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How to Survive Being Swallowed by an Anaconda



How to Survive Being Swallowed by an Anaconda

Can you imagine how terrifying it would be if something draws you under water while swimming.

As you battle to keep your head above water, an anaconda’s face appears in front of you and opens its massive lips.

  • What do you do?

Here’s How to Survive Being Swallowed by an Anaconda

The green anaconda is a giant beast. It can grow to 9m (30ft) long and weigh as much as 225kg (550 Ib). Its average meal weighs about 18kg (40Ib), but an anaconda will eat something as large as a white-tailed deer, which weighs about 54kg (119 Ib).

The snake’s prey can be anywhere from 10% of its total weight to 116 percent of its body weight.

How to Survive Being Swallowed by an Anaconda

The good news is that humans are not on the anaconda’s list of favorite meals. But, if provoked, it will attack.

  • How will anaconda subdue you?
  • Could it swallow you whole?
  • Is it possible for you to escape the hold of this huge snake?

Step 1

  • Take a large knife with you.
  1. Take a large knife with you.
  2. Do not flee, says the United States Peace Corps.
  3. The snake is faster than humans even if you decide to run away. The (USPC) United States Peace Corps. suggest that you lie down and play dead. This assumes the snake will start swallowing your feet.
  4. Take your knife and slide it inside the snake’s mouth when it reaches your knees.
  5. Then rip upwards swiftly to sever its head.

If an anaconda swallows you, don’t expect to escape its grasp on you.

There won’t be any place for you to move and slash outwards once you’re inside.

I don’t want to just hand myself over to the snake, especially when anacondas kill their prey before eating it.

How to Survive Being Swallowed by an Anaconda

Step 2

  • Stay away from them
  1. The best strategy to avoid being swallowed by an anaconda is to stay away from them.
  2. So avoid swamps and rivers in South America’s tropical regions.
  3. If you can’t do that, avoid wondering during the night, that’s when anacondas are most active.

Step 3

  • Don’t go for a swim
  1. Anacondas are the most dangerous in water, even more dangerous than crocodile.
  2. They will wrap themselves around you and pull you under and drown you.
  3. Avoiding the water areas will at least keep you from being eaten alive.

Step 4


No, I don’t mean you carry a blow torch and light it on fire. Although, that might work.

An anaconda’s first action is to wrap itself around you and squeeze the life out of you.

You’ll have to fight back with all your might or you’ll die.

  • If you squirt alcohol into the snake’s eyes, it may become irritated enough to let you go.

Step 5

NASA: GI Joe wrestling a giant anaconda | That snake could e… | Flickr

You could, of course, just stroll about in a boa constrictor suit.

In 2014, director Paul Rosolie put on such a suit in the hopes of being eaten alive by an anaconda for a TV show.

Rosolie panicked and called for his crew to bring him out minutes after the snake curled itself around him.

Wearing one of these suits might not be the best idea. If you do get swallowed, carbon fiber or neoprene wetsuit may help you survive the hydrochloric acid in the snake’s stomach.

But you’ll have to find a way out immediately, if not the acid will eat at you.

It only takes three days for a python to digest an alligator’s soft tissues, and the human bones are nowhere near that tough.

Step 6


File:Anaconda in yopal colombia.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Don’t go quietly.

The more stress you can put on the snake, the more probable it is to regurgitate you if it swallows you whole.

To preserve its insides, an anaconda kills its prey before swallowing it. The snake will vomit you up if it believes you are a threat.

  • So fight back, wiggle, kick the snake, and hope that it spits you out.

You’ll be a mess if you survive being devoured by an anaconda . To fit you within its body, it most likely crushed your shoulders and other bones.

You’ll also have burns from the snake’s stomach acid.

You’ll need to get to a hospital right away.

If by some miracle you survive, You’ll never dream of swimming in waters again

But don’t think the ocean is any safer.

Whales’ mouths are also large enough to swallow you completely.

Do you believe you’d have a greater chance of surviving if you were trapped within their four stomachs?

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