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Killer Whale

Killer whale battles Saltwater Crocodile in an epic fight to the death



Killer whale battles Saltwater Crocodile

An epic fight has broken out between two of the greatest ocean predators in history, and it’s captured on camera. killer whales try to take down a crocodile that’s not as large as they are!

This battle will determine who strikes first and who gets left behind. Join us to see who wins this battle!

What happens when killer whales encounter saltwater crocodiles?

This battle would be an extremely rare occurrence if it happens at all. According to their natural habitats, these species will never encounter each other in the wild. If you’re curious about who will emerge victorious in a fight, the answer is simple.

Killer whales are the most powerful apex predators in the world and even great white sharks fear them. Here’s a comparison of the two animals:

Killer Whale vs Saltwater Crocodile

Killer whale battles Crocodile in an epic fight to the death

Orcas have, however, been documented killing great whites. If a killer whale can kill a great white shark, it wouldn’t be much harder for one to kill a saltwater crocodile or any other crocodile.

The killer whale is too powerful to be death-rolled and it should be capable of biting a crocodile in half similar to a hippo.

Crocodile method of Killing

A crocodile’s method of killing is a form of drowning by which it brings a victim into the water and rolls it violently around on the floor of the body of water in which it hunts. and It’s called a “death roll”.

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Orca Hunting Techniques

Killer whale battles Saltwater Crocodile in an epic fight to the death

Also, orcas hunt in highly coordinated packs. So a saltwater crocodile isn’t fighting one, it’s fighting 30–40. In the oceans, orcas are the equivalent of a pack of wild dogs hunting everything they see in the wild.

Orcas are by far bigger and heavier than saltwater crocodiles, much faster, more maneuverable, more intelligent, and more acrobatic and so the crocodile does not have a chance.

Interestingly, an orca could not drown a crocodile as orcas hold their breath for 15 minutes while crocs can hold theirs for an hour or more.

Killer whales are the most intelligent animals and they have the strongest bite force of 19000PSI according to some stats( But this has been disproved) Read about it below.

Saltwater crocodiles have strong Armored bony scales around their back but a soft underbelly and a bite force of 5000PSI.

Some facts disprove orca bite force of 19000 psi

Killer whale battles Saltwater Crocodile in an epic fight to the death

An orca does not have a 19000 psi bite stating that it was based on an exaggeration of how much force it takes to crack a human femur.

A human femur breaks at 800 to 1700 psi at the most. 800 psi is probably too low for an orca so I would say they have 1000 – 1700 psi.

Also, a large crocodile will have a bite force of 7770 psi. A smaller saltie was tested with a bite force of 3650 psi and a tooth pressure of 350, 000 psi which is a great amount of bite to definitely crush orca bones and rip their flesh open…see source here

The disadvantage of the crocodile

The only problem would be that crocodiles wouldn’t be able to open their jaws wide enough to grab and crush an orca’s head.

They could potentially bite their flippers off or disembowel their side. Also for people who are saying orcas kill great whites, they surely do but it is because they travel in pods and crocodiles aren’t prone to tonic immobilization as sharks are.

Orcas have the intelligence and physical power advantage (But they are not more powerful with their jaws like I discussed earlier ).

Saltwater Crocodile | This saltwater crocodile (Crocodylus p… | Flickr

Also, crocodiles are cold-blooded so they tire a lot easier. Crocodile armor is way too tough for an orca to penetrate except for the underbelly.

I feel like an orca would know that the underbelly is a weakness that would be a serious threat to the crocodile.

Also, killer whales outweigh crocodiles by a lot. Orcas can get to 12000 lbs and crocs can only get up to 2200 lbs.

A crocodile wouldn’t start the fight most likely because they wouldn’t bother hunting prey this big. A crocodile would retaliate if an orca attacked the crocodile for food.

In conclusion

Saltwater croc sun baking - Photo by Parks Australia | Flickr

I don’t think there are documented encounters between the two, however, it’s very likely that under normal circumstances there’s no reason for them to confront each other.

If anything, an orca would have many advantages over a saltwater croc, such as size, swimming ability, and intelligence. With that said, I don’t see a croc willingly going after orcas.

On the other hand, orcas are extremely intelligent and picky eaters. For them, a saltwater croc probably wouldn’t be worth the effort and they’re smart enough to realize that.

Unlike large sharks, crocodiles do not have large fatty livers that would make hunting them rewarding, nor could they be immobilized via tonic immobility.

Furthermore, the armored hide of a crocodile would make consumption very difficult, given an orca’s conical teeth.

That’s the end of what happens when killer whales encounter saltwater crocodiles.

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