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Why Gorillas are so strong?



Why Gorillas are so strong?

Gorillas are the largest primate on earth. Mountain gorillas and lowland gorillas are the two types of gorillas, with mountain gorillas being larger and stronger than lowland gorillas.

These primates share 98% DNA with human beings and that’s why they have most things closely related to those of humans. Gorillas are large primates but also very strong as well.

Mountain gorillas live on slopes of highlands and they are today only found in Uganda, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Because of their fascinating and peaceful nature, they are one of the most appealing creatures on the planet today.

Gorillas are also among the top ten most powerful primates on earth, with strength that no other primates can match.

How strong is a gorilla compared to a human?

Why Gorillas are so strong?

When comparing the strength of a silverback gorilla to that of a person, gorillas are four times or stronger.

Due to their strength and size, they are incredibly destructive and fearless when fighting.

A silverback gorilla has the ability to lift twice the weight of a robust person.

A common question that runs in many people’s brains is what if a strong man got into a fight with a gorilla? Who would win the fight?

The average weight of a gorilla is 315 Ibs (143kg) but can weigh up to 661 Ibs (300 kg).

The average weight of a human being is 176 Ibs (80kg) and among the strongest human beings is the wrestler Kane who weighs about 324 Ibs (147kg).

Gorillas also have thicker skins and skulls compared to human beings which means that humans would require to use a lot of energy to cause damage to these primates.

Because their arms are stronger and longer than human arms, consider a blow from a thicker body to a softer one. If gorillas engage in biting in a fight, there is no way a human would exchange this bite because gorillas have mouths that are much larger and have much

Jaws with greater strength and sharp teeth that can readily penetrate fragile human tissue

Finally, gorillas are wild animals, and their untamed nature would not allow them to fight you as humans do.

They fight irrationally, which can lead to potentially deadly combat. This is seen even from their own fights between silverback or any other gorillas.

Mountain gorillas have one of the best strength-to-weight ratios of any mammal on the planet.

Gorillas can easily tear down a banana tree with their bare hands because of their power. Some have even managed to break free from cages by bending the iron bars.

What is the bite strength of a gorilla?

Why Gorillas are so strong?

You won’t be sticking around for another bite from this shy beast after one bite.

Species like lions, crocodiles, and sharks are among the animals we fear the most when we envision being bitten.

Gorillas are the type of beasts with massively huge mouths and razor-sharp teeth.

Boasting an ability to bite 1300 psi, the mountain gorilla has a weapon that it can keep in reserve for emergencies.

Let’s compare… Lions can only produce 650 psi, whereas the bull shark can bite down at 1350 psi.

While you may think of gorillas’ strength in terms of how much they can lift or move, these rainforest giants also boast one of the world’s most powerful bites in the animal kingdom.

Why are Gorillas so strong?

Why Gorillas are so strong?

The gorilla’s incredible power can be attributed to a variety of things, including its size and diet. Also, the physical structure of gorillas is distinct and strong.

The arm of a gorilla is extremely muscular and significantly longer than its leg. Gorillas are known to move on all fours, climb trees, and hang from the branches, their arms get a lot of exercise this way on a daily basis.

Even at their heaviest, these massive apes are capable of climbing and swinging, demonstrating their tremendous arm power.


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Diet is the driving factor behind a level of health, fitness, and physical conditioning in most animals and plants.

The mountain gorilla is an omnivore, surviving on a varied yet sustainable diet of plants, vegetables, fruits, and occasionally small insects.

The gorilla’s need for non-meal sustenance helps it to find its favorite food sources all across its living habitat.

The need for up to 40 Ibs + (20kg) of food per day requires the constant gathering and consumption of roots, fruits, branches, and other plant life.

Because gorillas have a larger digestive tract than humans, they are able to take more nutrients from vegetation.

Mountain gorillas have a high capacity for carbon absorption. All mammals are carbon-based creatures, hence carbon is the most basic building block for life.

Obviously, gorillas get extraordinarily robust as a result of their massive carbon consumption.

Such an organic, highly nutritive intake of low-fat, high-energy ammunition is the oil to the enormous gorilla engine.

Gorilla’s Strength

Free photo Primate Animal Dominant Ape Zoo Monkey Gorilla - Max Pixel

Yes, the gorilla is big, powerful, and capable of wreaking havoc on those who deserve it the most. Gorillas, on the other hand, are peaceful and often shy creatures.

They would rather spend a peaceful afternoon lying on a large tree branch.

Mountain gorillas are not the ones who initiate fights. In fact, they do everything they can to stay away from them.

However, if they feel threatened in any way, they have the strength and muscle to mercilessly put an end to any confrontation.

There are also a few cases, at a zoo, a Gorilla got bored one day and started pulling down steel beams from the ceiling.

At the zoo in Omaha, another gorilla began to hit the protective glass, eventually managing to crack it.

We must keep in mind that it was laminated glass which consists of two or more sheets of glass sandwiched together with a PVB (polyvinyl butyral) interlayer.

This interlayer holds the glass sheets together if they should break.

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