and separation anxiety. Therefore they are not for busy families who are always away when it comes to training, always use positive reinforcement techniques such as food, rewards petting, and lots of playtimes.

Never train a dog using harsh punishments regardless of the breed.

(8). Australian shepherds are not for couch people.

10 Facts about Australian Shepherd Dog

If you spend most of your time lying on the couch, then this breed is not for you.

This breed won’t even be satisfied on a walk around your neighborhood instead they need plenty of exercises to keep

themselves healthy and happy, a home with a backyard is necessary for them to run around and burn off their energy every day.

Aussies will need about 30 to 60 minutes of vigorous exercise, in addition, make sure that your yard is securely fenced because this breed can dig or jump.

Fences will not work for these dogs. If you take them out make sure that they are kept on a leash otherwise they may be tempted to chase moving objects and animals looking for a hiking buddy.

This breed would be more than happy to join you as mentioned earlier they can turn into strong athletes as well.

After all, these dogs enjoy mental and physical stimulation, if they are not kept busy, Aussies may develop habits that may not be desirable for you.

These include excessive barking, digging, scratching, and chewing to avoid such situations make sure that they get their daily exercise needs. Remember a tired dog is a happy dog.

(9). Australian shepherds are excellent guard dogs.

10 Facts about Australian Shepherd Dog

Aussies are not barkers, although they will let you know if they see something suspicious such as when someone is approaching your property.

If there’s a threat these dogs will also not hesitate to show how fierce they can be in order to protect you and your

family, moreover they like to use their vocals to converse with you as mentioned, they are not barkers although you may expect some weird noises coming out from their mouth as if you can understand what they’re saying.

Although these dogs will get along with children, they tend to see them as part of their flock and may even try to chase and nip at them. Because of this, proper training is essential for Aussies.

(10). Australian shepherds are healthy dogs.

10 Facts about Australian Shepherd Dog

Generally speaking, Aussies are considered healthy dogs but like all other dog breeds may still be prone to some health conditions and that is why It’s important to be aware of what you need to watch out for when owning one of these dogs.

Aussies are prone to hip and elbow dysplasia, epilepsy, deafness, osteochondrosis to progressive retinal atrophy pra cataracts, persistent pupillary membranes ppm, hypothyroidism allergies, drug sensitivity detached retina nasal solar dermatitis, and cancer.

On average, healthy and well-taken care Aussie has a lifespan of 13 to 15 years to prolong your dog’s life.

Make sure that they regularly visit the veterinarian about once or twice a year, in the end, Australian shepherds are

energetic dogs who thrive in an active family that can give them a job to do or activities to keep them busy all-day

if provided with their needs they can be wonderful and loving companions.

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