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12 Signs Your Guinea Pig Really Loves You



12 Signs Your Guinea Pig Really Loves You

Guinea pigs are prey animals and they don’t show their love as openly as other pets, so it may be hard to tell if your guinea pig feels comfortable around you

But if you pay attention you may notice that your little pet is sending you many signals that you are their favorite person

in this article, you will learn 12 signs that show your guinea pig really loves you.

(12) They will lick you

Guinea pigs use licking to show affection and love to one another.

If your guinea pig licks you, that is their way of grooming you and showing they care about your well-being and if you have the taste of some yummy treats on your skin then your pet might have another motive for their licking behavior.

In either case, when your guinea pig, licks you, it’s a sign that your little pet isn’t scared of you and enjoys your presence.

(11) They sprawl out next to you

12 Signs Your Guinea Pig Really Loves You

Sprawling is when a guinea pig lies down on its side or belly.

This position indicates that your little pet is comfortable and feels safe in its surroundings.

Sprawling is a vulnerable position for a guinea pig because it can take much longer to rise up in case of danger or predator attack.

So if your guinea pigs sleep this way when they are next to you then it means they fully trust you and feel comfortable with you.

(10). Guinea pigs popcorn

Popcorning is when a guinea pig hops straight up in the air sometimes, and repeatedly.

The suddenness of the jumping is called popcorning

It usually happens when guinea pigs are very happy and excited they’re having a good time and literally jumping for joy

Popcorning is a sign that they are happy to be around you and they love you.

Younger guinea pigs are more likely to popcorn because they are full of exuberant young energy.

(9) Your guinea pig will like to be held

Guinea pigs are very timid animals by nature so it takes a lot of confidence for them to come to you for stroking or holding.

If your little pet lets you hold them it’s because they trust you and consider you to be a protective person, they won’t approach everyone in this way and that’s a sign they love you.

If you notice that your piggy is reluctant to interact with you give them some time to get used to you, and provide them with plenty of personal space

Ultimately show them that the time with you is great fun and that it involves a lot of yummy treats.

If your guinea pig squeals when you pick them up make sure you’re not holding them too tightly and that they don’t suffer from a health issue

It’s important to remember that guinea pigs urinate every 15 minutes on average because they have a small bladder.

If your little pet starts fidgeting when you are holding them they may be trying to get away to avoid peeing on you.

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(8) They communicate with you

Although guinea pigs can’t talk to you using words, they communicate by making a variety of sounds.

Depending on the type of sounds your piggy makes when they see you, can tell what they think of you

If your little pet loves you there’s a good chance they will Wheek when they see you. This noise sounds like a long high-pitched whistle or squeal.

Apart from being a sign of affection, this sound indicates that your piggy is excited.

Conversely, If your guinea pig hisses or chatters its teeth when you approach them, it is a sign that you’re not their favorite human and you may want to look into figuring out why

(7). They can eat from your hand

Guinea pigs are naturally skittish animals: whenever they feel threatened by anything such as your hand or sudden movements they freeze on the spot or run away and this makes hand-feeding them quite a show of trust.

While it might take some time before your guinea pig can eat from your hand, this simple action shows that your pet completely trusts you

If your guinea pig isn’t yet willing to take food from your hand don’t worry, start off by leaving small yummy treats for them to lure them in and get them used to eating near you, and eventually, they will make it to your hand

Keep in mind that hand-feeding is a great way to build your bond and improve your relationship with your guinea pig

(6) They nibble you very gently

Nibbling is a sign of affection, it’s something guinea pigs do to each other as part of their social grooming and bonding.

Piggies even sometimes play by nipping at each other, playfully nibbling your hand or clothes will come naturally once they’re comfortable with you and this is very different from a bite, as a bite is meant to hurt.

If your little pet nibbles you, it’s a good sign and it means your guinea pig loves you

(5) They sleep in your presence

Guinea pigs are shy and cautious animals it may take a long time for them to get used to your presence.

One of the signs that you have gained the confidence of your little pet is that they seem relaxed and calm around you.

For example, if you enter the room and notice your guinea pig continues sleeping, that is a sign that they trust you, your little pet resists its instincts to get up and be alert because it considers you a safe and trustworthy figure.

(4) They recognize you

Another sign that your guinea pig loves you is they get very excited whenever you come home or walk into the room Guinea pigs are very intelligent animals with a keen sense of hearing and smell.

Your piggy can learn who you are by your sound and scent especially if you are consistently good to them, your guinea pig may weak, run towards you, or start hopping in the air when they see you or hear your voice.

This is a clear sign that your little pet enjoys your company and loves you

Always talk to your guinea pig during feeding or hand training in a soft gentle voice they will start to associate your voice with all that love, safety, and comfort.

Your pet will realize you pose no threat and will joyfully come to you when they hear your voice.

(3) They Cuddle with you

Guinea pigs are social animals and they love a good cuddle, when your guinea pig loves you, you become their favorite safe place.

So don’t be surprised if they climb into your lap, lie down next to you, or even follow you around

Your guinea pig may even nuzzle their head against you to show you they want to cuddle, during the cuddle time don’t be surprised to hear them purring in.

Guinea pigs’ purring is often a sign that they are happy and content.

(2) They don’t bite you

12 Signs Your Guinea Pig Really Loves You

Guinea pigs are not usually aggressive animals however, your piggy might fight you if they feel they are threatened or in danger.

This is because their teeth are one of the few natural defensive mechanisms they have

If your guinea pig is very afraid or nervous, it may bite you in an attempt to protect itself or to give you a warning that it’s not happy.

Keep in mind that aggressive behaviors such as biting can also be a sign of health problems, if your piggy is suddenly aggressive toward you make sure to take them to a vet for a health check.

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(1) They don’t run away from you

Guinea pigs are instinctively cautious animals and they are always on high alert, they might hide in their cages and run away from you which might lead you to think they don’t like you,

However, this isn’t the case, it’s just their survival instincts kicking in.

Oftentimes, this reaction lessens over time and you will notice your piggy doesn’t run away from you as much, or they even come out of hiding once they realize it’s you.

It’s important to remember that guinea pigs have instincts that make them wary of anything that could be dangerous and that includes people who your little pet isn’t familiar with

Knowing you have your guinea pig’s complete trust and love is an incredible feeling and it means you’re doing this whole guinea pig parenting thing right.

Make sure not to take that feeling for granted.



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