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Hyena vs Big Cats – Which is Stronger



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Hyena vs Big Cats – Which is Stronger

Hyenas are feliform carnivoran mammals of the family Hyaenidae. Hyenas are related to cats. Despite their canid-like appearance, hyenas aren’t even closely related to canids like wolves or African wild dogs, because they belong to the Feliformia suborder, so they’re more related to cats and viverrids. Mongooses can be considered their closest relatives.

The four extant species are the

  1. Striped Hyena (Hyaena hyaena)
  2. The brown hyena (Parahyaena brunnea)
  3. The spotted hyena (Crocuta crocuta) And
  4. The aardwolf (Proteles cristata).

Facts About Hyenas

Hyena vs Big Cats - Which is Stronger
  • Hyenae are among the few predators that will not hesitate to boldly outmaneuver big cats, even the most fearsome like Lions.
  • Leopards and cheetahs have no choice but to lose their kill to Lions. but the hyena is an exception since it’s braver than most.
  • Hyena’s move in clans and as such would never bow to the King of the beast (Lion).  when working as a team, spotted hyenas easily win in fights against lions.
  • Their awesomeness lies also in their strength, exceptional jaws, and hunting skills. Let’s not forget: hyenas have evolved to possess bone-crushing jaws
  • They also have one of the strongest bite forces among carnivorous…
  • They possess qualities that allow them to break the toughest of bones or hides with ease (not a common gift given to carnivores).
  • Hyenas eat their victims alive, tearing both flesh and bones to pieces with their scary strong jaws…
  • Spotted hyenas are very efficient when eating their prey, as they are the only carnivores on the African plains that can consume and digest bones…
  • Hyenas are one of the most successful hunters: They prefer to disembowel their victim while it’s still alive and watch it become too paralyzed to protect itself, Indeed, this is far more terrifying…Hyenas truly have a lust for blood!
  • When hunting, spotted hyenas will use a mix of speed and stamina to bring down their prey, they can take down preys which are 5 times their own size. Working as a group, they will bite the rear of their target, gradually wearing it down until it’s ripe for eating.
  • Hyenas are one of the smartest animals on earth: Some hyenas have even learned that going for the testes on male animals makes them easier to take down.
  • Hyenas are led by an alpha female: In hyena societies, the ladies rule, female hyenas are bigger and stronger than males towering over them in terms of size, power, and rank.
  • Females are bigger than males: Female spotted hyenas are larger, meaner, and way more dominant than males. It is actually impossible for an adult male hyena to rank higher than a female in the clan!
  • Female hyenas give birth through a pseudo-penis: One strange thing to note about female spotted hyenas is their pseudo-penis. This is actually an elongated clitoris and is used for urination and birth.
  • Male hyenas are considered the lowest form of life in the pack:Male hyenas are the lowest ranking clan members and are forced to leave once they reach sexual maturity.
  • To gain membership into a new clan takes a lot of work, and young males are often beaten up by dominant females before gaining access.
  • Once a male gains membership in a clan, he is automatically the lowest ranking hyena. When other males above him die, he will move up the social ladder, but sadly he will never be able to rise above females and cubs in rank.

Hyena vs Lion Real Fight

Hyena vs Big Cats - Which is Stronger
  • Spotted hyena laughter often signals that the clan has found food. These calls often attract hungry lions looking to scavenge.
  • Hyenas usually gang up on the weak lioness they hardly pick a fight with a male lion.
  • A loud roar does the trick especially if the Lion is not in the mood of ‘chase and bite game’ with the hyenas.
  • However, when the lion is pissed off enough they simply attack one with a deadly bite on the neck. The rest will get the message and move on with their laughs.

I’ve seen a single lion take on 21 hyenas and none of them stood on the way after he killed just one.

The sheer weight/size and strength of a male lion is no match for the hyena. An adult male lion weighs 190 kg while the weight of an adult female hyena is 44 – 64 kg.

Hyena vs Tiger Real Fight

Siberian Tiger VS Spotted Hyena-Who Will Win | Facts And Information About  Tiger, Hyena In Hindi - YouTube

Tigers on the other hand are much bigger and smarter than lions. They are quite skillful killers and their roar can literally freeze (paralyze isn’t the best word to use) the unsuspecting victim. They are also vengeful, but that’s not the scary part.

The scary part is that they study their enemy thoroughly by identifying its weaknesses and anything that the tiger can use against them, Now that’s the role of the tiger’s intelligence.

The hyenas might scare the tiger when they come in numbers but boy! The tiger won’t just move on…Audience watch As Lion Defeated A Tiger in Arena

He will probably study these ugly laughing bullies and follow them to their den and from there every night one or two hyenas die! Until the Queen decides it’s better to find another territory. There’s nothing as scary as a fearless soldier but nothing scarier than a smart, skillful, fearless, and vengeful soldier now that’s a tiger for you

The male adult Bengal tiger is 220 kg, the adult female hyena is 44 – 64 kg.

In the coexistence of both species(Lion and Tiger), Hyenas are the ones who would suffer most.

Hyena vs Jaguar Real Fight

  • Hyenas have exceptionally powerful jaws, whose bite force is measured at 1,100 pounds per square inch (psi).
  • An adult female hyena weighs 44 – 64 kg.
  • An adult male Jaguar weighs 57-113 kg.
  • Hyenas can take down big games in groups/clans
  • Jaguar can single-handedly take down big games like Caimans /crocodiles
  • Hyena aim for the testes of it’s victims
  • Jaguar kills by biting its victim’s skull
  • Jaguars have the strongest jaw muscles of all of the big cats. Their bite force is around 1,500 pounds per square inch, which is about double that of a tiger.
  • Unlike all other cats, which mostly go for the throat to dispatch their prey, the jaguar kills by biting its victim’s skull….Jaguar vs Other Big Cats


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