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Top 15 Dogs With Strongest Bite Force



There are some dogs that have a stronger bite force than the numerous dog breeds that exist today.

For today’s post, we’ll talk about the top 15 dogs with the strongest bite force.

Do you know why it’s important to know how strong your dog’s bite can be?

Anyways, knowing your dog’s bite force will allow you to determine how dangerous they can be, what toys are best suited for them and what kind of training you should provide them.

Dog’s bite force is measured in psi or pounds per square inch and this is the unit used to calculate a dog’s bite force.

The pressure can vary per dog, what’s bitten, and their emotions. To give you a better picture; a lion has a bite force of 650 psi.  

So are there dog breeds that have higher psi than lions?

15. American bulldog

Top 15 Dogs With Strongest Bite Force

The American bulldog has a 305 psi of bite force. They are strong and muscular and can be intimidating to strangers, making them great watchdogs.

This breed, on the other hand, has a soft spot for children, and they are bright and eager to please, making training quite easy.

However, this breed does thrive well in their family’s presence, but, if left alone for long periods of time they get bored and engage in destructive activities like chewing, biting, barking excessively, and digging.

14. African Wild Dog

Top 15 Dogs With Strongest Bite Force

The African wild dog is not your normal home pet; it belongs to the unusual category of cape hunting dog, an ultimate hunter. The bite force of this breed is said to be 317 psi.

A hyper carnivorous mammal, 70 percent of these dogs’ diet consists of meat. 

African wild dogs are social animals who live in packs, they are agile and excellent hunters. 

These breeds have powerful jaws that can break even a deer’s bone.

13. Siberian Husky

Top 15 Dogs With Strongest Bite Force

 The Siberian Husky is known for being a vocal dog and has a powerful bite force of 320 psi. 

While they may have a high biting force, this breed is a good-natured companion that is guaranteed to entertain you with its amusing and strange voice.

They adore humans and get along nicely with little children and other household pets.

12. Rottweiler

Top 15 Dogs With Strongest Bite Force

Rottweilers are tough and muscular, they have great instincts and reflexes, which is why they are often used as police dogs.

They aren’t just agile and athletic, they have a powerful bite force of 328psi.

They’ll make excellent guard dogs provided you train them well. A term used to describe them are fearless and alert. 

Proper training is necessary to keep them in good behavior, they have the tendency of becoming aggressive if not properly trained.

If faced with a threatening situation you can rely on this breed when it comes to protecting your family and your property. Top 15 Dogs With Strongest Bite Force


Top 15 Dogs With Strongest Bite Force

A dog of enormous size leone Bergers resembles lions however these dogs are as adorable and gentle as teddy bears. 

You don’t want to mess with these dogs, though, because their biting force is 399 psi.

It’s also crucial to remember that these dogs chew and bark, so you’ll probably want to get them a high-quality toy that will last a long time.

10. Akita Inu

Top 15 Dogs With Strongest Bite Force

The Akita Inu, a dog with a bite force of 400 pounds per square inch, is instinctively suspicious of strangers, yet provides its owners with extraordinary affection and loyalty.

Strangers will be deterred by a dog with a robust physique, but if the intruder persists, they are searching for trouble because this breed will not back down when provoked or threatened.

The good news is that these dogs will not attack or bite until absolutely necessary.

9. Wolf Dog

Top 15 Dogs With Strongest Bite Force

The mating of a wolf and a domestic dog is the result of a wolf-dog. The biting force of a wolf-dog is 406 psi, making it more violent than a conventional dog breed.

However, it is difficult to predict how a wolf-dog will grow up because their temperament varies greatly.

Wolf dogs are prohibited or authorized in several nations because some people believe they are fantastic pets and others say they are ferocious and dangerous.

8. Dogo Argentino

File:Dogo-argentino-06.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

The Dogo Argentino is native to Argentina, has a biting force of 500 psi, and is known for its hunting capacity and ability to protect its owners.

This breed is known for its quick reflexes and sturdy body which is why they are most feared by people who do not know them.

However, with proper training, the Dogo Argentino is a devoted guardian who will keep you safe while you sleep.

Enjoying the article so far?

Which among these dogs do you not expect to be on the list?

let us know in the comments. later on, but for now, we’ll continue getting to know the seven remaining dogs with the strongest bite force 

without further ado let’s continue.

7. Dogo Canario

Dogo Canario Docked Dog Female - Free photo on Pixabay

The Dogo Canario was bred as a military dog and possesses a bite force of 540 psi. They are very aggressive and 

As a result, they are prohibited in various nations, despite their popularity in the Canary Islands, where they were developed.

For those who chose to keep them, Dogo Canario requires a lot of mental and physical stimulation.

For these dogs to avoid becoming violent and overly aggressive, early training and socialization are extremely important.

6. English mastiff

File:Luga English Mastiff.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

The English Mastiff is a large dog, calm and gentle, and caring towards children. 

They tend to be lazy most of the time, and would rather stay with their owners all day than go out for an exercise.

Having a powerful bite force of 552 psi, these dogs need to play with toys. They make excellent family companions but do not get along well with neighboring dogs.

5. Tosa Inu

File:Tosa-Inu aka Japanese Mastiff.JPG - Wikimedia Commons

Honest, loyal and proud. 

The bite force of Tosa Inu is 556 psi, and that is why they are fifth on my list. Unfortunately, because they are stereotyped as ferocious aggressive, and highly dangerous dogs, the Tosa Inu is outlawed in various nations.

4. Dogue de Bordeaux

Free photo Barbara De Bordeaux Animal Dogue De Bordeaux Dog - Max Pixel

Also known as the french mastiff the Dogue de Bordeaux shares the spot with the Tosa Inu, with both dogs having a bite force of 556 psi.  

While this breed has a strong bite force they are quite calm and lazy inside the house. 

They are best suited for laid-back people, this breed is also tolerant of kids so long as they are not hurt or provoked.

 The Dogue de Bordeaux will not bite.

(3) Cane Corso

Cane Corso Dog Animals - Free photo on Pixabay

Down to our third spot is the Cane Corso. With an astounding bite force of 700 psi, despite having a bite force that is much greater than a lion this breed is actually loyal, affectionate, obedient towards its family smart, and highly trainable.

The Cane Corso is an excellent companion for the right family just make sure that they are properly trained and socialized early to reduce their tendency to be overprotective

2. American Bandogs

Bandog Puppy Blue Eyes - Free photo on Pixabay

The American band dog has a bite force of 730 psi. A dog with a bulky appearance is enough for intruders to run away if they see this breed waiting for them. It only takes one glance to know that this is not a breed that should be provoked or messed with.

1. Kangal

Free photo Dog Road Animal Rock Dogs Kangal Landmark Winter - Max Pixel

Earning the first spot on our list and the dog with the strongest bite is the Kangal with an outstanding bite force of 743 psi.

It is essential that this breed has sufficient training and socializing because they might get aggressive toward strangers.

Moreover, Kangals are also known to take down prey with their strong body and powerful jaw not to mention that they’re also quite fast.

It is important to note that even though these dogs need a lot of attention and affection, it also needs proper training and early socialization. This will help them behave well among people and other dogs. 

Any dog can become vicious dangerous and aggressive if they’re not raised well.

And there you have it our list of the top 15 dogs with the strongest bite force.



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