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10 Worst Animal Parents in the world



The word parents always bring a sense of love and protection, isn’t it?

Although the meaning of parenthood in the wild might have a different meaning.

For some animals you know it’s an instinct that parents love their baby but you will be shocked to know that some animal parents are so cruel that they even abandoned their child.

Do you want to know these vicious parents?

Then hop on this frightening journey where we will tell you the10 Worst Animal Parents on the planet.

Now let’s see how brutal an animal can be

10 Worst Animal Parents in the world

10 Stork
2Harp Seals

(10) Stork

Flying stork | A picture of a flying stork taken at the Kind… | Flickr

Did you know a stork throws its baby out of the nest? How cruel right?

Well, you don’t want to imagine what happens to the baby stork. However, it will be highly doubtable that the little one could have survived, what do you think would be the reason behind this cruel behavior?

They don’t do this because they are mentally ill or don’t want their children.

However, you will be astonished to know that the stork does this because it’s not a big deal for them, even many

species are known to do this cruel practice for many decades.

White storks are a class of stork species and they also kill their children by throwing them down from a tall tree.

They do this to reduce the number of offspring.

Another reason behind this reduction is that the storks don’t have enough food to provide for their children.

( 9) Hippopotamus

Top 10 Worst Animal Parents on the Planet

We all know that a hippopotamus gets aggressive when someone enters their territory.

They are known as killer machines so hold your heart because you will surely get the shock of your life when you hear what’s coming.

In 2015 at Hawaiian gate national park, a whole herd of hippopotamus killed a two-year-old baby hippo with such cruelty that you can’t even imagine why a parent would do that.

Well, the reason behind it is more surprising than the incident. In reality, a hippo herd should only be consisting of 15 hippo animals. The Most Deadly animal in the world

So to maintain the population of the pack they kill the new ones, unbelievable right?.

(8) Pigs

Top 10 Worst Animal Parents on the Planet

Pig parents are aggressive and extreme in their behavior, they even tend to bite their little ones when they are not feeling well.

Did you know that pig mothers get violent with their offspring without any apparent reason in some cases, the condition worsens and the mothers kill the little pig right after birth but the question is why did they do this?

Well, we could only come up with the reason that the mother had gone through extreme birth pain so the aggression kicks in when an adult pig sees its child.

Another speculation is that the mother may be suffering from a behavioral disorder.

So she bites her offspring, however many sedatives are provided to help parents reduce their aggression and killing

instincts, but it seems the mother finds it hard to fight with the desire of killing their newborn.

(7) Cuckoo

Top 10 Worst Animal Parents on the Planet
Top 10 Worst Animal Parents on the Planet

This cuckoo bird shows unique behavior, as a parent do you want to know what it is?

Well, then we don’t dare to delay and reveal the dirty tricks of the cuckoo parent.

These birds like to lay their eggs in others’ nests and outsource their paternal responsibilities, just check out the nerve of these sneaky birds.

The worst thing is that they don’t even care how their child will grow up among other species.

Did you know that cuckoo bird deceives 250 species regularly?

moreover, the interesting fact is that these nasty birds deceive other birds and ask for food from them, in-other to give to their offspring. The funny thing is that they did not even raise them. Isn’t that a crooked way of being a parent?

(6) Eagles

Bald Eagles Landing Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Pictures

Eagles are on another level of parenting, they seem like a caring parent, they even feed their little ones with fresh food.

Eagles are known to be great protectors as they make sure to provide shelter to their children from cold and heat.

They won’t even take their eyes off their offspring for a second, Even, if they see a predator around them. Eagle vs Vulture which is more powerful?

You might be thinking eagles are such good parents right? Then why are they chosen as one of the worst parents?

Well, we will unravel the secret for you now.

They don’t kill their babies themselves but eagles let their children fight until only one survives.

You can say that the offspring fight to become dominant, the worst part is when the children fight, the parent would watch and do nothing. isn’t that a dirty habit as a parent?

(5) Pandas

Panda Beauvalle Fauna - Free photo on Pixabay

Don’t be a fool to believe that pandas are harmless and are just as cute as they look.

We told you that the cute ones are always the sneakiest. Pandas are famous as the worst parent because they are just horrible when it comes to parenthood even they do not tend to produce any offspring but if they did they mostly give birth to twins.

Do you know what happens when pandas have twins to feed? well, it’s shocking to know that Panda’s mother chooses the one to provide food while letting the other die. Do you want to know why she does that?

Well, might be because the baby pandas are blind and helpless when they are born so the mother has to take the responsibility and hold the baby panda because their bones are not very firm. 5 Deadliest Animals in the Amazon

She has trouble holding two babies so she kills one and lets the other survive.

Although it doesn’t change the fact that the pandas are the worst parents

(4) Perch

Fish Perch Fishing Caught - Free photo on Pixabay

What do you think about the water bodies that live in a vast ocean?

You can say that any environment can be a bit strange and have its rules. If we talk about perch parents we can say

that they are good parents but only for a limited time. When they are born the parents guard them well and hold them in one place.

They even protect them from aquatic animals, but, when the fishlings become mature, they swim away, although in that critical time perch parents show their true colors.

The male parents would devour their perches in front of them like prey. Hard to believe right?

(3) Rabbits

Rabbits Dwarf Rabbit - Free photo on Pixabay

The word that comes to mind when you see a rabbit is a soft and cute right?

You might change your view when you know how worse the rabbits can be as parents.

Did you know a rabbit’s mother runs off right after giving birth?

So the newborn has to learn the skills of survival and how to feed themselves.

What do you think might be the reason for such behavior?

Maybe the mother rabbit was trying to protect its babies from predators,

well in some cases, the mother succeeds while sometimes they don’t, although in rare cases the mother also eats their baby rabbits, Gross right?.

(2) Harp Seals

Harp seal-4 | Holyrood Boat Basin, Saturday Morning | Gene Herzberg | Flickr

Did you know Harp Seals play the role of a good parent only for 12 days?

They feed their pups and take care of them but just for a short time then they leave their babies in extreme cold, a very vicious act right?

That’s why it’s not surprising that one-third of baby seals die in their first year as they are not able to swim until they become a little mature.

The poor baby tries hard to survive and feed themselves but their life is a rough patch to start so they can’t help but die.

(1) Hamsters

Cute Small Golden Hamster - Free photo on Pixabay

We all know hamsters are cute and adorable pets, although did you know how horrible they are as parents?

They eat their babies right after giving birth, some researches show that hamster mothers lack

nutrition after giving birth, so out of instinct it just eats their baby to fulfill their needs.

While some believe that the hamsters don’t care about their babies whether they die or live.

Whatever the reason is fact is clear that hamsters are the worst parents ever.

Make sure to leave a comment below to let us know which animal parent you found worse.



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