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7 Effective List of dog commands and hand signals



7 Effective List of dog commands and hand signals

Training your pooch to respond effectively to commands can be time-consuming and would require a lot of patience. It can also be very rewarding in the long run.

Dog commands are effective and also should be collaborated with hand signals. 

Your canine friend finds it easier to respond to hand signals than verbal commands. I.e the sound of your voice.

Dogs are great at reading body language and so they pick up hand signals really well.

Always remember that your pooch doesn’t understand the words that come out of your mouth, but they have learned to respond effectively to certain sounds, and words. 

Some studies conducted in Italy show that Labrador and Golden Retriever dogs are very intelligent and able to learn faster and acquire hand signals and commands faster than most dog breeds and with a 99% accuracy. 

It is said, that hand signal works best when your dog is attentive and focused on you. While voice commands work best when you want to get their attention.

dog commands with hand signals

Hand signals are an amazing way to teach and communicate with your dog.

A lot of pets especially dogs can respond effectively with the use of auditory commands in addition to hand signals.

It’s advisable for pet owners to introduce this hand signal technique to their dogs at a young age. 

And this technique becomes even more vital as your dog advances in age.

Pets can become hearing impaired as they grow older and that is why hand signals can come in handy.

And now let’s talk about 7 commands you can teach your dog.

 How to Train your dog?

Your furry friend needs to distinguish between verbal commands and hand signals.

The most effective technique to teach your dog is based on these two steps:

1. Ensure to keep your hand signal technique simple

2. Reward your dog with treats and praise each time it learns.

Once you observe your dog learning and responding to your commands, then gradually quit the treats.

After that voice commands, transition to hand signals which should be fairly easy.

Training is more effective if you work with your canine friend on a daily basis. Your dog will begin to associate with your commands and hand signals if you communicate with it daily.


This is a nonverbal cue and a very important first step. Your dog needs to be able to “look” and “watch” what commands you want them to learn.

If they focus attentively on you, reward them with a treat.

Ensure to keep small treats close by so you can reward your canine friend each time they are focused.

The trick to this hand signal is putting a treat on your hand so your pooch can be focused on your hand and hence attentive to your every signal. The smell of the treat and your dog’s nose is sure to keep it focused and attentive.


This nonverbal cues command is common and easy to understand by your dog. 

Usually, the first training a dog learns involves the palm of your hand facing the sky – near your chest and then moving your hand in an upward direction.

It is important to use the verbal command “SIT” alongside the hand signal.


Here is an easy and great signal your dog can learn. The action for this command involves pointing your hand downwards in a diagonal motion.

Ensure a treat is in your hand so your canine friend can be focused – The smell of the treats is sure to keep your dogs nose and eyes focused.


One of the most important dog commands is teaching your dog to stay in one place. 

This nonverbal command is vital especially if you’re in a public place or need to use the restroom. .. Training your canine friend with auditory commands and hand signals is vital – With your palms facing forward – tell your dog to wait or stay. 

5. Gesture Your Hand Across Chest – Come.

Another great command is communicating come to your dog, start by opening up your hand and diagonally gesture it to your opposite shoulder (come). This is essential especially when your dog is off-leash.


You have given your dog a command to sit and you want it to stand up – Gesture your hand upward with your palm open and facing forward.

7 Take it.

Train your dog to take something out of your hand, or something that is near you by keeping your palm open in front of your pooch and then closing it shot into a fist.

Note: Always use positive reinforcement to train your dog – endeavor to use verbal praise and treats during commands and the training process.

Also, make sure you’re patient with your canine friend, have fun with it, don’t get angry, be consistent and after a while, your dog will begin to assimilate your commands. 

Endeavor using these seven training tips to build a strong bond with your pet.



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