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9 Rarest Animals With Superpowers



9 unique Animals With Superpowers

Being a superhero means having an enormous responsibility on you, right?

However, in the animal kingdom, it means that you are a rock star!

You have something absolutely unique, and that’s why your chances to survive are incredibly high.

As a huge enthusiast of the animal kingdom, I cannot be happier to see that some of our little friends get a chance to live long lives thanks to their natural abilities.

But what are these abilities?

9 Rarest Animals With Superpowers


9 unique Animals With Superpowers

I personally, love possums not only because of their heartwarming story in the Ice Age but also because these cute creatures look both incredibly adorable and disgusting at the same time!

But that’s not the main incredible superpower of the American or Virginia possum.

The most interesting ability it has is producing a special protein called Lethal Toxin-Neutralizing Factor that saves an animal from all toxins and venoms known and can possibly be a universal antidote to even the deadliest toxins.

Yeah, you can’t poison a possum even if you try to! And, of course, what’s worth noting is that possums can also fake death really convincingly.

You know, they don’t move, hardly breathe and smell like hell thanks to special liquids their butts produce in the process of faking death. Pretty convincing!

Wild Alpine Ibex

9 unique Animals With Superpowers

Who wouldn’t love to have the ability to climb every wall like Spiderman?

It may seem that to get this power, you need to have either super strength or super stickiness on your hands, but no.

Introducing the super goat called Alpine Ibex, the best wall climber in the world that laughs really hard looking at other climbers.

These pretty big animals can climb vertical walls like it’s nothing to them, thanks to the unique shape of their cloven hooves.

They climb walls for two reasons: one, because it is a perfect way to avoid getting into the claws of predators, and two, because they are herbivores, and they lack salt in their diets and licking rocks helps them to get more than enough salt in their diet

As a salty food lover myself, I can’t blame them: I would climb the wall for it too!


9 unique Animals With Superpowers

Cuttlefish could have probably been the best spy in the animal kingdom since they are absolutely best in camouflaging.

They can change their color and pattern in a matter of seconds, making them completely blend into the outside world. 9 Rarest Animals With Superpowers

Of course, this unique ability is too bad for the prey cuttlefish eats, but we are on the fishy’s side right now.

These camouflaging skills are given to the cuttlefish thanks to chromatophores, special sacs with pigment granules that can change the creature’s appearance depending on the neural signals the animal’s brain sends to them.

This power makes cuttlefish invisible but irresistible, don’t you think?


9 unique Animals With Superpowers

Just a regular hummingbird, a small cute bird. What can possibly be so special about it? Well, it is the only member of the bird family that can fly absolutely as they want.

I mean forward, backward, a little bit to the left or right, and even upside down. No other bird can do that!

They control their bodies so well, that they can feed on flowers and don’t hurt precious petals in the process. That’s so good for you, oh little hummingbird. 9 Rarest Animals With Superpowers

By the way, if you would like to know about other interesting birds, I suggest you take a look at my Andean Condor piece, a story of the biggest vulture.

Check it out right after this one, the link will be Here

Sea Cucumber

9 unique Animals With Superpowers

God, I wish I never knew that this disgusting thing actually exists.

Here we have a creature with the delicious name sea cucumber, but it is as far from the cucumber as I am. Their superpower is, of course, the stuff of nightmares too!

This horrible-looking creature can do the most incredible thing: it can use its inner muscles to extract all internal organs out of its, well, you know, the part of a body where it all ends.

So when they violently poop all their internal body parts, it gives sea cucumbers time to run away from the predator, leaving them, probably, disgusted and shocked.

After such an interesting use of the inner parts, the sea cucumber just continues its life as if nothing happened!

Everything that was lost in a battle regenerates, so a creature feels like it has never pooped its brains out.

By the way, in some countries, sea cucumbers are considered to be a great delicacy, but considering the information we have on them, I think I’ll pass.


Oh, what can be cuter than an adorable platypus. Especially after the sea cucumber. Nevermind!

So, this curious animal is a mammal that lays eggs like it’s normal, and it has many interesting abilities.

For example, since it is a mammal, platypus produces milk, but unlike other mammals that make milk in breasts, platypus just sweats milk.

I would really love to know what kids in the platypus family think about it. But the most incredible ability of this unique creature is its sense of electrical signals in muscles.

They flow inside every moving creature and platypus uses that.

So, if you want to run away from one, just stop, because running is so much easier for the platypus.

They even sometimes close their eyes on the hunt just to feel the prey’s senses, and I must say platypuses do it really well!


DSC_1446 | Male Superb Lyrebird | Brian Ralphs | Flickr

Now let’s look at another unique flying friends’ group member, the lyrebird, a fantastic creature that can copy any sound it hears. And I mean any.

It can mimic other birds, the sound of a car, chainsaw, koala, and pretty much everything else.

They mimic people rarely, maybe because our voices are not so pleasant to their ears like a chainsaw, but even though there were documented cases when lyrebirds mimicked human noises.

In addition, this bird is absolutely gorgeous, so it pleases both your eyes and your ears.

Naked Mole-Rat

Naked Mole-Rat 20th Anniversary at the Smithsonian's Natio… | Flickr

Now let’s move to not that handsome, but still gorgeous naked mole-rat. This really weird animal has a variety of superpowers.

The first amazing thing about them is that naked mole rats just can’t feel pain on their skin.

They just don’t have pain sensitivity. You can beat up this rat, and it will not give a damn.

The next crazy ability of our naked friends is that they don’t get cancer like ever.

It means that their cells do not experience as many harmful mutations as ours, and cancer can’t beat them no matter what.

And the last incredible ability of this disgusting cutie is that the naked mole-rat can survive in extreme oxygen deprivation, despite being a mammal. How cool is that?


Even though our previous contestant, the naked guy of the group, can survive in extreme circumstances, nothing and no one can’t beat tardigrades in surviving.

These microscopic creatures can literally survive everything. Well, almost everything: if someone would love to kill a tardigrade, they can do it, but you get what I meant.

Our sweet friends and scientists did absolutely everything to piss off and kill tardigrades. They froze them, tried to boil them, and exposed them to radiation, and nothing worked.

I can even say that they may be even liked it since these small buddies thrived under harsh conditions.

It’s believed that tardigrades have lived on this planet for at least 500 million years, and during this time, they have managed to occupy everything here, and nowadays, you can find Tardigrades everywhere from Arctica to the Equator.

I believe that even if the plot of Don’t Look Up will someday become a sad truth, maybe tardigrades will survive and evolve into a new race of super-gross intelligent creatures. Who knows! That’s all about 9 Rarest Animals With Superpowers

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