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After his studies and different jobs, Nik embraced his entrepreneurial spirit by starting a small snowboarding company together with a friend. This great experience, and the knowledge he had gained, encouraged him to follow one of his other passions, vegan food.

In 2010, with great enthusiasm, Nik opened VEGO Foodworld, a VEGAN and Organic Fast Food Restaurant in his home town, Berlin. The restaurant became very popular among Berliners and international guests.

Always on the lookout for new vegan recipes and products, Nik determined that the vegan scene was still missing really good vegan chocolate, and therefore set out to change it. Together with chocolatiers from his home away from home, Italy, they developed the VEGO Whole Hazelnut Chocolate Bar, “probably the biggest and tastiest vegan chocolate bar in the world“.

The VEGO bar quickly grew popular in Germany and then, step by step, in other countries, too.

In 2017, with a heavy heart, Nik decided to close the restaurant, so that we could put all of our energy into the development and distribution of our chocolate.

VEGO today is a recognized and trusted worldwide brand with a growing range of products.

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