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12 Dog breeds That Can Fight Wild Animals



12 Dog breeds That Can Defeat Wild Animals

While dogs have been able to maintain their image as man’s best friend for the past few centuries it isn’t always sunshine and rainbows with these canines, sometimes even the cutest-looking dogs can have a mean streak.

The truth is that some breeds just can’t help but show off the fact that they share DNA with ancient wolves.

From aggressive pit bulls to the rottweiler and the Rhodesian ridgeback.

In today’s posts, we’re going to be taking a look at breeds of dogs that can put up a good fight against wild animals.

( 12) The Great Dane

12 Dog breeds That Can Fight Wild Animals

Great Danes were actually originally bred to hunt wild animals like deer and wild boar as majestic as these animals look they are as deadly as canines come. the Great Danes have a bite force of 238 PSI.

Over the years the traits of hunting wild animals have been passed down from one generation to the next, which is why preying on wild animals is instinctual to the great Dane.

Not just that but you really get the best of both worlds with these breeds because they also make great pets literally.

But as protective as the Great Danes are if not trained properly they can very well use their deadly tactics against their owners in stressful situations.

Their tempers combined with their massive size makes them a danger for young children because you never really know what’s going to take this canine off.

But if they get the loving care and attention they need, Great Danes do make the perfect pet and can also protect you from any wild animals that might threaten your safety.

(11) Rottweiler

12 Dog breeds That Can Fight Wild Animals

Rottweilers are a dog breed that is known for their fearsome reputation and well let’s just say that it’s been earned for good reasons almost half of the deaths caused by dog attacks in the u.s are reported to be by rottweilers.

So, it goes without saying that you would be lucky to find a soft spot when it comes to these canines, a fully grown male rottweiler is typically 24 to 27 inches tall and they can weigh about 95 to 140 pounds.

While a full-grown female rottweiler is 22 to 25 inches tall and weighs about 85 to 115 pounds rottweilers have an incredibly deadly bite, with a bite force of 328 psi which can easily kill humans and other animals.

Rottweilers are super intelligent and at the same time extremely aggressive by nature making them the perfect guard dogs.

This is the reason why Rottweilers are one of the most commonly used breeds for police or military dogs.

(10) Caucasian Shepherd

12 Dog breeds That Can Fight Wild Animals

Caucasian Shepherds are some of the most confident dog breeds in the world and let’s just say that all this confidence might be coming from the fact that they can easily take even the strongest of their opponents down in no time.

Caucasian shepherd dogs have a bite force of about 500 to 700 psi that can easily rip your skin open within seconds aside from their deadly bites.

They are also courageous to the point that nothing ever phases them to put things into perspective, you won’t ever catch a caucasian shepherd backing down from a fight.

This breed originated from Russia and other European countries originally used as guard dogs for protecting livestock and mountain regions these dogs are even feared by some equally ferocious wild predators such as wolves.

(9) Bloodhounds

12 Dog breeds That Can Fight Wild Animals

Just the name bloodhound can be enough to scare everyone off and true to its name the bloodhound is another dog breed that is used by law enforcement agencies mainly due to its menacing demeanor that’s enough to scare anyone off.

These aggressive dogs are incredibly witty and use their amazing sense of scent to track down prey.

Adult bloodhound males can grow up to 25 to 27 inches in height and their weight can range anywhere from 90 to 130 pounds. The average height for a female bloodhound is 23 to 25 inches and can weigh between 80-100 pounds.

Some bloodhounds may be bigger and taller depending on their diets.

Bloodhounds have a bite force of a whopping 238 psi.

(8) Tibetan mastiff

12 Dog breeds That Can Fight Wild Animals

The Tibetan mastiff looks more like a bear than a dog which might also explain why it’s so scary to be around these


They are mainly bred as guard dogs and they are amazing at their job a Tibetan mastiff can easily not only hold its own but win against wild animals like wolves and leopards.

Tibetan mastiffs are large dogs with a biting force of 556 pounds per square inch. They can grow to be 26 inches tall and weigh between 100 and 160 pounds.

Tibetan mastiffs can be highly dangerous to be around they are ferocious dogs, and they’re also territorial which is why it is not a good idea to enter their personal space.

(7) Neapolitan mastiff

12 Dog breeds That Can Fight Wild Animals

Another mastiff on this post is the Neapolitan mastiff and if you want to talk about a dog that’s practically born

to kill the Neopolitan mastiff was specially bred to fight lions during the Roman gladiatorial contest. It is massive and incredibly strong by dog standards.

Male Neopolitan mastiffs can grow up to 26 to 31 inches and weigh up to 150 to 200 pounds.

Their female grows between 24 to 29 inches and weighs around 120 to 175 pounds.

These heavyweights have a mouth wide enough to scare away even the toughest of predators.

(6) Pitbull

American Bulldog Pitbull Animal - Free photo on Pixabay

The pitbull is notorious for its short temper, this dog breed is responsible for the majority of dog attacks there have been several instances where unsuspecting animals have been mauled to death by a pit bull. 6 dogs that can defeat a pitbull

Now pit bulls might not be the biggest dogs on our list here but they still have a certain ruthlessness about them that remains unmatched.

It’s important to know that pit bulls have a dog’s bite force of 235 psi which isn’t the strongest bite force out there but it still packs one hell of a punch.

(5) Fila Brasileiro

Fila Brasileiro Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Pictures

The Fila Brasileiro is one of the largest breeds of herding dogs if you are a carefree dog owner then this one is not for you. These dogs will keep their owners on the edge of their seats at all times.

They can be very aggressive at times but at the same time, the fila dog makes for a pretty great pet simply because they are as loyal and protective as dogs come.

And the fact that they can single-handedly take down pretty much everyone and everything only adds to their appeal as guard dogs.

But of course only if you can learn to manage their temper because all over the world these dogs are feared for their uncontrollable behavior. The Fila Brasileiro has a bite force of 238 PSI. 15 dogs with the strongest bite force

And many instances of fatalities caused by their attacks have been reported making them one of the most dangerous dog breeds to have ever existed.

(4) A Rhodesian Ridgeback

Dog Rhodesian Ridgeback Animal - Free photo on Pixabay

Rhodesian ridgeback that’s one hell of a name right? well this dog’s violent streak goes just

as hard at its name.

Rhodesian ridgebacks are one of the very few dogs that are actually bred and trained to fight off much bigger animals such as lions and tigers and if that doesn’t prove how dangerous these dogs are just considered the fact

that their bites can pack a force of about 224 psi which is more than twice the force with which a human can bite.

So, you can imagine the pain that comes along with it, these dogs are pretty independent and like minding their own business as long as they are not provoked. But they are capable of unleashing hell.

(3) Wolf Dog

photo, brown, wolf, green, grass, Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, predator,  european wolf | Piqsels

Wolf dogs aren’t an easy breed to control they are rarely ever domesticated they show highly unpredictable behavior and if you happen to catch them on a bad day let’s just say that you will definitely regret it. 5 breeds of dogs that can kill a wolf

This breed is very closely related to the wild wolf which explains their short temper and ruthless aggression and the worst part is that their aggressive tendencies are extremely difficult to control once they kick in.

This is why these dogs are not the ideal pets for families with younger children who might not be able to tell when their furry friend needs to be left alone to deal with their anger. They have a bite force of 406 PSI.

(2) Boerboel dogs

Boerboel Dog African - Free photo on Pixabay

These dogs are commonly used to protect farm animals from all kinds of threats, so it’s a given that they are naturally strong enough to fight off any predator, warbles are capable worker dogs, and are pretty loyal to their owners to the point where they will even resort to violence to protect them.

These dogs can challenge and wrestle wild animals like hyenas and lionesses.

The Boerboel dog has a bite force of about 450 psi and we can tell you with confidence that you don’t want to know what that feels like.

(1) Kangal dog

File:Kangal head Ankara.jpg - Wikipedia

The powerful mighty Kangal dogs are usually perceived as terrifying dogs, a common misconception due to their big size.

Put their strength into good use then, Kangal dogs will be able to protect you from any harm there’s more about them than just their power. They have the most formidable bite force of all dog breeds. A bite force of 743 PSI

This is where they also get their name, it is believed that this breed has descended from different mastiff-type dogs.

As protectors, they were mostly used as a guardian of villagers as well as landholders in chieftain’s flocks against wild animals such as bears jackals, and wolves.

In 1985 David and Judith’s nelson brought the Kangal dogs to the U.S.

Today Kangal dogs are still used as protectors of the land, homes as well as children, despite their intimidating appearance, they actually make good companions for older children.


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