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Watch a video below of Cesar Milan- A dog whisperer and professional dog trainer on the best dog tip for beginners

We’ll be using the Mexican Halti (Leash) as a case study in this post.

The nose, eyes, ears are the most essential parts of a dog.

So the function of the Mexican Halti (Leash) is to help you redirect and give you control of the nose, eyes, and ears of your dog and how to better control them.

We, humans, control how the nose moves, also we control what the eyes see. It’s literally a good training wheel for us to keep the nose and the eyes in one direction.

In today’s posts, we’ll show you how to use the Mexican Halti(leash) to control the Great Dane dog breed. Steps on how to control an aggressive Greyhound Dog

How to use the Mexican Halti(leash) to control your dog

The reason why Cesar Milan loves to teach with the Mexican Halti(leash) is that it helps people who are beginners.

It helps dogs who are learning to be in a follower state of mind and this means they can’t play or explore.

Remember, what controls the dog is the nose, the eyes, and the ears.

So, at the moment, you have the Mexican Halti in place, you’re going to be able to move the nose away from the ground.

You’re going to be able to keep the focus on the eyes and so when you give affection or encouragement with your sound you now tap into what we actually call nose-eyes ears.

This is the way to communicate with your dog, this is also how dogs communicate with each other, this is the way dogs communicate with the environment.

So when you see a dog in any place, in the world. Always Remember; Nose, eyes, ears so the Mexican Halti (leash) is going to help you to redirect and give you control to the nose, eyes, and ears in a way of being okay.

How to communicate with your dog

So this is what you need.

  • Your dog
  • Your environment
  • An environment that feels safe, peaceful, and loved –
  • You need your Energy – You need to come with calm, confidence, and love energy.
  • You need to understand the philosophy – obviously how dogs learn, nose, eyes, ears, and then of course you need your tools. i.e You need your treats and you need your leash(Mexican Halti).

I’m going to call this a moment of empathy, compassion and we must understand that every time we put a foreign object on our dogs they’re supposed to fight-flight

They’re not gonna like it obviously because it’s a foreign object but there is a way your energy, your empathy, and compassion can help and adapt him to this new tool that you just put in order for you to connect, communicate and have a relationship of trust, respect, and love.

Because ultimately the leash is for connection-communication to attain trust, respect, and love. How to choose the perfect dog breed

How to make your dog obey you

The Great Dane dog he’s going to be the model showing you guys where it stands within the body and how he lands right after. And with this example, you can use it on any dog you have.

Your leash has to be ready, nice, and open, your energy should be calm, the food makes the excitement enough, you don’t need to be excited.

You don’t need to be saying things to keep the dog excited, they’re just going to start bouncing, barking, running and it’s going to be hard to put the leash on.

Reward your dog with food

So you have the food presented, Then when he goes through the Mexican Halti (leash), you reward it with food again. That’s his reward and he feels happy.

Then after rewarding your dog, you invite her to walk with you, once it has the Mexican Halti leash on you bring the loop, little loop to see when the nose is in the ground.

Watch when we put the loop on his nose, we control how the nose moves also we control what the eyes see

It’s literally a good training wheel for us to keep the nose and the eyes on the goal.

It’s that positive association for them to know okay if I wear this thing they’re going to give me food.

How to make your dog adapt to the Mexican Halti leash.

So the next step is to move and this is where you’re calm confident love, and joy energy is important.

Once you take two steps then you give food again, the dog is associating and your dog is going to be associating that the reason why you’re putting the Mexican Halti leash on Is to remove the nose away from the ground and to keep eye contact and the direction that you want.

A lot of times people say my dog doesn’t like the Mexican Halti leash.

It’s not that they don’t like it, they’re supposed to express that they’re not familiar with it, and then your job is to make sure that you help them adapt to this tool that will save their life and that will give them the ability to practice, follow play explore or whatever you want to do

And I’m always going to remind the world, a better human, better planet, a better human, better dog, I hope our tips give you a sense of confidence, and sense of understanding, and a sense of guidance

So you can have the most amazing relationship with your dog always remember that your energy speaks to a dog, the way you move, speaks to a dog, and what you put on them.

Also, let them know how much you love them.



Watch the video above – 1000 COCKROACHES vs ANTHILL in epic battle. Guess who won?

This Is Why All Whales Are Afraid of Orca

This Is Why All Whales Are Afraid of Orca

Killer whales(Orcas) are known to torpedo from below at top speeds by ramming the sides of the whales with their heads.

The orcas’ obsession with tongues is well documented; on several occasions, it has been the sole or nearly the only thing they eat from their massive preys.

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Why Do Lions Always Kill Cheetahs?

Why Do Lions Always Kill Cheetahs?

Cheetahs get their prey easily compared to lions. Due to this competition, lions may feel that they do not have enough food due to the presence of cheetahs. The natural habitat of lions is also native to cheetahs. Since they live in close proximity, lions will attack or kill cheetahs in territorial disputes.

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I killed the QUEEN to save the hive.

Our wild swarm hive is out of control. We have to kill the queen bee…!

In the video above – The Bee-keeeper(Man) kills the Queen bee – Bees got pissed off, Bee-keeper got stung multiple times, but luckily, he survived…!

I love how his wife is just standing there while he’s screaming in pain..Lol

It’s quite funny actually…!

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Here's What Happens If You Feed a Camel With a Venomous Snake

Here’s What Happens If You Feed a Camel With a Venomous Snake

Camels are fed with live snakes. Because there is a special kind of disease in their body. Due to which his whole body becomes stiff. To avoid this disease, Utahars(camel owner) feed live snakes to camels.

Although, there is no scientific proof that eating a snake can cure an animal’s disease.

Perhabs this is some type of hocus pocus probably practiced in rural places in the Middle East.!

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Cesar Millan Makes Vicious Rottweiler Face His Pit Bull Junior | Cesar 911

Cesar Millan Makes Vicious Rottweiler Face His Pit Bull Junior | Cesar 911

Shadow is a vicious Rottweiler that has attacked dogs in its own neighborhood. Cesar Millan does the unthinkable by confronting this dog with his pit bull Junior.

6 most painful Insect bites in the world

TOP 6 Most dangerous Insect bites in the wolrd.

We saw him writhing around in pain on a jungle floor after stinging himself with tarantula hawk wasp, but prepare for an even bigger insect bite…!

In his YouTube video, Coyote Peterson said that the Executioner Wasp sting was, by far, “the worst sting [he’s] ever taken.”

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Alligator attacks handler at child’s birthday party in Utah

Alligator Attacks Handler in Front of Children’s Birthday Party

An animal handler who survived a gator attack is speaking out about the harrowing ordeal.

A gator bit down on 31-year-old Lindsay hands during feeding time at a reptile and animal zoo, as children at a birthday party looked on.

Bull jumped into the glass enclosure to get better leverage. Then the gator whipped the trainer underwater in what’s known as a “death roll.” She now reveals why she jumped in purposely, and how her gymnastics experience may have saved her.

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Lion vs Jaguar



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