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8 Things Only Kangal Dog Owners Understand



8 Things Only Kangal Dog Owners Understand

Kangal dogs are strong companions that were originally used to guard.

Today while they’re still used for the same purpose they also make great household pets.

What does it feel like to live with a Kangal?

8 things only Kangal dog owners understand these dogs come with other names including Karabash Kangal shepherd dogs and Turkish Kangal dogs.

They have plenty of massive influences in their appearance and temperament because of their appearance there exist various myths about these dogs.

Kangal are strong dogs but how powerful can they be and how do their owners handle them?

1. Kangal dogs are tough and fearless

Free photo Dog Herd Protection Dog Animal Kangal Guard Dog - Max Pixel

Since they were bred to guard it is expected that these dogs should be strong and courageous enough to protect their owners.

Not only are they powerful and brave, but they are also large and quite fast as well, they are the perfect companion if you want a dog that can protect you and your home while you sleep peacefully at night.

The Kangal dog’s protective personality is something that they naturally have it is not taught but it can be controlled through training.

Though Kangal dogs have the strongest bite force among all dog breeds, they are huge dogs with muscular build.

But how about their bite force?

Kangal dogs have the strongest bite force among all other dog breeds, on average these dogs have a bite force of 743 psi to help you understand better let’s compare Kangal dogs with other wild predators.

Kangal vs cheetah

The cheetah has a bite force of 475 psi so they are no match with Kangal dogs, however, one amazing fact that is associated between the two is that Kangal dogs help conserve cheetahs in Africa.

The cheetah conservation fund offered 500 Kangal dogs for the livestock farmers to train, the result allowed farmers to stop killing and hunting cheetahs that invade their farms.

Instead, they made the Kangal dogs do the job of guarding their livestock.

Even if Kangal dogs will win against cheetahs, that just proves that they will only attack if necessary

Kangal vs wolf

8 Things Only Kangal Dog Owners Understand

wolves are the most common enemy of livestock farmers, in turkey, their psi ranges from 400 to 1200 depending on how large and powerful they are and this means they can match the congo’s bite force.

Many owners of Kangal let their dogs wear spiked collars to protect them from wolves’ powerful bites.

Kangal vs lion

Now we’re down to the most powerful dogs versus the king of the jungle.

Despite having 650 psi lions are extremely good at being hunters.

Kangal dogs may have been properly trained to protect livestock from wild predators but lions are not just any

wild predator they’re called the king of the jungle for a reason.

3. Kangal are easily distinguished from other dog breeds

8 Things Only Kangal Dog Owners Understand

Kangal dogs are large enough to be easily seen in the crowd, they also have a pale tan coat color.

Although others can have sable coats with tan hair that is tipped with black. It is rare for congo dogs to have a brindle or merle coat.

These dogs have floppy ears with a black tinge and it is also common for them to have a black mask

4. Kangal dogs are large and muscular

8 Things Only Kangal Dog Owners Understand

On average a male, Kangal dog can grow up to 30 to 32 inches while female Kangal dogs range from 28 to 30 inches.

They also have plenty of muscle mass in their body so this breed will weigh a lot more than you actually think.

Male Kangal has an average weight of 110 to 145 pounds while female Kangal weight ranges from 90 to 120 pounds.

Despite having more weight, these dogs are actually more agile fast, and athletic compared to other giant breeds.

So far we’ve only talked about how powerful and strong Kangal dogs are but they’re more than just being muscular and all.

So let’s continue

5. Kangal dogs are easy to groom

File:Kangal Haymana.jpg - Wikipedia

Another great thing about these dogs is that they require very little grooming because they have short and thick hair.

This breed will shed all year round, however, weekly brushing would be enough to keep their coats clean and tidy.

They shed more profusely twice a year in spring and fall, during these times you may need to brush them more often.

Bathing should only be done when necessary such as when they get really dirty otherwise this breed will only need about three to four baths every year.

When it comes to other grooming needs you will have to brush their teeth as often as you can to prevent tartar and bacteria build-up, if you can do it every day that’s better.

You should also trim their nails regularly about once or twice a month as you groom you may also want to check their eyes and ears for redness sores, rashes, inflammation, or any sign of infection.

6. Kangal dogs are extremely loyal and protective

File:TurkishKangal.jpg - Wikipedia
8 Things Only Kangal Dog Owners Understand

Because they are fiercely protective expect these dogs to be very loyal as well.

Kangal dogs are always ready to jump into action even if it means risking their lives to protect their loved ones from dangers.

One of the many good things about Kangal dogs is that they will obey any order that is given by their masters.

Not only will they protect their humans, but, they are also capable of guarding the things that are important for their owners including their property and livestock.

However, being courageous and powerful also means that Kangal dogs will require training in early socialization.

With proper training, they are calm dogs who know how to control their urge to attack predators.

This is very important since we talked about how they have the strongest bite force.

7. Kangal dogs are alert and independent

Free photo Dog Kangal Guard Dog Herd Protection Dog - Max Pixel

As young as 2 years old you may notice Kangal pups developing independent personalities.

They may start thinking and acting on their own without the help or consent of their owners, for this reason, it is very important that you establish your role as the alpha as soon as you take them home.

This will ensure that they know who’s the leader and if they know that you lead the pack they will respect you and follow your orders.

That said, Kangal dogs are not for novice dog owners, they need an experienced owner who knows how to be strong, firm, and consistent with the training, however, firmness does not mean that you have to be harsh.

During training, it is important to use positive reinforcement techniques only, such as food rewards playtime, and lots of praise, this will ensure that your dog will think of training sessions as a fun activity.

8 There are common myths associated with Kangal dogs

Before I end this article let’s clear the two most common misconceptions about these wonderful dogs.

File:Kangal-welpen-de 007.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
  • (1) They are born to kill

Despite being strong and powerful Kangal dogs are not unduly aggressive they are not vicious dogs who will attack without thinking in fact, it’s the opposite.

A properly trained Kangal dog is intelligent enough to assess the situation they are calm and controlled and will not kill unprovoked.

  • (2) They are dangerous for children

A well-raised Kangal dog is protective of their pack including children instead of being dangerous, they will protect the younger members of their family at all costs.

in addition, they are also loving and calm around the human they trust, and again that includes children.

In fact, because they are strong and muscular they wouldn’t mind having kids climb on their bodies.

Kangal dogs are extremely useful in any household but their great strength also means that you have to be more patient and consistent so that they will grow into calm and well-rounded dogs.

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