David Raskin Joins National Wildlife Refuge Association As Alaska Conservation Consultant — The National Wildlife Refuge Association

In 2022, the National Wildlife Refuge Association awarded David the Refuge Advocate of the Year Award because of his outstanding work as an advocate for our nation’s wildlife refuges, specifically his work with the National Wildlife Refuge System in Alaska. David’s role as co-founder of the Friends of Alaska NWRs organization in 2005 has led to years of advocacy, conservation, and preservation work for national wildlife refuges in Alaska. During his tenure as President, countless relationships were formed between each of the 16 Alaskan national wildlife refuges and the Anchorage Regional Fish and Wildlife staff, along with the expansion of the Friends of Alaska NWRs to 315 members.   The Friends of Alaska NWRs’  volunteer, advocacy, and education programs increased exponentially under his leadership. Through David’s oral and written comments, opinion pieces, Congressional testimony, litigation activities, declarations, volunteer organizing, media communications, and other activities, David has significantly contributed to the numerous wins experienced over the years for many of Alaska’s refuges.  These include repeatedly staving off Arctic Refuge oil and gas drilling for many years and achieving a 12-million-acre wilderness recommendation for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. David has also worked for 15 years defending Izembek National Wildlife Refuge from a road that would destroy its ecological integrity. The Friends of Alaska NWRs would not be what it is today without his tireless efforts to support and protect Alaska’s national wildlife refuges.

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