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12 things to know about Pomeranian dogs



12 things to know about pomeranian dogs.

Pomeranians are fluffy energetic and tiny creatures with big personalities, made famous by queen victoria.

This breed is known to be modest and smart for their size, Pomeranians can easily fit into any type of home.

However, will they also get along with all types of families, there is more to Pomeranians than just being a cute little furball.

Despite being small they are active dogs who are capable of competing in dog sports such as agility and obedience.

Of course, they are also more than willing to be a family pet, for this post, we’ll talk about 12 things to know about pomeranian dogs.

Pomeranians do not like expensive toys. As a dog owner, you probably want only the best items for your pet.

However no matter how luxurious the toy is, expect Pomeranians to play with your socks or the common ball toy for hours, they would even totally ignore the expensive toys you just bought them.

Be ready for palm cuddles

12 things to know about Pomeranian dogs

There are many ways your pomeranian will tell you that they love you, one of them is by cuddling with you and they’re doing it in extra ways.

While you’re sleeping, they’ll come around and rest close to your head or by your feet. Considering how cute and fluffy they are, you’ll let them.

Pomeranians are best suited for older children

With their small size, it’s easy to assume that Pomeranians are suitable for all family types however, that is not the case for this breed.

The pomeranian’s small size means that they can easily be injured by smaller children who do not know how to play with dogs yet, also palms are proud creatures who tend to lash out at people

Regardless of their age if they are hurt or threatened, for this reason, Pomeranians would do best for families with older children about 10 years old and above.

Children should also be taught how to properly handle and play with them so that no negative interaction will occur. 10 Things to Know about Dachshund Dog

If you want a pomeranian as your family dog ensure that the dogs and children under the age of 10 are well supervised.

It can be a challenge to brush the knots of Pomeranians

12 things to know about Pomeranian dogs

Because they have thick fur, Pomeranians tend to form knots and tangles, especially when their owners are not able to maintain their coats.

While brushing or cutting their knots, you may feel guilty as you hear their screams as you try to fix their hair.

It can be painful for them so if you don’t have the time to maintain their hair, at least get them a regular grooming service, so that their hair stays healthy and nice.

If you think that you’re not able to keep up with the irregular grooming maintenance then it’s better to find another dog breed that will suit your lifestyle.

Pomeranians are not loud they just love to communicate

12 things to know about Pomeranian dogs

Pomeranians have a lot to say and they will not hesitate to tell you about it, they are the dog version of cats who love to meow and people who like to talk a lot.

Basically, palms will tell you to look at them or that there’s somebody at the door. They are yippy and energetic dogs who want nothing but attention from their owners.

You may find this characteristic adorable and funny, however, it can be irritating on rare occasions especially when you’re in a meeting or doing some important matters at home.

And most times Pomeranians will bark to alert you about something because they are protective dogs who want to keep their family safe.

Pomeranians are cat friendly

Pomeranians wouldn’t mind living with other dog-friendly animals in the house including cats, this is especially true when they’re raised together.

Palms would happily share their water and food bowls as well as toys with them occasionally they may also be able to share your love with their feline companions.

Pomeranians are intelligent dogs

12 things to know about Pomeranian dogs

Pomeranians are smart active dogs who will do well in dog sports.

Despite their small size, providing them with consistent training, combined with positive reinforcement techniques and they are sure to excel with whatever commands and tricks you teach them otherwise they will train you instead.

Aside from training, it is also essential for Pomeranians to be socialized while they’re still young.

They are dogs who don’t realize their size and may suddenly confront dogs that are much larger than their size. 8 Things Only Kangal Dog Owners Understand

And that is why you need to expose them and make them familiar with people and places, pets, and sounds. This will make them sociable.

Pomeranians do not demand huge amounts of exercise

White Pomeranian Dog Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Pictures

Pomeranians are small dogs which means that they don’t consume much food compared to other large dogs, because of this, they also won’t have a lot of calories to burn.

A daily walk at the park or in your neighborhood would be enough to keep them healthy and happy.

If you have a yard playing with them in short sessions would also keep them tired which is a good thing like with all dogs

Pomeranians may develop destructive behaviors such as chewing, scratching, or excessive barking to burn off their energies if you’re not able to provide them with enough exercise.

Pomeranians are instant celebrities

adult, tan, white, pembroke welsh corgi, focus photography, animal themes,  animal, mammal | Piqsels

Having a pomeranian by your side you could easily gain an instant friend in your neighborhood or at the park.

It is very hard for strangers not to pause and pet this breed, after all, palms are just too cute to resist.

You may even experience some people taking a picture with your pomeranian.

This is especially true when their fur is kept thick and full and don’t worry Pomeranians are social dogs who enjoy people’s attention.

Pomeranian zoomies will surely make you laugh

Just imagine a cotton baller running everywhere in circles, that’s what a palm looks like whenever he gets too excited or happy about something.

For pomeranian owners, it is typical daily behavior of palms to spin, non-stop at a great speed, this mostly happens when it’s time to go out and take a walk, there’s nothing wrong with it.

It just means that they’re too happy, although sometimes it can feel dizzy for owners to watch them spin in circles.

Pomeranians shed a lot

Pomeranian - Reliant Dog Shows | Reliant Series of Dog Shows… | Flickr

Pomeranians have double coats, the inner coat is what keeps them warm in colder weather, while the outer coat protects the inner coat from being damaged.

It is essential that the inner coat is protected because there’s only a low possibility for it to regrow, to keep its coat healthy and clean.  10 Facts about Australian Shepherd Dog

It should be brushed daily with a good quality brush, some palms enjoy being brushed while others hate it.

One thing is for sure though, every time you brush them you’ll be able to get a lot of furs, you may think that they lost a lot of furs but it remains whole and thick.

Pomeranians are a long-lived breed compared to other dogs.


Pomeranian | xhowardlee | Flickr

You may notice that Pomeranians live longer on average, they have a life expectancy of 12 to 16 years to prolong their lives.

In Conclusion:

Make sure to provide them with everything they need such as proper exercise, a healthy diet, regular visits to the veterinarian, and most importantly a huge amount of love and attention from their owners.

Overall Pomeranians are more than just celebrity dogs, they are loyal pets who thrive in human companionship. 10 key facts about Shih Tzu dogs

without it, they may develop separation anxiety, so make sure to always give them the extra attention they need



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