PETA Offers Hershey’s a Sweet Proposition for New Mascot


To mark the 50th anniversary of Hershey’s Chocolate World this year, PETA sent a letter to Hershey Experience Vice President Suzanne Jones offering the company a sweet deal: Add a vegan candy bar mascot to your roster of characters and PETA will cover the cost of the costume or give away 1,000 free samples of vegan Hershey’s chocolate treats to Chocolate World guests.

In March, Hershey’s added two vegan versions of its iconic candy bars—the Reese’s Plant Based Peanut Butter Cups and the Hershey’s Plant Based Oat Chocolate Confection Almond & Sea Salt Candy Bar, which are both made with creamy oat milk instead of cow’s milk.

In the dairy industry, calves are torn away from their mothers so that the milk meant to nourish them can be sold to humans. Cows have been known to search for their missing calves for miles, chase after transport vehicles, and even hide their babies to avoid separation.

calf drinking from mother in green field

Hershey’s vegan lineup aligns with the values of modern chocolate lovers, who increasingly choose vegan options to protect animals, slash their carbon footprint, and improve their health. Gen Z’s dairy consumption is down 20% from previous generations.

Adding a mascot based on an animal-free candy bar would be more inclusive to guests who don’t consume dairy for ethical, environmental, cultural, or religious reasons or because they’re part of the 75% of the world’s population that is lactose intolerant.

How Can You Make the World a Sweeter Place for Animals?

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