Guinea Pig Shadows Golden Retriever Like He’s Operated By Remote Control


Meet Frankenstein, a Guinea Pig with an unusual attachment to his furry companion, Pippin the Golden Retriever. This delightful story showcases the unique bond between these two unlikely friends and the lengths they go to stay together. Frankenstein, or Frank for short, is known for following Pippin everywhere she goes, to the point where it seems like he’s being remotely controlled.


Pippin, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to mind her little shadow and has taken on the role of protector for her tiny friend. They share a special connection, with Frank usually needing to be touching Pippin in order to feel at ease. Pippin has become his comfort pillow, and their relationship is nothing short of adorable.


To ensure Frank’s safety while outdoors, his owner came up with an ingenious idea during her three-year-old’s birthday party. She decided to tie a balloon around Frank, making it easier to keep track of him and potentially deter any unwanted attention from other animals. This idea has since stuck, and Frank now wears his balloon whenever he goes outside– except when Pippin and his owner are beside him.


The bond between these two friends is so strong that if they’re separated, the only way to get Frank out of hiding is to bring Pippin into the room. Pippin also dislikes closed doors between them, as they always prefer to have full access to each other. The happiness they bring to each other is evident and truly heartwarming.

The unique relationship between Frankenstein the Guinea Pig and Pippin the Golden Retriever showcases that love knows no boundaries. If two different species can get along this amazingly well, then why can’t all humans?


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