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Best Sounds that excite Dogs – Sounds they Love to hear



Sounds Dogs Loves to hear

I have been a dog trainer for over 10 years, excited and curious about our furry friends, their devotion, humility, and affection towards their owners is astounding. During the process of training best sounds that excite dogs – Sounds they Love to hear are a great way to properly and effectively train them within the shortest time possible

Even more so, you would realize the extent to which dogs can go to save your life. One thing excites me though and that is the various sounds dogs love to hear.

Do you have a dog? would you love to watch your dog react to several sounds? Dogs love sounds just like humans love music. Some sounds make our furry friends go bizarre and funny.

It is important to realize that there are several breeds of food, all of which have different characteristics and behaviors.

Today, we’ll be focused on sounds dogs love to hear. After reading this article, make sure to go home and try it out on your dogs to see their reaction.

5 Sounds that dogs love to hear


Best Sounds Dogs Love

I accidentally stepped on a Squeaky toy one day when my furry dog ears stood erect, curious and alert, he looked down on the toy and took a step forward. It looked in amazement and curiosity.

I was by the corner watching and observing, trying to see what it plans to do. It did nothing for a while but curious and so I picked up the toy and placed it on the shelf.

I then leaned forward towards Jack and petted him, gently stroking his hair until he remained calm, but still curious and active.

I couldn’t help but laugh. It was indeed a fun experience. Let’s know your experience in the comments below.


Best Sounds Dogs Love
Dog Poodle Pet – Free photo on Pixabay

One sunny afternoon, I decided to take Jack on a walk when we passed through a group of soccer teams playing and having fun, the whistle went off and Jack looked back in curiosity, hairs standing erect, tail wagging to the left, and an alert demeanor filled his countenance.

He looked into my eyes hoping for some answers but how does one communicate with a dog? I simply pat him on the back and that was it. He left there to another destination.


Best Sounds Dogs Love
Hound pictures | Curated Photography on EyeEm

Now, we arrived on the roadside, and everywhere was busy as usual, cars honking and people walking on opposite sides.

I noticed the anxiousness in my dog’s behavior, he kept walking faster than him, seemingly more excited or more active than usual, his action was definitely different and I could tell him loved the sounds.

That moment when my dog goes in front of me, waggling its tail and stopping to look at me. I could feel the ease in its breath, the relaxation and calmness.


Best Sounds Dogs Love

Very commonly happens at home, Neighbours come visiting when their babies start laughing. Do you know what little Jack would do? He would wink its eyes and rest its chin on the tiles, staring intently at the baby.

It’s beautiful really because it does seem like our furry friends understand little children better than one might think.

This action is always applicable to when a baby plays with Shakers. Dogs are intelligent and can process human sounds and actions in an amazing fashion.


Lucy | I was out in my yard this morning (not working on it,… | Flickr

You would love this one, Most of our homes have Doorbells, so if you have a dog, you probably have seen its reaction.

Jack reacted as one who expect, immediately she heard the doorbell, she ran towards the door in excitement. She couldn’t get the door to open, so she came into the kitchen joyfully, her mouth was wide open and it appeared as though she was smiling.

After opening the door, I realized it was my daughter Katherine, Jack probably sensed her presence and leaped for joy.

The same reaction goes for SLEIGH BELLS obviously, again depending on the type of breed. I’m sure all dog breeds would react differently.


Bo | Had to make funny sounds to make Bo look at my camera..… | Flickr

Something about duck quaking that just makes Jack excited, could it be as a result of its herding characteristics?

Well, not really excited per se but you could tell with his mouth wide open and sudden alert attitude, One might dog if dogs speak duck, or perhaps understand duck language.

There are several other sounds dogs love as well, a few of which are WIND CHIMES and BEAT BOXING.

It is important to note that dogs are closest to humans, as a matter of fact, dogs have been man’s best friend for a very long time now and so they have adapted well to human society.

Although it still requires some form of training to get them to socialize at an early stage so they don’t go wild and abusive.

Here comes... Winston - 1/52 Weeks for Dogs | I am excited t… | Flickr

Sounds that dogs love can be a great way to train, socialize and put them in a calm and excited state.

Get creative, come up with ideas, use this sound to your advantage and train your dog the best way possible.

Most importantly, never use aggression to train your dog, you’ll only lower its self-esteem.

A dog will remain loyal and submissive to you forever if you train them the right way. Remember, use sounds that dogs love to your advantage and train your furry friends the right way.




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