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Southwest African Lions – Facts



Southwest African Lions – Facts

I’ll teach you at least two things you didn’t already know.

No 1 Fact about Southwest African Lions

  • There is significant genetic variation within lion subspecies.
  • The largest living subspecies are the Southwest African Lions.
  • Within that subspecies is a famous branch of lions that live in the Okavango Delta in Botswana.
  • These lions have become adapted to living in marshes, and are able to swim:
Southwest African Lions - Facts
  • But what’s more interesting, is that they feed almost entirely on one of the most difficult prey — African Cape Buffalo which are both strong, stubborn, and resilient.
  • Consequently, they are massive, built lions, with thick legs, backs, and necks. They are the largest and strongest lions in the world… American Lion
Southwest African Lions - Facts

No 2 Fact about Southwest African Lions

  • It’s no secret that males hate hyenas.
  • But their aggression isn’t homogeneous; it operates on a continuum.
  • Some males merely chase hyenas off when they come too close.
  • Others take it to an extreme, patrolling area, looking for hyenas to kill, fueling their violent hatred.
  • They also display strategic killing.
  • Videographers documented one alpha lion, Ntwadumela(en-twy-de-maylay), which stands for “He who greets with fire,” carrying out a common tactic by these males: Southwest African Lions – Largest and Strongest Lions in the world.
Southwest African Lions - Facts
  • He would hide near crowds of feeding hyenas, observing to find out who the queen was.
  • Then he would charge in, tackle, maul, and break the alpha’s back, doing as much damage as possible before chasing others to kill. Caspian Tiger
  • This would throw the hyena clan into disarray, further securing his area.
  • Hyenas quickly learn to recognize these males and are terrified of them.
  • Tigers like to swim too.
  • Tigers actually love water and are expert swimmers. Lions are more like house cats in this matter. They don’t like water and they don’t swim. Swimming is limited to this subspecies. Southwest African Lions – Facts
  • Also, lions are, in general, dirty. Tigers are more like house cats in this matter. They keep themselves clean.

Lion Facts

  1. The kings of the jungle are not lions. They are the kings of the savannah’s 
  2. The remaining Asiatic lions, a subspecies of the African lion, that reside in Gujarat’s Gir Forest are the only lions left in the wild.
  3. Lionesses prefer Males with darker manes.
  4. Young guys who have lately been expelled from their pride may form a cohort. Cohorts are usually made up of brothers or cousins, and the relationships between them are strong.
  5. Specific pride specialize in a single kind of animal, such as elephants and giraffes.
  6. Males may belong to multiple prides and move between them.
  7. Lions used to live in considerably more of the world, including Australia and Canada, and in various environments.
  8. Barbary and Cape lions are two extinct subspecies of the lion.
  9. Mountain lions have a closer relationship with domestic cats than African lions.
  10. It was predicted in 2014 that wild African lions would become extinct by 2050. In 26 African countries, lions are extinct. Populations originally topped 200,000, but today only number around 20,000.


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