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Wild and Domestic is a website focused on wildlife, and domestic animals

It is also a publishing site in Nigeria, West Africa, but it has readers from all over the world, which qualifies us as a standard blog whose goal is to provide new updates regarding wildlife and domestic animals from around the world.

This website was created because we didn’t want Nigerians and others in adjacent countries to miss out on all things Wildlife and Domestic

Wild and Domestic is primarily about Animals, and it is written by a passionate young Nigerian.


Wild and Domestic’s mission is to deliver high quality and most recent contents regarding wildlife and domestic animals to the general public

Our comment boxes are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for anyone to voice their ideas because we feel that every Individual supporters deserves to have his or her opinion heard.


  • We seek to provide the latest release on Wildlife
  • We seek to be a reliable source for where to acquire informations.
  • We seek to be more articulate in delivering our content.
  • We seek to ensure you enjoy your stay with Wild and Domestic.


The vision of the Wild and Domestic is to be acknowledged and valued in Nigeria and around the world.

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