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Border collie vs Australian Shepherd Differences – Which Breed Is Better?



Border collie vs Australian Shepherd Differences - Which Breed Is Better?

Whether you’re torn between these two wonderful breeds or simply want to learn more about them so you can decide which dog is right for you, we’ll go through both in this post.

What are the features that identify one from the other, which one is best for?

For this post, we’ll talk about the two shepherd dogs, the border collie, and the Australian shepherd.

let’s begin.

Border collie vs Australian shepherd 9 Key Differences Explained


Both the border collie and the Australian shepherd are considered medium-sized dogs the Cauli has a short and rough coat while the Aussie has straight or wavy medium-length hair.

The collie comes in a wider range of colors some of it includes black-blue merle, gold, lilac brindle, red merle, sable moral, and combinations of white with other colors

The Aussie, on the other hand, is recognized for having only four different colors: black, blue merle red, and red merle. 10 Facts about Australian Shepherd Dog


Border collie vs Australian Shepherd Differences - Which Breed Is Better?
Australian shepherd dog

when we talk about their weight the Australian shepherd is definitely heavier, collies weigh around 23 kilograms while Aussies weigh between 25 to 30 kilograms

Collies have a life span of 18 to 22 inches and Aussies have a life span of 20 to 23 inches because they are both medium-sized dogs.

have a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years, of course, their lifespan will still depend on their health conditions and how they are taken care of by their families.


Both breeds shed throughout the year but are heavier during their shedding season

their hairs may stick on your furniture, clothing, sofa, and floors so make sure to have a vacuum with your temperament border collies tend to be more protective than the Aussies.

They can be wary of unknown people and animals, therefore early socialization is a must for this breed they also tend to have herding instincts and may herd smaller children and animals.

This is not a serious issue though since this can easily be prevented with proper training, on the other hand, Aussies are more dependable to their owners than the collie and this can result in restlessness and anxiety behavior.

Easier than the others make sure to spend a lot of time with them or provide lots of toys to play with while you’re gone for a short time.


Border collie vs Australian Shepherd Differences - Which Breed Is Better?
Border collie dog

Both are clever and intelligent dogs, however border collie is known as the einstein of dogs simply put – this breed ranked first on the most intelligent dog breeds in the world

Australian shepherds were rated 42nd in terms of obedience and working intelligence.

This does not mean they’re not smart just that collies are smarter than every other dog.

Activity level

The Shepherd dogs are active and always in a happy mood especially when given a task to do.

they enjoy a game of fetch frisbee, football, and other vigorous and fun activities so if you’re not an active person and

Prefer a laid-back companion then neither of these dogs are for your trainability since collies and Aussies are intelligent dogs both can be easily trained.

They easily get bored though, so they need an experienced owner who can keep the training fun and engaging however Collis can pick up commands faster than the Aussies.

Remember that they are the most intelligent dog in the world, it’s important not to use harsh training techniques such as yelling and hitting when training these dogs.

Both breeds tend to respond effectively when positive strategies are applied in training them such as hand signals, vocal praises, and food rewards.

Exercise Needs

There’s not much difference in the amount of physical exercise that both these dogs require both dogs need at least 60 minutes of robust exercise per day, the required physical exercise does not end there;

However, because they must be kept occupied indoors, provide them with puzzle toys to keep them from developing destructive tendencies.


Border collie vs Australian Shepherd Differences - Which Breed Is Better?
Border collie dog

The border collie has a rougher coat compared to Aussie which means that it needs more brushing about two to three times per week.

To keep its coat matte and tangle-free Australian shepherds however only need weekly brushing to keep their coat shiny and healthy.

For both breeds make sure to bathe them only when necessary such as playing in a yard or once they start to have a doggy smell,

Bathing on a frequent basis will prevent the formation of natural oils in their hair, resulting in dry, itchy hair.

Ticks are a problem for both dogs because they are energetic and enjoy being outside.

Ticks feed off your canine’s blood and they may also carry what we call Lyme disease which is dangerous for your dogs.

Good with family

Mini Australian Shepherd Puppy Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Pictures
Australian shepherd dog

Both the Border Collie and Australian shepherd are loyal, hard-working creatures who want nothing but love and affection from their human families.

When it comes to protecting family, Aussies execute the process better than collies because they are more watchful and may bark to inform their owners of unexpected strangers.

Although collies would have done the same, they are less watchful when compared to Aussies and are better being working dogs.

Australian shepherd easily gets along well with anyone that is welcomed by his owner.

Meanwhile, border collie may become weary and aloof towards visitors at first but he will be comfortable later on in an apartment.

Mom's New Border Collie Puppy, Lee | Posted via email from | Flickr
Border collie dog

Living both dogs are similar when it comes to home preferences, they thrive in homes with a large and securely fenced yard where they can play and roam around whenever they want.

If you stay in condos and Apartment houses, then I wouldn’t recommend border collies and Australian shepherd breed of dogs. They are simply not suited to such livelihood.

If they are enclosed in a small area all day, they may resort to being destructive.

Health Problems

dog, berger, australian, australian shepherd, domestic animal, sheepdog,  one animal, canine | Piqsels
Australian shepherd dog

Collies and Aussies are considered healthy puppies, yet they may suffer from genetic disorders and fitness ailments such as hip and elbow dysplasia, which causes severe arthritis in the joints.

For Aussies, you should be aware of eye diseases such as contemporary retinal atrophy. Cataracts and the collie eye anomaly can affect both of them.

Also keep in mind that border collies can have an autosomal recessive trait known as lure neutrophil syndrome, which causes problems with white blood cell liberation from the canine’s bone marrow.

This could make it difficult for his immune system to fight off illnesses rapidly.

In Summary

Dog Collie Images | Free Photos, PNG Stickers, Wallpapers & Backgrounds -  rawpixel
Border collie dog

Despite having the same top on the withers, the Aussies are heavier than the collies, so let me reiterate the remarkable contrasts between those magnificent breeds.

They’re also friendlier than collies, who are sometimes shy and reserved around strangers. Border collies have a far wider range of colors than Aussies, and they are considered the smartest of puppy breeds.

Whatever you choose, each is a devoted, loving, and affectionate puppy that will make a significant asset to a busy family who is willing to spend a lot of time with their canine companions.

And that concludes the new post. I hope you’ve decided which dog you’d like to live with.

Simply remember to provide them with adequate physical activity, cerebral stimulation, and lots of affection, and you’ll be rewarded with an affectionate companion.



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