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8 Things to know about the Miniature Schnauzer dog breed



8 Things to know about Miniature Schnauzer dog breed

There are 3 breeds within the Schnauzer breeds of dogs, the miniature schnauzer is the smallest of them all.

It’s an intelligent dog, funny and affectionate, small and cuddly.

Having a walrus-like mustache and funny characteristics, this breed is sure to make you and your family laugh every day according to the American kennel club.

This dog breed gallantly holds the 18th spot of the most popular dog breed in America.

That explains why this dog loves spending long hours with their family especially during outings.

Are you planning to have a miniature schnauzer? Are you curious about which dog breed to own?

Get ready to know more about the miniature schnauzer dog breed.

So you’ll know what to expect once you live with one of these beautiful dogs, so without further ado let’s begin.  10 key facts about Shih Tzu dogs

The miniature schnauzer was bred to be a ratter and a guard dog

8 Things to know about the Miniature Schnauzer dog breed

Despite being smaller in size compared to other guard dogs, the miniature schnauzer does an excellent job of guarding its owner’s farm and land.

In the 19th century, they were developed in Germany by crossing the standard schnauzer with smaller breeds, including miniature pinscher Affin pinscher, pomeranian, and the poodle.

In its place of origin, the miniature schnauzer is called Zwergschnauzer, Zwerg means dwarf, while schnauzer means mustache, which describes the dog’s trademark.

Today the miniature schnauzer is seldom used as a ratter, although their instinct to catch smaller animals is still there. 12 things to know about Pomeranian dogs

They are energetic dogs with mischievous traits.

The Miniature schnauzer is a fun-loving dog that’s full of life

Miniature schnauzers are social dogs who love to be involved in all family activities, even if you’re just sitting down this breed will happily run up to you and initiate playing with you.

They need physical contact with their humans, so don’t be surprised if they keep on following you everywhere around the house.

It’s just their way of being affectionate with the people they love.

The miniature schnauzer needs to burn off his energy

8 Things to know about the Miniature Schnauzer dog breed

Every day miniature schnauzers are terriers which means that they have a high level of energy that requires daily exercise

They need to move so expect them to be active, even inside the house, playing with their toys, or just following you wherever you are.

This breed will do best if you have a yard or a farm where they catch some pests, the good thing is that they can also do well in small spaces, provided that they are given the daily amount of exercise they need.

Every day a miniature schnauzer will need about 45 minutes of exercise, this may include a long walk or play sessions.

8 Things to know about the Miniature Schnauzer dog breed

Whenever you take them out, make sure that they are kept on a leash, this is because they tend to chase, smaller animals or any moving object that they find interesting.

Also, the yard where they run around should be securely fenced, so there’s no chance for them to escape.   10 Facts about Australian Shepherd Dog

With that said, miniature schnauzers are versatile dogs who can be city dogs or farm dogs provided that they are given the exercise they need.

Without it, they can easily gain weight or develop destructive behaviors such as excessive barking, chewing, and scratching as a way to release their excess energy

Most miniature schnauzer owners prefer to have their pets professionally groomed

8 Things to know about the Miniature Schnauzer dog breed

Miniature schnauzers have a double coat, the topcoat is hard and wiry, while the undercoat is soft, although they shed a little.

Their fur needs to be brushed weekly to keep it free from tangles and mats, however, most owners prefer their pet’s coat to be trimmed by a professional groomer.

If you prefer to do so, make sure that they are trimmed every five to eight weeks to keep them looking their best for the show ring. 10 Things to Know about Dachshund Dog

The miniature schnauzer’s coat is hand stripped, this is a process of removing dead hair and is time-consuming, therefore only professionals can pull this off perfectly.

Bathing should be done when they get really dirty or develop a doggy smell.

The miniature schnauzer has a controversial white color.

Miniature Schnauzer | m.shattock | Flickr

We all know the three signature colors of the miniature schnauzers and those are solid black, silver, salt, and pepper.

But there’s actually another color for this breed and that is the pure white color.

However, this color is not recognized by kennel clubs and the international canine breeding federations, because they believe that all white coat is a result of gene modification.

This means that white miniature schnauzers cannot compete in any dog show or competition, although, it won’t change the fact that they are still sweet-tempered dogs regardless of the color.

The miniature schnauzer is an excellent watchdog

Schnauzer Dog Training Stay - Free photo on Pixabay

Although they are social dogs, the miniature schnauzer will make a good watchdog, often suspicious of strangers, they will let you know if someone is by the door through their piercing bark.  8 Things Only Kangal Dog Owners Understand

Once you let them know that the visitor is welcome to the house, they’ll calm down right away with other dogs.

This breed doesn’t know how small they are, so they are brave enough to stand up to a bigger dog even those twice their size but they don’t have the tendency to bite.

However, expect them to alert you of everything, even if it’s a falling leaf, that’s because they are protective dogs and would want to let you know of everything that is happening on your property.

The miniature schnauzer is one of the smartest dog breeds

royalty free Schnauzer photos free download | Piqsels

Out of roughly 350 dog breeds in the world, the miniature schnauzer holds the 12th spot on the quintessential dog breed intelligence list.

The result of their test indicates that the miniature schnauzer can learn new commands after only 5 to 15 repetitions.

They followed an order about 85 percent of the time or even higher, so one of the best ways to bond with them is by teaching them tricks and commands.

They are smart enough to learn anything you teach them, but they excel more at tricks that involve jumping.

Training and socialization is vital for miniature schnauzers

Free photo Schnauzer Pet Miniature Pinscher Animal Dog - Max Pixel

As mentioned, miniature schnauzers are intelligent dogs which makes training much easier compared to other dog breeds.

They are also eager to please which means that they will enjoy following your commands if they see that you’re happy with the result.

However, because they are highly intelligent dogs, it’s your job to keep training.

Fun and interesting, this breed gets bored with repetition, so it is important to keep training sessions short but sweet miniature schnauzers can also, be stubborn.

Sometimes they may even pretend not to hear you especially when you’re trying to make them do something they don’t want to do.

To prevent this, let them know that you’re the leader of the household, be firm and consistent but never use harsh punishments.

Black little dog - Free Stock Photo by Mircea Iancu on

if you let them get away with something wrong they did, expect them to do the same thing again.

Perhaps this is one of the drawbacks of raising a dog that is possibly much smarter than you are.

Aside from training miniature schnauzers, they should also socialize early.

They can attend puppy training, classes or you can have them experience different environments, meet new people and animals and let them familiarize themselves with various sounds.

This way they will be able to behave properly even during unfamiliar situations, with proper training and early socialization.

In Conclusion

The miniature schnauzer can excel in various dog sports competitions, such as agility, rally, obedience, and earth dog trials.

After all, they are excellent at digging, this also means that they may surprise you with decapitated small animals at your doorstep.

Overall the miniature schnauzer is a long-lived breed with an average lifespan of 12-15 years.

This is a people-person breed that loves to hang out with its people, in fact, they make the best partners for children due to the fact that they’re both energetic and lovely with proper care.

The miniature schnauzer will be a smart happy affectionate and loving dog whose desire is to make its people happy at all times








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