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Lion vs Jaguar

Lion vs Jaguar clash in a battle to the death



Lion vs Jaguar clash in a battle to the death

An apex predator in his habitat, the jaguar with his silence patience, and speed makes his scary face the last image his victims see.

His name comes from the ancient word jaguar which means he who kills with a jump whether inland a tree or water no one is safe from this predator.

And on the other side the king of all animals the lion dominates all of his habitat where he lives.

In the African savannas, his pride gives him unrivaled vitality, and he is at the top of the food chain.

Brave, tough, and skilled. He doesn’t hesitate to hunt animals 10 times larger than himself such as giraffes and even

elephants so in this episode the lion king of the jungle versus jaguar the reaper let’s start with the first category of this match.


The biggest male lion ever recorded weighed 690 pounds.

Male lions are larger than females reaching a weight of up to 170–230 kg (330 to 570 pounds). length over 11 feet, and height up to 3.6 feet at the shoulder, while Female lions weigh (270 to 400 pounds).

The king is one of the largest species in the Felidae family, the jaguar is also a part of the heavyweight category although it appears to be the same size as a dog.

The Male jaguar can reach up to 158 kg (348 lb), their length exceeds two and a half feet, and can be up to five and a half feet not including their impressive tail that can reach up to 2.6 feet.

That is one point for the lion.

Because size plays a big role in strength just like all other parts of the body, the muscles are greater in mass too.

Bite Force

Lion vs Jaguar clash in a battle to the death

in terms of bite force, jaguars are far more powerful than lions.

Their bite force can reach around 1 500 psi enough to break the thick skin of a crocodile the hard shell of a turtle and whatever bone in a lion’s body. 5 Animals that can defeat a jaguar

Despite the bite force being less than that of a jaguar lion has a large mouth that opens 28 centimeters enough to put the head of a jaguar.

The king also has 30 teeth and 4 canines that reach up to 10 centimeters long, bite force is the most important element in the mouth which is the main weapon of a predator.

So while the lion has a bite force of 650 psi, they are three times weaker than the jaguar and so the jaguar can cause terrible pain to the lion whenever he bites him. One point for jaguar.


The lion’s claws can reach up to two inches long and are so sharp that they can easily penetrate the jaguar’s skin.

The jaguar has smaller claws than the lion but its claws are also sharp. One inch and a half long, and retractable

There are other deadly weapons that help them both hunt and climb trees and are also a very important weapon for the two cat species.

Jaguar’s claws are more retractable and lion’s claws are longer so one point for each


Lion vs Jaguar clash in a battle to the death

Considered as the most powerful climber in the big cat’s group, a jaguar can carry prey twice as heavy as its own body weight even while dragging it up a tree.

Lions are born to be strong, their body is 65 muscles that help them carry weight up to 2 300 pounds and that’s six times heavier than their body weight.

They also have great strength in their paws which can exert force up to 400 pounds. If both had the same size then the strength in both would be equal but since the lion is bigger then, of course, he has more strength so one point for the lion


The intelligence of a lion is thought to be equal to that of a dog which makes the lion the brainiest of all cats leaving the jaguar behind too.

Jaguars are so intelligent that a single sign of a whole environment is enough for them to remember the whole path they stepped on a very long time ago.

Since the lion is the only species in the cat group that is social but the jaguar is the only species in the cat group that can’t be tamed then one point goes for the lion.


Lion vs Jaguar clash in a battle to the death

Besides the excellent sense of smell, thanks to the extra organ they have in their mouth. Jaguars have an extra layer

at the bottom of their eyes that reflect light so they can see six times better than humans who have highly developed sight.

Jaguars also have a binocular vision which means they can see the lion from very far even if he’s hiding from him.

In terms of sight, lions see very well, their eyes are specially created for night vision they also have the organ in their mouth to smell just like the jaguar and all other cats.

And in terms of hearing lions can turn their ears from one direction to another which allows them to hear a jaguar from all sides and even from a distance up to one mile.

Because the two possess the same senses and there’s no scientific evidence of which one of them has the more developed senses, then one point four each.


Lion vs Jaguar clash in a battle to the death

In a short burst, the maximum speed the lion can reach is 50 miles per hour he can jump 36 feet so if the jaguar

doesn’t have a tree to climb the lion can catch it without a problem.

A jaguar can also reach up to 50 miles per hour in short bursts and can jump up to 10 feet high from the ground but if

there’s a tree nearby, the jaguar can climb up to 16 feet high while the lion can only look at him from below

while both can keep their top speed only for short bursts, then also for this category one point goes for each. Lion vs Tiger fight to the death


Jaguar Belize Zoo - Free photo on Pixabay

Jaguars live in the jungle where temperatures go as high as 32 degrees Celsius and as low as 10 degrees

celsius but more interestingly is that they can adapt to the high humidity level of the jungle which can be from 77

to 88 percent and also the high level of rainfall, besides adapting to the humidity of the air, the dry climate of the savannah is more suitable for the lion.

The maximum temperature can raise up to 40 degrees Celsius and the minimum can go as low as -16 degrees celsius.

We can say that the lion is one of the animals that can fit best in extreme conditions.

If we switch the habitat of these two with each other’s then we can see that the lion wouldn’t have so much problem with the humidity of the jungle, because the temperatures are more constant than in the savannah.

But for the jaguar, the high dryness of the savannah which may vary to the extreme would definitely appear a problem so one point for the lion.


Jaguar On The Prowl | When this guy started walking around, … | Flickr

It’s the bravery of the lion that makes him hunt almost all animals including extreme animals such as elephants, giraffes, and Cape buffaloes are some of the most dangerous animals in Africa.

Responsible for at least 200 human deaths annually, despite the dangerous menu of the lion, the jaguar’s menu contains more than 85 species including deer, desert bighorn, sheep, and snakes.

But the jaguar is powerful enough to catch monstrous animals that many wild animals and even humans are afraid to approach like cayman and crocodiles.

Lions with a 30 hunting success rate in groups are quite far from jaguars who have a 50 hunting success rate by themselves so for this category one point for the jaguar


The jaguar has excellent swimming skills and can even fight in the water without a problem while most predators target their prey neck the jaguar targets its prey’s skull, crushing it into two pieces.

Jaguaress in the water | This time the female jaguar was qui… | Flickr

They also have the amazing ability to ambush, hunt so they hide in one place and unexpectedly attack their prey.

Jaguars are brave enough to live alone and are very territorial of their area, a unique ability the lion has is roaring to communicate with members of their pride.

But also other pride male lions emit a roar that is so powerful that it can be heard from eight miles away from the lion.

Also has a mane around its neck that protects its throat from attacks, the main skill of a lion is the socialization that he has created forming an unbeatable pride. One point for each

In Conclusion

The Jaguar is a solitary hunter, has the strongest bite force and Apex predator in its habitat. While the lion is bigger, has great strength, a mane, and pride.

So here we have reached the end of this match where we have compared the lion and the jaguar.

There is a big and powerful king called the Lion and the other is a skillful supreme hunter called the Jaguar with a very powerful bite. So with the result of eight to five, the winner is the Lion.

In a scenario where these two predators would fight one on one then undoubtedly, the lion would win.








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Lion vs Jaguar

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