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6 Animals that can kill a komodo dragon



Komodo dragons, sometimes known as Komodo monitors, are one of the world’s largest and heaviest lizards, and one of the few with a poisonous bite.

These cunning, powerful hunters use their long, forked tongues to sample the air for food, relying on their keen sense of smell.

They can wait for a large meal to come within range for hours before unleashing a lethal attack with their massive, curved, and serrated teeth.

These wild dragons typically weigh about 154 pounds (70 kg), but the largest verified specimen reached a length of 10.3 ft (3.13 m) and weighed 366 pounds (166 kg ).

As a result of their size, these apex predators, dominate the ecosystems in which they live.

But what do you think happens when the biggest lizard in the world meets other apex predators from other environments?

what animals can defeat a komodo dragon in a fight?

( 6 ) Crocodile
(5 ) Tiger
(4) Anaconda
(3) Bears
(2) Hippopotamus

( 6 ) Crocodile

Saltwater Crocodile Estuarine - Free photo on Pixabay.....6 Animals that can kill a komodo dragon

Crocodiles are without doubt the most dangerous predator on planet Earth.

Animals only survive crocodile attacks if they are powerful enough to disrupt the attack or if they are fast enough to get the jump on the croc first or if the crocodile is attacking an animal too large for it to overpower.

Assuming the full-grown Nile or saltwater crocodile, the Komodo dragon fails on all fronts, though smaller crocodile species are likely to struggle more in the conflict.

A saltwater crocodile can weigh one ton or more than six times the weight of the dragon.

This size difference means that should the dragon find itself in the crocodile’s crosshairs, it would be essentially powerless to escape.

In summary, a komodo dragon would be dead and drowned before it even realized what happened.

Crocodilians are likewise largely immune to snake venom, therefore a komodo dragon’s venomous bite is unlikely to do significant harm.

They also have aggressive immune systems that attack bacteria as soon as it is discovered by the body, meaning that the komodo dragon’s pack is not likely to do much either.

(5 ) Tiger

Sumatran Tiger | Today, the last of Indonesia's tigers—now l… | Flickr......6 Animals that can kill a komodo dragon

Probably if a tiger fought with a komodo dragon, both would die.

Komodo dragons are ambushed, by hunters. They bite their prey viciously, release it, and settle back for a bask.

Tiger ambushes prey from behind and tries to break the spine with one bite and bite until the prey stops fighting.

if the tiger jumps on a komodo dragon, it will have problems with its armored neck, but in the end, the dragon will die.

If the Komodo dragon attacks first and manages to bite the tiger, then the tiger will surely kill the dragon.

Tigers are known to kill large crocodiles, so they won’t have a problem with a komodo dragon.

However, the dragon’s venom acts slowly and it is possible that in a few hours the tiger will be dead.

(4) Anaconda

Yellow Anaconda (Eunectes notaeus) close-up ... | Campo Gran… | Flickr.....6 Animals that can kill a komodo dragon

Crocodilians, which are equivalent in size and strength to a komodo, have been known to be preyed upon by giant anaconda.

A truly huge anaconda could probably kill and eat a medium-size anaconda. Over thousands and millions, of years, the huge snake has figured out how to kill crocodiles while avoiding those deadly Jaws. The same method should work on a big lizard.

Anacondas kill dragons by squeezing them until they suffocate and die.

The squeezing of the Komodo dragon may cause internal bleeding. The anaconda would then devour the entire Komodo dragon at once.

Komodo loses the battle with the anaconda, therefore. Of course, the komodo dragon may attack first, using its sharp claws and its venomous bite, I don’t think he could kill the anaconda so fast! Got to go with the anaconda on this one, it would be far too large and powerful for the dragon.

(3) Bears

Grizzly Bear Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Pictures.......6 Animals that can kill a komodo dragon

Well, the bear will kill the dragon. A male grizzly bear can weigh up to around 900 lbs (408 kg ). Komodo dragons peak at about one-half to less than a quarter of that weight.

Being much more massive gives the bear more raw power and leverage. The bear will most likely tear the reptile apart with brute power.

Now, this isn’t to imply the dragon isn’t dangerous to the bear: if he gets to bite the bear, the wound may become infected and the bear may die.

The bear has a pretty effective defense in its long thick fur and loose skin, but any bite that strikes home would be debilitating and dangerous.

I’m not sure how likely a dragon is to find flesh through the fur, but at least the bear still has vulnerable bits like the face to worry about.

So this ranges from a bear enjoying a lizard-shaped snack to a possible mutual kill and points in between.

(2) Hippopotamus

Hippopotamus Jaw Large - Free photo on Pixabay.......6 Animals that can kill a komodo dragon

Hippos are more naturally aggressive than komodo dragons which are more patient opportunistic predators.

Hippos can accelerate on land as fast as komodos but reach higher top speeds, allowing the hippo to run down and trample the Komodo.

Though Komodo’s do have a great ability to turn corners more tightly which would greatly help with its evasion abilities.

Also, if the hippo gets the initial bite, there’s a good chance the hippo will rip the dragon’s massive body in half.

crushing its skull with a bite force of 2000Ibs per square inch, with ease and the rest of its body.

The hippo can open its jaws at a 180-degree angle, destroying everything in its path, a bull hippo can open its jaws up to 4 feet (1.2m).

(1) Wolverine

Wildlife Mammal Nature - Free photo on Pixabay

Like badgers, the wolverine has long and sharp claws strong Jaws with considerable bite force, and anal glands to produce a stinky liquid to spray when needed.

Wolverines can take on larger animals, such as black bears, pumas, and wolves, and hunt them down if necessary.

Both of the animals are fast and wolverines are more agile.

Let’s say wolverines couldn’t detect the dragon and jumped upon it and got bitten by it.

The dragon has to endure the skunk smell and avoid all bites and Claw attacks while trying to devour it all at once because we know that dragon venom takes a long time to effect.

Thus due to its aggressiveness, it is possible for the wolverine to win! if he doesn’t kill him, he still makes him leave somehow!



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