Is Your Black Friday Shopping Spree Costing Animals?



Prod. Company: Push Pull

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DOP: Nenad Boroevich

Producer: Stela Pavlova

Talent: Greta Stefanova

1st AD: Krassimir Hazarbassanov

Production Designer: Ketty Marinova

Stylist: Sirma Chausheva

Hair: Ivayla Stancheva

Makeup: Ventzislava Koycheva

Color grading: Todor Georgiev

VFX: Dimitar Itzkov – Jimmy

Music & Sound Design: Kaloyan Dimitrov


Prod. Company: Antepost

PETA Asia’s investigations into the cashmere industry in China and Mongolia—where 90% of the world’s cashmere comes from—revealed horrific cruelty. Goats screamed in pain and terror as workers held them down and ripped the hair out of their sensitive skin, leaving them traumatized and sometimes bloody. Then, when they could no longer grow enough hair to be profitable, workers dragged them through the slaughterhouse, bashed them in the head with a hammer, slit their throats, and left them to bleed to death.

Investigators later visited two cashmere operations certified by the deceptively named Sustainable Fibre Alliance, where they observed the same cruelty and intense suffering—showing again that clothing derived from animals is not sustainable or even remotely humane and will never be rid of exploitation and rampant abuse, no matter what “standards” are adopted.

Goats are gentle, curious animals who have rich emotional lives and form strong social connections. They are not ours to turn into sweaters. Visit PETA’s guide to vegan clothing, and take action for goats used and killed for cashmere:

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