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14 clear signs your Dog loves you



14 clear signs your Dog loves you

Although dogs can’t put their love into words, they express their affection and appreciation in many ways.

In this article, you will learn 14 signs confirmed by science that show your dog really loves you.

They lean against you.

14 clear signs your Dog loves you

If your dog comes up to you and lean their body weight against you or perhaps cuddle against your side, they are

showing affection.

For many dogs, the lean is like a full-body hug display of affection like this is often overlooked.

So don’t ignore their hugs reward these signs with scratches and snuggles and let them know you love them too.

When dogs are in a strange situation, they may lean towards you.

This means they are nervous so they lean on you for security and backing. 

They are looking at you to protect them because they feel safe with you

Your dog steals your clothes

14 clear signs your Dog loves you

Dogs oftentimes can carry your clothes, shoes and play with them. Don’t get upset when they do this. How to Choose the Perfect Dog Breed

Take a step back and understand why they do this.

Dogs see the world mainly through scent, so when they love you they love your scent, and to hang on to that smell they may steal your clothes.

Your canine wants every piece of you as they can get, and playing with your items reminds them of you so next time you find your socks under the couch know that your dog is expressing their affection to you.

Your dog cuddles up with you

14 clear signs your Dog loves you

After you feed them this is the surest way to know your dog loves you.

Shortly after a meal, your dog may cuddle with you, this is a clear sign of affection and that they love you.

They just want to be close to you even though you feed them every day your dog may sometimes feel the need to cuddle with you.

Cuddling with a loved one also releases endorphins that make them feel better and let’s be honest it makes you feel

better too, so does your dog when he wants to play alone or cuddle up with you after eating

Yawning when you yawn

14 clear signs your Dog loves you

There are several reasons why dogs yawn. They yawn to alleviate tension, such as when you take them to the veterinary clinic, or to control their excitement when you take them for a stroll.

Dogs tend to reciprocate your actions, this shows their willingness to bond with you. They may sometimes yawn when you yawn.

Researchers at the University of Tokyo have shown that dogs yawn contagiously and dogs who are bonded with their owners are more likely to yawn when their special humans do.

The same study suggests that yawning can be a sign of empathy so when your dog yawns right along with you it is a sign of affection.  10 Facts about Australian Shepherd Dog

While researchers try to explain this connection, you can do a simple test to see if your dog truly loves you simply yawn and observe to see if your dog does the same.

Holding eye contact

14 clear signs your Dog loves you

Dogs can’t talk with humans in a verbal fashion so they use many non-verbal ways of communicating one of the ways in which dogs show their love is by gazing directly into your eyes.

According to research published in the journal of science, dogs develop strong emotional bonds with humans by staring into our eyes. 

This nonverbal way of communication increases levels of a social hormone called oxytocin in both dogs and their owners.  10 Things to Know about Dachshund Dog

Dogs look into your eyes to convey their love and devotion to you and await your next action so they can be by your side at all times.

Freaking out when you return.

14 clear signs your Dog loves you

If your dog’s excitement is uncontainable when you come home it’s a clear sign that they love you.

Reuniting dogs with their beloved owners has been shown to have a substantial-good effect on them, raising the levels of the social hormone oxytocin and decreasing the levels of the stress hormone cortisol, according to studies.

So if your dog runs around you in the house jumps from one place to another and wags its tail uncontrollably when you get home. 

It means they are crazy about you. On that note, research has shown that the relationship between dogs and their owners is very similar to the bond between young kids and their parents and that dogs see their owners as a source

of comfort and security, this is why they are over-excited when you come home after all they’ve been waiting for you all day.

When your dog sees you, he lifts his brows.

14 clear signs your Dog loves you

Have you ever noticed that your furry friend raises their eyebrows when they look at you?

A dog’s love isn’t all about the tail wagging, it’s also about facial expressions.

Scientists from japan found that dogs move and wiggle their eyebrows,s especially the left brow when they see someone they love.

 However, they produce significantly fewer facial expressions when they are engaging with someone they don’t know.

Dogs can’t talk like humans so these subtle expressions are what they rely on to communicate with us.

It is important to pay attention to these little signs and gestures and engage with them to reciprocate the love.

The eyes may be a window into the soul as they say but your dog’s eyebrows indicate their affection for you. 8 Things to know about the Miniature Schnauzer dog breed

They wag their tail to the right.

14 clear signs your Dog loves you

When you are around, you can learn a lot about your pet’s feelings if you observe their tail closely.

If your dog sees you and starts wagging its tail uncontrollably and aggressively with a positive demeanor it

means that your pet is excited and happy. However not all wagging tails mean friendliness, a slow reluctant tail wag

is often a sign that the dog is insecure about a situation. On that note, research has shown that dogs will wag their tail to the left if they are suspicious of another dog or a person they don’t trust.  12 things to know about Pomeranian dogs

This type of tail wagging indicates negative feelings, fear, or stress.

Tail wagging to the right however indicates positive feelings or that your dog is relaxed.

Dogs display tail-wagging acts as a way of expressing their affection.

It may be hard to catch, but if your dog wags his tail to the right when you are around then your presence is the reason

someone is happy

They give you presents

Free photo Pet Schäfer Dog Dog Friend Dog Breeds Animal - Max Pixel

Unfortunately, your dogs can’t get flowers from a store, instead, they make do with what they have.

If your dog really loves you, they will bring you their favorite toy.

This is their manner of telling you that they care by sharing their belongings with you.

Even if you don’t care about your dog’s damaged tennis ball, their willingness to share it with you is a display of true love.

This is because most dogs are possessive of their belongings, some even growl or snap at you simply for reaching down to pick up their special possession.

When your dog offers to share something with you like a toy or bone they’re signaling that they trust you. 10 key facts about Shih Tzu dogs

They lick you

Chinook Dog Lick - Free photo on Pixabay

More often than not, dogs lick you to show affection and love. Licking is also a way for canines to bond with family members.

Take, for example, mother dogs lick their babies as an act of grooming and showing comfort.

So, when your dog licks you it’s their way of grooming you and showing they care about your well-being.

And if you have the taste of some yummy treats on your skin then your pet may have another motive for their licking behavior.

They want to sleep with you

hugsies | jencu | Flickr

If you don’t allow your canine to sleep in your bed but they still like to sleep in your bedroom. It’s their way of showing affection.

Wolves and wild dogs huddle together in the wild, as a way of protecting themselves from predators.  8 Things Only Kangal Dog Owners Understand

So, if your dog wants to sleep with you it means they see you as a trusted fellow pack member and that they don’t want to be separated from the pack.

After all, your dog could choose to cuddle up and sleep anywhere and they choose to be with you.

They check up on you

Pets of the Week: Odie, Christian, Oreo and Stevie are ready for adoption –  Press Telegram

If your dog checks in on you during a walk from another room or in a new environment, it’s a sign they love you and they are making sure you’re nearby.

On that note, remember that some dogs are more independent than others, they may not always be right at your side or curled around your feet but that doesn’t mean they don’t love you.

They follow your lead

Free photo Utility Canine Dog Vehicle Pet Truck Domesticated - Max Pixel

Watching tv, cooking bathroom visits, etc. Your dog is with you at all times, or at least make an effort to be.

They aren’t following you because they are afraid you will vanish.

An act that says I love you and want to keep you safe. An act of affection displayed by your dog.

Some dogs show love by hurting their owners.

2020 - Buenos Aires - Recoleta - Plaza de las Naciones Uni… | Flickr

Your dog may prevent family members from wandering off. This trait is commonly noticed in herding dogs’.

For example, if someone in the family steps off the sidewalk, the dog will herd the wayward member back onto the sidewalk, and safety.

Herding behavior is often seen in breeds that were originally developed to control livestock such as german shepherds.

Your dog allows you to touch Its head.
Love Affection Close - Free photo on Pixabay

Many dogs dislike having their heads caressed because they view it as a danger, especially if you are taller than them.

Rub them underneath the chin or at the tip of its tail instead of getting down to their level.

So if your dog lets you touch the top of its head, enjoys the process, and closes its eyes you are their special one.

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