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The 12 most protective dog breeds – perfect for guard dogs!



The 12 most protective dog breeds - perfect for guard dogs!

There are dog breeds that were born with a natural instinct to protect their family and home from intruders, suspicious people, and animals.

These dogs are commonly known as guard dogs and they’re usually strong courageous alert, and loyal for today’s article, we’ll talk about the 12 most protective dog breeds.

A protective dog won’t only alert you if something suspicious is going on around your house, instead they’re also capable of keeping you safe from danger even if it means risking your life.

This is what differentiates them from watchdogs.

While they’re not vicious in their daily lives, all protective dog breeds need early socialization and proper training so they know how to act accordingly in various situations

In today’s article, we’ll talk about the 12 most protective dog breeds.

(12). Puli

The 12 most protective dog breeds - perfect for guard dogs!

Pulley dogs were originally bred to herd and guard livestock which means that they’re smart and agile dogs who are quick to learn

They have a unique appearance too and may be easily disguised as a mop because they are intelligent and full of energy.

Puli needs extensive physical and mental exercise, they love the outdoors and so it’s important that you engage them in various fun activities.

This will help prevent boredom that can lead to the development of destructive behaviors


The 12 most protective dog breeds - perfect for guard dogs!

Komondor dogs like the Puli were also created to herd sheep and livestock. They are usually calm when there’s nothing suspicious going on but they are vigilant dogs who are always ready to act in case of danger.

They tend to be distrustful of strangers, early socialization and proper training are essential for this breed.

It’s also important that they are introduced first to people at an early stage so that can be accommodative.

(10). Akita

The 12 most protective dog breeds - perfect for guard dogs!

Akita is a strong, protective, loyal, and courageous dog from japan – their country of origin.

These dogs are known as excellent family protectors and they’re also a symbol of happiness, long life, and good health because of their natural guarding instincts, this braid is often wary of strangers and is known to be intolerant of strangers and other animals

In fact, they can be aggressive with other dogs of the same sex, children who play with them should know when and how to properly approach these dogs.

When it comes to their family Akitas are affectionate, loyal, and a little bit silly, although they can be independent

This breed thrives in its human presence and should never be left alone for long periods of time.

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(9). Giant schnauzer

The 12 most protective dog breeds - perfect for guard dogs!

The Giant schnauzer is a smart, strong, and loyal breed they’re also energetic dogs which means that they are best suited for homes with large yards but they can run around and play.

They are patient with children and protective towards their family and their property but they are also fierce enough to ward off intruders.

They are reliable, reserved, and alert dogs.

Giant schnauzers are also used as police dogs it’s not surprising to see them working alongside the police and military.

(8). Rhodesian ridgeback

The 12 most protective dog breeds - perfect for guard dogs!

In history, the Rhodesian ridgeback was used to hunt large animals including lions with their protective instincts and high prey drive.

This breed will make great guard dogs for your home, these dogs are known to be calm, gentle and affectionate intelligent, and energetic the Rhodesian ridgeback will be more than happy when given a job to do

Usually, they enjoy living in a home where there is plenty of space to protect while they are protective they can be trained and socialized so that they can get along with children and other pets.

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(7). Cane Corso

The 12 most protective dog breeds - perfect for guard dogs!

The Cane Corso is a confident, highly trainable, and loyal dog, In fact, their name translates to bodyguard-dog in Latin and it’s not hard to see why

They are eager to please, devoted, and intelligent, the Cane Corso needs an owner who is strong, and firm yet gentle with training.

If they don’t see you as a strong leader, they tend to take the role of the leader of the household which could be a problem especially if they’re not trained enough.

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(6). Boxer

The boxer breed of dogs is known for their good looks, these dogs are also popular for their strong work ethics, intelligence, faithfulness, and protective instincts.

They’re also silly and funny sometimes, which makes them entertaining family companions, and because they have plenty of energy these dogs need extensive physical and mental exercise

They’re playful too and that’s why engaging them in various fun activities will ensure that they stay healthy, happy, and at the same time are always alert and curious.

This breed’s muscular body and wrinkled forehead are enough to deter strangers that may try to enter your home without permission.

(5). Bull Mastiff

Bull Mastiff is Known for their physical strength, muscular build, and protective instincts. The bullmastiff might be intimidating for strangers, however, are extremely loving and docile dogs towards children, elders, and other pets in the house.

As a result of their protective nature, these breeds will not hesitate to jump into action if they or their family are threatened

They are not unduly aggressive but they are strong enough to protect you if needed.

(4). Doberman pinscher

The Doberman pinscher is a versatile guard dog known to defend its family at all costs but they will also be more than happy to join their family on trips or vacations so long as they are properly trained and socialized you won’t have any problem.

It’s important to walk Dobermans in the neighborhood, however, you need to keep them on a leash, just so they won’t run away from you.

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(3) Rottweilers

Unfortunately, Rott has earned a bad reputation for being aggressive, however, they are really courageous, attentive, and strong.

Rotts are not unduly aggressive always keep in mind that the behavior of the dog, regardless of the breed will depend on how he was raised, therefore if Rottweilers are raised properly they should not be aggressive without any reason.

They will only attack if their family is in danger and there’s no option but to take down the threat.

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(2) German Shepherds

The second most protective dog breed on our list is the german shepherd, not only are these dogs known for being hard-working, but they are also loyal and protective towards their family.

They’re also intelligent and would love to please their owners which means that training is a breeze provided that positive reinforcement techniques are used such as food, rewards, praises, and plenty of playtimes.

German shepherds are used for different purposes: protection, search and rescue purposes, and bomb and drug detection.

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(1). Belgian Malinois

Belgian is known for being brilliant, fiercely, loyal and hardworking. The Belgian Malinois is versatile and intelligent.

This breed can be trained in almost anything you want them to do however, they’re mostly used as protection dogs due to their strong protective instincts.

At home, this breed can mingle with other pets as well as with children they’re also good to travel buddies so you won’t have any problem with taking this dog with you on the road so long as they are properly taken care of.

You would not have any problem with having a protective dog in fact they have it all in one package they can be used for personal protection, safeguarding your property, and not to mention they are loving and entertaining too.

Regardless of your choice, give them love, time, and attention and they are sure to give it back a hundredfold.


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