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I wonder why Sharks fear cute and playful Dolphins



I wonder why sharks are afraid of cute and playful dolphins

One would think Sharks are the ocean’s top apex predators, but unfortunately, even sharks fear for their life’s sometimes and prefer to avoid paths with the bottleneck dolphins altogether…

Of course, bottlenose dolphins are cute, smart, and playful marine mammals, but they can be aggressive if they feel threatened in any way, shape, or form.

They move in pods (groups) and this makes them even more formidable

But why are sharks afraid of cute and playful dolphins, I wonder?

I wonder why Sharks fear cute and playful Dolphins

If sharks and dolphins were to go head to head in a fight, dolphins will come out victorious and this is because they are flexible, intelligent, move In pods, and can easily outmaneuver a shark.

The shark will find it extremely difficult grabbing a hold on the dolphins with its huge teeth

The dolphin has a vertical rear fin that gives it is excellent flexibility.

Whereas a shark isn’t as flexible. Why are whales afraid of Orca?

Bottlenose dolphins have another advantage over the shark in that they have a snout.

The snout of a dolphin is very effective against predators like sharks in that they can deliver a strike with it.

Dolphins use their snout to hit the shark’s belly and this will cause internal bleeding in the shark, or even worse can severe its gills making it difficult for the shark to breathe underwater.

Some sharks get lucky in some instances and flee away.

Sharks would prefer to avoid dolphins altogether but in the event that a shark wants to show its predatory skills, the dolphins would therefore show their intelligence and ability to outmaneuver the shark. Why are Sharks afraid of Dolphins?

In conclusion: 

I wonder why Sharks fear cute and playful Dolphins
  • Dolphins are Intelligent and Flexible
  • Dolphins move in pods; they congregate together and protect themselves.
  • Dolphins have a snout which they use as a defense against predators. Their snout is their most powerful weapon.
  • The snout of a dolphin is very effective in a fight against predators like sharks and can cause serious damage and in the process kill the assailant.
  • Dolphins are cute and playful, adorable even but can be aggressive if feel threatened.
  • Sharks aren’t as flexible as dolphins.
  • Sharks are lone hunters and do not move in groups.
  • Sharks are intelligent as well and so they know when they’re outnumbered.
  • Sharks prefer to flee from a dolphin rather than attack it.
  • The greatest weapon of a shark is its teeth; with a bite force of 4000psi, it can cause serious damage to dolphins if able to bite it.

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