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5 Dog Breed That Can kill a Wolf



12 Dog breeds That Can Defeat Wild Animals

5 Dog Breed That Can kill a Wolf

Dogs are smart, strong, humble, and loving creatures, These are animals that would stop at nothing to protect their owners and livestock from wild animals like wolves.

Below are dog breeds that can kill a wolf, in a 1 on 1 fight!

3.The Dogo Argentino
4.The Irish Wolfhound
5.The Alabai

1. Kangal

5 Dog Breed That Can kill a Wolf

A Kangal can weigh up to 145 lbs (66 kilograms), which is enough to kill a wolf! 

The Kangal Dog is a large and powerful dog breed bred for guarding livestock..

The Kangal dog is native to Turkey, specifically the Sivas region. Because of their power, temperament, size, and appearance.

Kangal dogs have been selectively bred for hundreds of years, mostly as Turkish sheep guardian dogs.

When it comes to protecting sheep and other animals from huge predators such as wolves, foxes, bears, and wild dogs, the Kangal dogs excel greatly on all fronts.

A wolf’s biting force is around 400 psi, a Kangal biting force is around 743 psi. So, a Kangal dog can kill a wolf alone.

2. Šarplaninac

5 Dog Breed That Can kill a Wolf

Šarplaninac is the second dog who can beat a wolf in a 1-on-1 battle. These dogs were only bred to kill wolves and other big animals.

Why? Before the first and second world wars, there were a lot of wolfs, and bears! living in the mountains of the Balkans.

And these wolves and bears killed and ate the herds of farmers that lived in these mountains. That’s why people bred this dog. They are fearless animals.

These dogs might not seem “aggressive”, but believe me, if it feels it’s in danger or their herd is in danger, they will turn into a monster.

3. The Dogo Argentino

5 Dog Breed That Can kill a Wolf

Dogo Argentino is a “champ”. This dog can weigh up to 100 lbs (45 kg) and have a bite force of 500 psi.

The Dogo Argentino is also known as the Argentine Mastiff or rather the Argentine Dogo.

These dogs are members of a breed that is known for their loyalty, athleticism, and strength. They are powerful hunters, but when it comes to humans, they are gentle and sweet.

They are very protective and if they are put in front of a fight they turn into a vicious killing machine!

So, in my opinion, they can kill a wolf, but only if the wolf is not too big!

4. The Irish Wolfhound

Fergus | Fergus is an Irish Wolfhound of about 4 years of ag… | Flickr

This Wolfhound can weigh up to 120 pounds (54 kg), and just as the name suggests, it is a hunting breed that fights wolves!

The Irish Wolfhound stands tall above all other dog breeds in the world. They are gentle, serene, and fearless. In solitary battles, the Irish Wolfhound dogs can defeat wolves.

However, Irish wolfhounds as we know them today are not the same breed that lived in Ireland and hunted wolves.

Today, an Irish wolfhound would be unlikely to kill a wolf. Crossing them with greyhounds, on the other hand, has made them quite good at tracking coyotes.

5. The Alabai

Dog Alabai Central Asian Shepherd - Free photo on Pixabay
5 Dog Breed That Can kill a Wolf

The Alabai dog can also be referred to as the Central Asian Shepherd Dog. Alabai dogs are also super courageous.

They are renowned for having high endurance, being able to work a lot, and having a natural instinct for territory.

When it comes to fighting large predators like wolves, the Central Asian Shepherd Dog breed is known for being brave and fearless.




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