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12 Things Guinea Pigs Love the Most



12 Things Guinea Pigs Love the Most

There are a few things in this world that guinea pigs like more than a fresh meal. In this article, we will discover 12 things guinea pigs love the most. 

(12). Hiding Spots

Guinea pigs are prey animals and they find the most comfort in small dark places where they can hide and feel safe.

In their natural habitat, guinea pigs protect themselves from predators by hiding in tunnels long grass and hay pathways.

A hiding spot allows them to shelter when they are spooked or feel threatened.

 Make sure to provide your guinea pigs with a hideout so they can have alone time and feel safe when needed. 

And remember not to disturb or enter their hideout ; as it’s your piggy safe place to rest, having nowhere to take cover will make your pet feel scared, stressed and anxious.

(11). Chewing

Guinea pig’s teeth grow continuously all their lives, they’re designed to be worn down to the right length by grinding away at food. 

In the wild a guinea pig’s buffet menu often includes hard vegetation such as hay, twigs, tree branches and other material that requires lots of chewing. 

The extensive chewing keeps their growing teeth under control. This is why it’s important to provide your little pet with unlimited access to high quality hay to graze on throughout the da.

Most piggies also love fruit tree sticks such as kiwi and apple sticks to nibble on.

 (10) Exploring

12 Things Guinea Pigs Love the Most

Guinea pigs are curious creatures and they love having the chance to explore new places, make sure to provide your little pet a large enough space to run around and satisfy their explorative nature.

You can even build a nice playground area for them, tunnels are great gifts for your little pet ; as guinea pigs love the feeling of crawling into and out of things.

You can also use cardboard boxes to make them amazed, to explore and find treats.

Another way to ensure your guinea pig is happy, busy and stimulated is to make some holes in the side of a cardboard box and stuff the holes with yummy treats so they go in and out in search of their favorite treats.

A playpen also allows guinea pigs to have fun and freedom by going through all the sections providing your piggy with a variety of supervised exercise such as playing or running will ensure their mental and physical well-being.

(9) Fresh Hay

It’s important to give your guinea pig high quality hay, it needs to smell nice and be dust free, fresh and greenish hay is better than brown hay.

Be careful of some bagged hay from pet shops, many have not had the dust extracted

It’s best to find a local hay merchant and buy a bale of soft fresh hay, make sure to give your piggy additional hate types like timothy and orchard hayes.

(8). Being clean

12 Things Guinea Pigs Love the Most

Guinea pigs are innately clean animals and they get very stressed out and frustrated when they are in a dirty smelly environment.

A habitat with an accumulation of dust, urine, dirt and poop can also cause respiratory problems in guinea pigs wherein they may have trouble breathing.

It can also result in the growth of harmful bacteria and mold. Keep your guinea pigs content and healthy by thoroughly cleaning their living space frequently.

(7) Spreading their scent

Like many other animals, guinea pigs are territorial creatures and they love marking their territory by spreading their scent.

In order to mark their territory a guinea pig will often rub their bottom across the floor or against cage furnishings.

Guinea pigs have scent glands slightly above their anal regions that they use to mark their territory.

When they rub their bottom against something a tiny amount of their specific scent is deposited on that area. This spreads their scent throughout their home identifying it as their area..

We can’t smell the scent and there is no visible mark but other guinea pigs can easily smell the scent left behind by rubbing in a similar manner to bottom dragging.

Both male and female guinea pigs urinate in different spots and on various objects in the cage to mark their territory.

(6). Socialization

Guinea pigs are very social animals, in the wild they live in large colonies that have intricate rules and hierarchies as pets they still have these social instincts and they love to spend time with other piggies or members of the household.

If you’re considering adopting one it’s best to bring home two or more at a young age. Guinea pigs are much happier with company around.

(5) Being with you

Guinea pigs might be in just a small part of our lives but to them we are their whole life, they appreciate you and try to show their affection in many ways.

Spending time with them will make them happy and will lead to a longer lasting and trusting relationship. Make sure not to isolate yourself from your piggy. This will make your little friend feel alone and neglected.

(4) A soft massage

If done right, petting can provide your guinea pig with a soothing overall sensation and help improve the bond between you and your pet.

Guinea pigs have personal preferences about being petted and they often give signals about when you’ve rubbed the right spot or the wrong one.

Most guinea pigs don’t like being touched on their rear end, they prefer to be petted on the nose under the chin or

behind the ears but try to keep your hands away from their butt.

This is especially true with male guinea pigs. Touching their butt is an act of dominance and they don’t like being dominated.

Keep in mind that a guinea pig will not immediately accept pets from new owners or strangers and that’s because piggies are slow to build trust.

Guinea pigs are prey animals and having evolved under the pressure of surviving predators, many actions that you take can frighten them.

Difficult as it may be, it’s important to let your new little pet approach you when they are ready and feel comfortable with you.

(3) Eating their zika tropes

Have you ever seen your guinea pig dip its head down between his hind legs then come up chewing, well your piggy is eating their zika tropes which are soft feces that are nutrient rich.

Guinea pigs produce two types of droppings fecal pellets and cecal pellets. It is from these cecal pellets that piggies get the majority of their nutrition.

These pellets are partially digested foods that are passed from the guinea pig and are then re-ingested, it’s important that you as a loving pet owner respect your guinea pig’s nature.

So, if your piggies spray urine, mount or eat their own droppings let them as preventing them from their own nature can cause anxiety and confusion.

Guinea pigs hate constant correction from you and it is important that you love your piggies just as they are.

(2) A little sunshine

Recent research suggests that sunlight is important for a guinea pig’s health, like many other animals piggies need sunshine to get their vitamin D which keeps their bones and teeth healthy.

It’s important to always make sure your guinea pig can move away to shade when they need to cool off

Guinea pigs are very vulnerable to heat, if your little pet is stuck in sunshine for long periods they will overheat and suffer from heat stroke which can be life threatening.

(1) Treats

Guinea pigs love to eat so it’s no surprise that feeding treats is something your guinea pigs love but though piggies will eat just about anything.

It is your job as an owner to ensure they remain healthy. Pay attention to your pet’s preferences, they may prefer one vegetable or fruit over another and will love you more when you feed them what they want and remember fruits are high in sugar.

At most you can feed fruit to your guinea pig a couple times a week now that you know what your guinea pig loves the most make sure to make time to incorporate them into their daily lives to keep them healthy happy and engaged.

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