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10 Most Beautiful parrots on Earth



10 most beautiful parrots on Earth

Parrots belong to the Psittacidae family and order Psittaciformes, which also contain cockatoos. This family has approximately 398 species and 92 genera.

Parrots have been kept as pets since ancient times, we humans fancy them because of their ability to mimic words, they are highly intelligent, friendly, and entertaining creatures.

Several of them are astonishingly good at imitating a wide range of sounds, including human speech. They’re mainly found in tropical and subtropical climates.

Parrots eat seeds, buds, fruits, and insects with their blunt tongue.

Below are the 10 Most Beautiful Parrots on Earth.

(10)The sulfur-crested cockatoo
(9)Bronze-winged Parrot
(8)Dusky Lory
(7) Galah
(6) Blue and Yellow Macaw
(5)African Grey
(4) Sun parakeet
(3)Hyacinth Macaw
(2) Eclectus
(1)Scarlet Macaw

( 10) The sulfur-crested cockatoo

10 Most Beautiful parrots on Earth

This unique parrot can be found in Southeast Asia as well as in Australia, and its white color makes it easy to identify, its yellow-colored crest and brown beaks. It has a long lifespan of 70 years in the wild and nests in tree hollows.

(9) Bronze winged Parrot

10 Most Beautiful parrots on Earth

This is one of the most beautiful parrots and is found in the forests of South America and is mostly blue and purple in color.

It has a large bronze-colored spot on its wings which gives it the name, their numbers in the wild are as a result of pet trafficking and deforestation, their numbers are extremely low.

They dwell in tree holes and breed from March to June.

(8) Dusky Lory

10 Most Beautiful parrots on Earth

The dusky Lory also known as the white rump Lorri is found in the forests of Papua New Guinea.

It has a length of about 9 inches and It has black with orange plumage with a beak that is orange in color and is a highly clever bird that many people keep as pets and can mimic human speech, in addition to that it is very sociable and friendly.

(7) Galah

10 Most Beautiful parrots on Earth

These birds also are known as rose-breasted cockatoo and are found quite commonly in Australia they have a

distinctive pink plumage with a gray head and short tail the males and females look almost alike except for the eye color these birds are very social and fly together.

They flock together in groups of about 1000, looking for food, traveling for miles, and forming stunning and beautiful formations

(6) Blue and Yellow Macaw

10 Most Beautiful parrots on Earth

This lovely parrot, like the scarlet macaw, can be found in South American jungles near wetlands, marshes, and swamps.

They are comparable in size and structure, and they have a plumage that is primarily blue with a brilliant yellow underbelly and green and black coloration on the head.

(5) African Grey

10 Most Beautiful parrots on Earth
10 Most Beautiful parrots on Earth

This African parrot is native to the Congo region, where dense woods cover more than half of the country’s entire geographical area.

They have ​a large wingspan of about 50 centimeters and a gray in color with slight dark and light variations in the plumage as pets they are very talkative and quickly pick up human sounds they are also very intelligent and can recognize patterns invoices.

(4) Sun parakeet

Sun Conures Conure Bird - Free photo on Pixabay

This parrot could not have been named more accurately the bright yellow and orange plumage of the son parrot dazzles as it flies across the forest canopy in South America.

These birds can imitate human speech and they live in groups. They hunt together and build their nests around each other.

(3) Hyacinth Macaw

Blue Macaws Hyacinth Macaw - Free photo on Pixabay

This gorgeous parrot is the world’s largest flying parrot and can only be found in the rainforests of Southern Brazil. It measures 40 inches in length on average.

Inches and bright blue and yellow feathers with a large black beak in controlled experiments have shown the ability to use tools to help with obtaining and eating food. This shows they are highly intelligent.

Macaws are one of the world’s most long-lived animals.

(2) Eclectus

Eclectus Parrot Female | Eric Kilby | Flickr

This parrot species is found only in the rainforests of Papua New Guinea and has bright plumage of different colors in males and females.

Both the sexes of this species look so different but they have been considered separate species for a long time.

The male has green plumage and a yellow-orange beak while the female has red and purple feathers with a black beak these birds too are popular pets and so are threatened in the wild it is also one of the smartest talking birds in the world.

(1) Scarlet Macaw

Scarlet Macaw - Arara Canga | There are two red macaws in So… | Flickr

The scarlet macaw is one of the largest and most beautiful parrot species in the world and is known for its colorful plumage and intelligence scarlet.

Macaws live in rainforests of Central and South America but are now found as pets all around the world they have a predominantly red body with yellow-greenish and blue coloration on the wing and tail feathers.

They are highly intelligent and have the ability to recognize shape and color. 

The macaw is among the world’s most colorful and gorgeous birds.

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