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Lion vs Tiger

Tiger dethrones Lion and becomes King of the Jungle



Tiger dethrones Lion and becomes King of the Jungle

Lion symbolizes bravery and courage throughout history.

This has been seen in many cultures across the world.

Lions are indeed strong and skilled fighters, 

They inhabit the savannah and woody grasslands. And no, they don’t live in Jungles.

Tigers, on the other hand, live in Jungles, commonly found in Indian Jungles.

Tigers are solitary creatures as well, they prefer to live alone and hunt alone.

Tigers are known to stalk their prey before finally running and catching them. 

They are indeed skilled hunters and Apex predators in their domain.

The Lion likewise is skilled and an Apex predator in its territory, however, the female lions are the ones that go hunting while the male lions stay behind and secure the territory.

In history, Romans have often pitted lions and tigers against each other to know who would emerge as the winner, some theories support the lion, other theories support the tiger.

The truth of the matter is, A matter of who wins depends solely on a number of factors such as age, health, experience in battle, the individual animal, and gene.

Tiger dethrones Lion and becomes King of the Jungle

The tiger is the largest feline species in the world, the Bengal tiger is the most common subspecies of tigers constituting approximately 80% of the entire tiger population.

Weight reaching up to 550 pounds. The Siberian tiger can weigh about 660 pounds and measures up to 10 feet long.

Lions are the second largest in the cat family, male lions are 20 to 35 percent larger than the females and 50% heavier.

Lions are at least 3.5 – 3.9 feet for males, and adult Tigers are 2.3 – 4.0 feet tall at shoulder height, as with lions the male tigers are almost always taller than the females.

Lions have 3.2-inch canines and heavy pressure jaws, a bite force of around 650 psi.

Tigers have a wide mouth that has strong teeth 3.6-inch canines and a bite force of around 1,050 psi. LION VS TIGER – Who is the real king?

Some lions tend to be stronger than tigers and can fight a long time none stop, eventually, the tiger would wear out and collapse.

Tiger dethrones Lion and becomes King of the Jungle

On the other hand, tigers can deliver a deadly blow to the point of almost killing the lion.

In most cases, tigers almost win because they are taller, they have high limbs that enable them to stand taller than a lion and this gives them an edge, enabling them to effectively deliver a death blow to the lion.

Tigers have sharper claws which can cause serious injury to the Lion.

Let’s not forget about the size and weight of the tiger as well, they weigh more than lions and this is greatly effective in a fight.

Tigers have many advantages over a Lion so it’s logical to place tigers above lions in terms of strength and skill in battle. Audience watch As Lion Defeated A Tiger in Arena

Tiger dethrones Lion and becomes King of the Jungle

It is also important to note that Lions spend most of their time sleeping, they can sleep for 16 hours a day and then hunt at night.

But tigers are active and don’t sleep as much.

Perhaps there was a time in history when lions weighed more than tigers and oftentimes won battles, giving them the name King of the jungle, 

It could be that lions once inhabit jungles and were Apex predators.

No one could say for sure.

Tiger vs Lion – who would win?

Tiger dethrones Lion and becomes King of the Jungle

However, based on the current species of lions and tigers we have today, it is safe to say that tigers have indeed dethroned lions of the title king of the jungle.

It is safe to say Lions are kings of the savannah or woodlands.

The mane on a male Lion is majestic and worthy of the name ” king”.

It is indeed a king of its own territory, the savannah region, while the tiger holds that title In the Jungle. Why do tigers have stripes, and lions don’t?

So the fight between an African Lion and a Bengal tiger would depend on a variety of factors but in most cases, tigers would win.

Tiger dethrones Lion and becomes King of the Jungle

If Lions are pitted against the biggest tiger species of all, the Siberian tiger, 

A lion stands no chance at all, it will wear out and give up without much battle because the Siberian tiger is just too big and powerful for any Lion species today.

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