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5 Animals That Could Defeat A Polar Bear



5 Animals That Could Defeat A Polar Bear

The polar bear is native to the Arctic circle are hyper carnivorous animals. They are the world’s largest bear species and the world’s largest terrestrial carnivore. Ursus maritimus is their scientific name.

Polar bears are a great symbol of the Arctic’s power and endurance.

But even this bear can be defeated by other animals! So let’s see what animals could defeat a polar bear! Could bears survive in Africa?

5Killer Whale
4 Elephant seal
3Bull walrus
2Brown bears
1Another Polar Bear

5. Killer Whale

5 Animals That Could Defeat A Polar Bear

Killer whales would definitely be successful in defeating a polar bear, they are instances where killer whales have killed cubs of polar bears.

However, there’s no record of any kind that a killer whale killed an adult polar bear.

But if the chance presents itself, it’s most likely that the killer whale would win

At a weight of 9000 – 11000lbs (4000 – 5000 kg), and with a huge mouth armed with 48 to 52 teeth, the polar bear would have no chance!

4. Elephant seal

5 Animals That Could Defeat A Polar Bear

Weighing in at a staggering four tonnes,

The dominant bull elephant seal, sometimes known as “the beach master,” would be a formidable opponent.

These massive monsters are incredibly aggressive and will not back down from a confrontation.

The polar bear is already intimidated by the size gap.

They have multiple layers of protection courtesy of their thick blubber which protects all the major veins and arteries making them extremely difficult to dispatch.

Elephant seals can fight hours none stop, having incredible strength and great stamina, well capable of defending themselves against a polar bear and even defeating it.

The elephant seal can be very aggressive in inflicting damage to the polar bear, courtesy of its enormous neck muscles that propel its jaws like a sledgehammer.

The chances of a male polar bear downing this titanic beast of an animal is slim to none.

3. Bull walrus

5 Animals That Could Defeat A Polar Bear

Bull walruses are massive animals, exceeding 1.5 tonnes in weight, and the size of their tusk is about 3 feet long and skin is 4cm thick with multiple layers of blubber lying underneath.

Adult walruses have enemies in the wild and the polar bear is certainly not one of them

Polar bears tend to avoid male walruses because their tusks can fatally wound the bear, causing severe blood loss and trauma.

A bull walrus is an animal that can effectively whip a male polar bear on both lands and in water.

2. Brown bears

5 Animals That Could Defeat A Polar Bear

Brown bears come in conflict with polar bears in the far north region on some occasions. Though these conflicts are very rare, there have been reported cases of brown bears driving polar bears off carcasses and vice versa. watch as brown bear defeats a tiger

In general, though the brown bear seems to win the majority of these fights one should note most of them end with no death. So it’s possible that a brown bear could defeat a polar bear.

1. Another Polar Bear

5 Animals That Could Defeat A Polar Bear

An adult male polar bear match-up against another bigger and stronger male polar bear could be disastrous.

If they fight over territory and food is nothing new for these hyper carnivorous ursids.

Female polar bears with cubs tend to be more intimidating and territorial and would risk their lives to protect their cubs. Reasons why you should never run away from a bear

In the event that a male approaches a female polar bear, they’ll often chase off males several hundred pounds larger than them.



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