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Animals That Can Kill a Tiger: See Which Ones Might Surprise You



Animals That Can Kill a Tiger: See Which Ones Might Surprise You

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You may think of the ferocious tiger as being able to kill anything it comes across, but there are several animals that can actually kill this feared animal in the wild.

It’s true that tigers have the strength and the skill to bring down large game, but they have natural predators that can beat them if they aren’t careful.

Here are some of the animals that can kill a tiger when placed in direct confrontation with one another.

Even though tigers aren’t completely invincible, they still stand out among their peers as apex predators that you probably don’t want to cross paths with.

What can kill a tiger?

Tigers are large, powerful animals that can kill almost any animal they encounter, right? That’s true, but they aren’t the only ones that can kill other animals. In fact, there are more than 10 animals that can kill a tiger! Read this article to find out which ones might surprise you.

Below are 15 animals that can kill a tiger


Animals That Can Kill a Tiger: See Which Ones Might Surprise You

Crocodiles do not run around hunting prey; they patiently wait for something to approach them.

They are ambush predators that wait in a body of water until their prey comes close enough then they strike out of nowhere with incredible power.

This keeps them safer than when actively chasing their next meal! The strength of a crocodile has earned it a reputation as one of the animals on Earth that can kill a tiger. But does it really? Experts say yes!


Animals That Can Kill a Tiger: See Which Ones Might Surprise You

The hippopotamus is a large semi-aquatic mammal that kills a tiger by tearing its throat with its canines.

Hippos are widely considered to be one of Africa’s most dangerous animals and are notoriously aggressive, possessing extremely sharp teeth, huge jaws, and powerful muscles.

In Germany, there was a hippo that lived in captivity, in a zoo having a weight of 16 feet and a pound of 9,900. It is described as to equal the weight of 3 Honda Accords packed in one whole body. That’s incredible.

Hippos can kill a tiger by opening its mouth wide and biting down on it, shattering its bones in seconds.

A full-grown hippopotamus also has extremely strong jaws that can bite through concrete so they can easily crack open tiger bones with their molars.


Animals That Can Kill a Tiger: See Which Ones Might Surprise You

One animal that can kill a tiger is a gorilla. They have many qualities in common with tigers, including great strength and intelligence. They also weigh about as much as an adult tiger does, making them a serious threat to big cats.

The biggest difference between tigers and gorillas is that gorillas are herbivores, meaning they eat only plants.

A gorilla doesn’t need to kill a tiger to eat — but that doesn’t mean he won’t if it means protecting his family or territory.

In fact, two large male silverback gorillas are known to have taken down and killed an African lioness after she attacked one of their young in a zoo back in 2005.


Animals That Can Kill a Tiger: See Which Ones Might Surprise You

Lions and tigers may not be mortal enemies, but they’re far from friends. A big enough group of lions can and will kill a tiger, no matter how strong it is.

A tiger won’t usually try to fight back against a pack of lions. It’s much better at fighting off a solitary lion than a pride of lion

Lions can kill a tiger, but it’s not easy. Tigers are almost impervious to attacks from all directions except from behind, where their most vulnerable point is their spine.

To make matters worse for tigers, lions are just as fast and agile. If a lion does manage to get behind a tiger and sink its fangs into its back, death can come swiftly because the nerves that control breathing run alongside those that control heart rate.

Even if a lion doesn’t reach a tiger’s vital organs, tigers have been known to die of suffocation after being bitten on the neck by lions.



While bears are often considered gentle, they can be fierce when they need to be. After all, polar bears, who live in very harsh conditions, aren’t called apex predators for nothing. In some cases, a bear might kill a tiger simply because it wants to eat him.

The strongest animal in such a situation would most likely win out.

Bears are huge and powerful mammals that can kill a tiger, but it won’t be easy. Because both tigers and bears are large and have longer claws, they both have an advantage in any close-up fight.

In addition to being big, bears also have razor-sharp teeth and bigger claws. If a tiger tries to attack a bear by biting its throat or stomach, it will probably end up getting hurt because the bears have thick fur covering its torso.

A bear might win if it manages to knock a tiger off its feet or restrain it on its back; tigers don’t have thick fur on their bellies so bears can easily rip through their flesh.

African Buffalo

The African buffalo or Cape buffalo (Syncerus caffer), Krü… | Flickr

The African buffalo is huge and makes its home in a variety of locations throughout Africa. The animal weighs up to 1,500 pounds and can grow to 10 feet long.

When you combine its size with its speed (and aggression), it’s not hard to see why there’s no predator that can kill a tiger better than an African buffalo (except for an elephant of course).

After all, tigers are native to Asia; how would they end up in Africa?

Water Buffalo

Water Buffalo Africa - Free photo on Pixabay

In India, water buffalo are raised as livestock. The animals, which weigh up to 1,000 pounds (450 kilograms), live together with tigers and leopards in northeastern India’s Kaziranga National Park.

During daylight hours, when larger predators are out hunting and people tend to stay home … buffaloes use their superior strength to dominate tigers, often killing them if they do not retreat.

According to a 2004 study in The Journal of Wildlife Management. Scientists have seen 20 successful attacks against tigers and one tiger was killed.

The Water Buffalo is one animal that you might not associate with killing a tiger. It is a close relative of domestic cattle and it can grow to be up to 8-9 feet long.

These creatures can weigh up to 1,500 to 2,650 lbs and they are very dangerous. They have been known to charge at an individual, so you should definitely never try and mess with one.

Unfortunately for us humans, they are also known for their aggressive behavior and they will kill anything or anyone who gets in their way. Tigers beware!

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Pack of wolves

How many wolves did the largest recorded pack have? - Quora

Of course, you probably already know about a pack of wolves ability to kill a tiger—which makes sense.

After all, there’s strength lies in numbers. But did you know that hyenas and boars can also take down a tiger?

As with wolves, when large groups of animals band together to attack a single animal (even if it’s a ferocious predator), they can’t be beaten.

Pack of dholes

Dhole Facts, Pictures & Information. Discover An Endangered Asian Dog

Even tigers, known to be fierce predators and perhaps one of the most dangerous animals in jungles, still have those that can kill them.

Dholes is one of them, which is a small Asian wild dog species found mainly in India and Nepal. It is about 40-50 cm high at the shoulder and can weigh up to 25 kg.

They travel in packs, and like wolves or hyenas, dholes are infamous for their coordinated hunting strategy which focuses on strength and numbers rather than individual speed or athleticism.

They do not have front claws as they spend most of their time running on hard ground or grassland instead of soft soil.


Giraffe! | I think this was the tallest giraffe at the zoo. | Daniel  Ramirez | Flickr

If a tiger attacks a giraffe, it won’t be able to win because a giraffe is taller than a tiger. A tiger can kill a young calf, but adult giraffes are stronger and more powerful.

If you see an angry giraffe, run as fast as you can because they are also one of the world’s most dangerous animals.


Rhinoceros Rhino Animals - Free photo on Pixabay

Believe it or not, rhinoceroses are a better match for tigers than you may think. While tigers can run at speeds of up to 40 miles per hour, a rhino can weigh in at over 6,000 pounds.

In order to kill a tiger, it would have to thrust its horn into one of its vital organs, which could cause enough damage to stop it dead in its tracks.

Still not convinced? Rhinos aren’t always at a disadvantage when they encounter their feline adversary. If he’s charging and she can get her feet under her quickly enough, a female rhino can use her horns effectively as clubs to thwart an attack by driving them right back into his body.

Komodo Dragon

4,821 Komodo Dragon Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock

The Komodo dragon is a large lizard species that are endemic to certain parts of Indonesia. These deadly lizards can weigh more than 300 pounds and are often larger than tigers. Komodo dragons hunt by ambushing their prey, and typically eat animals such as pigs, deer, and even water buffalo!

The Komodo dragon, which is native to Indonesia, has become well-known in recent years because of its exceptional size.

On average, male Komodo dragons grow to be around 10 feet long and can weigh more than 200 pounds.

Their powerful jaws are lined with serrated teeth and can snap through bone—which explains why they’re capable of killing animals much larger than themselves, Although not every Komodo dragon will prey on large mammals such as these every day—they’ll also eat smaller reptiles and invertebrates—these powerful lizards are equipped to kill tigers with little trouble.

Venomous Snakes

Did You Know? 19 Incredible Black-Necked Spitting Cobra Facts

A black cobra killed a white tiger in its enclosure at Indore zoo on Saturday after a fight that left the snake paralyzed. On Saturday morning, the zoo officials found the two-year-old tiger, Rajan, unconscious, bleeding from the nose and foaming at the mouth.


Variety of Life: Elephantidae

While it may seem surprising, adult male elephants are able to kill tigers and have been documented doing so.

Elephants aren’t usually aggressive, but they will fight back if they perceive their family is threatened.

It should be noted that while adult male elephants can kill tigers in captivity, wild animals of a similar size rarely meet and interactions between them are uncommon.

Elephants are often capable of killing many types of predators; even lions and humans. Since elephants tend to be herbivores, however, predation isn’t as common for them as it is for others on our list.

When considering which animal can kill a tiger we shouldn’t forget about those with more powerful attacks such as Buffalos and rhinos.


They aim to save: Meet India's authorised hunters | Latest News India -  Hindustan Times

Finally, don’t forget about humans; we’re fully capable of killing animals much stronger than us when we work together as a team. This can happen to tigers in zoos or in the wild when people hunt them for their furs, for sport, or because they pose a threat to people who live nearby.

Although tigers are one of the most feared animals in nature, we can’t forget that humans have reduced these majestic creatures to mere shadows of their former glory.

Today, all wild tiger populations live in remote, fragmented habitats and many experts think there are fewer than 4,000 left on Earth—roughly 1/10th of what their population was 100 years ago.

No matter how you feel about global warming and industrialization, it is difficult to deny that humans have dealt a major blow to tiger numbers.

Tigers may be able to kill other predators they encounter in nature like leopards or bears, but humans far outmatch them when it comes to killing potential.

Tigers are still amazing animals but if you find yourself face-to-face with one in real life? Just say your last prayers.



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