Couple’s Unsuccessful Catching Abused Dog But He Runs Over When Called


When Joe first spotted a starving, frightened dog poking its head out of the woods near his home, he knew he had to help. Despite his best efforts to approach the dog, the pup, who had obviously been abused, was too afraid to come near him. Joe and his wife, Marla, were determined to gain the dog’s trust and provide him with a loving home.


Over time, the couple continued to try and approach the dog they named Scooby but were unsuccessful. They prayed for his safety and well-being, wondering where he was sleeping and how he was surviving. Slowly but surely, Scooby began to warm up to Joe and Marla, inching closer and closer to their home.

The breakthrough came when Scooby finally approached the couple’s pool during the late summer. He began to stay closer to their house, and Joe and Marla were thrilled with the progress they were making in gaining his trust. However, Scooby remained skittish and cautious, even as he started to feel safer around them.


One day, Joe let their dog, Samson, out to play with Scooby, and the two dogs immediately became friends. Scooby’s trust in Samson allowed him to feel more comfortable around Joe and Marla, and he cautiously ventured into their home for the first time.


The couple was amazed at Scooby’s progress after a year-long rescue adventure. He had gone from being too afraid to approach them to exploring their home and even venturing upstairs. The vet estimated that he is about a year and a half old and, despite his rough start, is now in good health.

Joe and Marla’s love and patience have made all the difference for Scooby, providing him with a sense of safety and belonging. Their heartwarming story is a testament to the power of love and persistence in helping animals overcome their fears and find a forever home.

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