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GORILLA VS TIGER – Who Would Win in a Fight?



GORILLA VS TIGER – Who Would Win in a Fight?

Who would win an epic showdown between these two animals?

Let’s imagine two of the most fearsome beasts ever, the Tiger and a Silverback Gorilla, going head to head.

That would be one of the most intense battles in the animal kingdom, right?

The Gorilla, as well as the tiger, are huge and strong capable of destroying any potential attacker 

So, what happens in a fight between the strongest of the big cats, the tiger, and the strongest of the primates, the gorilla?!

The largest of the four gorilla subspecies is the eastern lowland gorilla, also known as Grauer’s gorilla.

Its stocky build, huge hands, and short muzzle set it apart from other gorillas.

The Bengal tiger is one of the most beautiful and iconic animals on the planet.

The Royal Bengal Tiger, often known as the Indian Tiger, is the subspecies with the most population.

It is India’s national animal, and its image is ingrained in the country’s traditions and culture.

How do they hunt? And what do they eat?

GORILLA VS TIGER - Who Would Win in a Fight?

The Eastern lowland gorillas are omnivores, meaning they eat both plants and insects. Fruits are their main source of nutrition, but they also eat berries, leaves, and nuts.

The Eastern lowland gorilla prefers termites and ants as insects.

These gorillas will occasionally attack small rodents or lizards. In search of food, they have been known to traverse long distances.

They can chew fibrous and thick vegetation because of their muscular jaws. Adult gorillas require approximately 18kg (40lbs) of food every day.

GORILLA VS TIGER - Who Would Win in a Fight?

Bengal tigers‘ favorite meat comes from large, hooved mammals, including chital, gaur, and sambar.

But, they’ll also prey on barasingha, water buffalo, wild boar, hog deer, leopards, wolves, or crocodiles.

There is evidence that suggests tigers coordinate attacks while hunting prey like rhinoceros.

Bengal tigers kill their prey by overpowering their victim and severing the spinal cord, the preferred method for smaller prey. They also bite large prey on the neck and suffocate them to death severing their airflow.

What are their dimensions? What do they look like?

GORILLA VS TIGER - Who Would Win in a Fight?
GORILLA VS TIGER – Who Would Win in a Fight?

These Gorillas are huge, as they are the world’s largest primate species.

Males Grauer’s gorillas are typically larger than females, and the species clocks in at about 450-500 lbs (204 – 226 kg),

but there have also been cases where it has reached 550 lbs (250 kg). These gorillas can be 5 – 6 feet tall (1.5 – 1.82 m).

Their heads are huge in relation to the rest of their bodies, and their jaws and teeth are powerful.

Except for their faces and hands, they have a thick coat of dark fur like other gorillas. They would rather walk about on their knuckles than on their toes.

Gorillas have a thick covering of dermis and epidermis, or inner and outer layers of skin, for increased protection and warmth.

Compared to the other eastern gorilla subspecies, the eastern lowland gorilla has shorter hair and teeth, and long arms.

Jungle Animal Royal Bengal Tiger Forest Tiger

The Bengal tiger has a beautiful morphology, appealing to the eyes. It is a large cat with thick legs, strong teeth, jaws, and a coat with a characteristic coloration pattern.

In this regard, its skin shows a yellow to light orange color in the belly and the internal areas of the legs become white or cream.

Black, gray, or brown stripes run vertically down all of its body before the tail, where they become rings. Why are tigers so strong

Males have a length of 8.8 – 10.2 (2.7 – 3.1 m) feet including the tail. Only the tail is between 33 and 43 inches long (83 – 110 cm).

The weight of males can range between 400 to 550 pounds (181 – 250 kg).

How do they behave in the wild?

GORILLA VS TIGER - Who Would Win in a Fight?

The Eastern lowland gorilla is no exception to the fact that gorillas are sociable creatures. Gorillas are found in tight-knit family groups known as troops or bands.

These troops travel together, eat together, and raise their children together. A huge male gorilla known as a silverback leads the troop.

They may also comprise a few subordinate male gorillas, as well as two or three female gorillas and their kids. 4 Animals that would make a tiger flee in fear

Despite the fact that the forces are usually small, researchers have discovered groupings of up to 30 members. A group of silverbacks with two leaders is unusual.

Oftentimes tigers are spotted traveling alongside their offspring, usually a mother and her cub.

Bengal tiger | India Tiger safari trip. Our second park, Pen… | Flickr
GORILLA VS TIGER – Who Would Win in a Fight?

Bengal tigers are solitary creatures until during their early development period, which lasts two to three years.

A group of tigers will occasionally congregate in the same area, generally due to a good food source. How to survive tiger attack

When a bunch of tigers gathers in this manner, it is known as an ambush or streak.

Bengal tigers barely leave their territories. The same goes for all tiger species

Females often keep near to their mother’s territory even when they move out on their own.

Adolescent cubs visit their mothers’ territories more frequently than males during their first year on their own.

Where does each of them live? Can they meet?

Gorilla Primate Ape - Free photo on Pixabay

No, these two animals cannot meet in the wild, because they live on different continents. The only place I can have a fight would be in a zoo.

The eastern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo is home to this gorilla species (DRC). They grow in the lowlands and jungles of the tropics.

In recent decades, their distribution has shrunk dramatically. Because of habitat fragmentation, gorilla distribution is likewise much more scarce.

They used to live in an area of around 8,100 square miles. They presently cover approximately 4,600 square miles.

The Kahuzi-Biega National Park and the Maiko National Park, for example, cover Eastern lowland gorilla habitats.

There is evidence that suggests eastern lowland gorilla have all left their former territory and are taking abode elsewhere. There are very few eastern lowland gorillas about 13 percent are still present in lowland areas.

Free photo Animal Mammal Bengal Tiger Tiger Carnivore - Max Pixel

Bengal tigers are found mostly in temperate forests, tropical and subtropical and there’s usually access to water in these areas.

They usually dwell between 660 to 9,800 feet above sea level in altitude. That, though, may change.

These tigers can now be found in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Bhutan. They stick to tropical and subtropical deciduous woods, grasslands, and mangroves in India.

The tiger population in Bangladesh is dwindling. The animals can now only be found in the mangrove forests of the Sundarbans and the Chittagong Hill Tracts.

In Chitwan National Park, Parsa National Park, and Bardiya National Park, Nepal has three small and isolated tiger populations.

Bengals can be found in 17 of Bhutan’s 18 districts.

Now let’s find out together, who will win a fight? A silverback Grauer’s gorilla or a Bengal tiger?

Machli (T-16), female Bengal Tiger (Panthera tigris tigris… | Flickr
GORILLA VS TIGER – Who Would Win in a Fight?

The Bengal Tiger and the Silverback Gorilla are both kings of their own habitats. Both animals are large, strong, and smart.

Although their size is about the same, it is possible for the tiger to grow even larger.

But let’s establish from the beginning that these are two individuals of equal weight because this is not impossible. Why do tigers live alone

The gorilla is a fierce competitor who can take on the big cats at any time.

When a tiger attacks a gorilla, he does so by ambushing. The gorilla is not easy prey, and the gorilla can inflict possibly fatal blows on the tiger.

These large primates can lift over ten times their body weight.

Gorilla Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Pictures

A gorilla has the advantage in a fight between a tiger and a gorilla because of its muscular chest, strong and long arms, and huge weight lifting capacity.

Their massive, muscular arms are capable of delivering a knockout blow and breaking a backbone. Their strong hide and long hair can also help them defend themselves.

The tiger has faster reflexes, longer stronger claws, and massive canine fangs, as well as improved maneuverability.

Gorilla’s bite force is tremendous at 1300 PSI. With a bite force of 1050 PSI, the Tiger is close behind.

Tiger canines, on the other hand, are around 0.5 to 1-inch longer (1.25 – 2.5 cm). A tiger’s powerful body and thick fur are other advantages.

Despite this, the strong-willed, stubborn gorilla will be able to put up a valiant battle and inflict serious harm on the tiger.

The gorilla’s thick neck can prevent the tiger from gaining an easy victory.

A gorilla’s only realistic hope of defeating a tiger is to attack its backbone with its huge arm.

but this will be very difficult to achieve due to the agility of the tiger.

The biggest disadvantage of the gorilla in front of a tiger is that it has no experience as a hunter.

So in this fight, I will let you decide who is the winner. Write in the comments!

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