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Puppy training -6 Easy ways to stop your puppy from biting



6 Easy ways to stop your puppy from biting

Biting is part of a puppy’s normal behavior, however, it’s important that your dog understands that teeth on your skin are not allowed. You should react consistently to your puppy bites. Whenever your puppy bites you, react by saying “No”.


“No” in a very firm voice and also squeal and immediately stop playing with your puppy, then just walk away and ignore him. Let the fun game stop.

(2) Social Isolation

Social isolation is a great form of punishment for dogs to never play rough.

“Never play roughly with your puppy” rough play encourages biting. Never let your puppy chew on your hands or use your hands as toys.

(3) Taste deterrent

You can spray a taste deterrent on your skin and clothes before you start playing with your dog, when your dog starts biting you, stop moving and wait until your puppy reacts to the taste deterrent. 15 Ways to Understand Your Dog- (Awkward Dog Behaviors)

When it stops biting, praise him and continue playing.

Bitter apple or white vinegar are some examples of taste deterrents, make sure to use products that are safe for animals.

(4) Chew Toys

Use non-contact forms of play like fetch and tug of war. Always keep some toys in your pocket or somewhere readily accessible

If your puppy starts biting you, immediately redirect it to the tug toy in your pocket.

(5) Socialization

Take your dog to a puppy kindergarten or socialization class on a regular basis, not only will your dog get the proper socialization but he’ll learn lots of good manners in the process.

They will learn from the other puppies that playing ruff is not accepted and rough playing puts a quick stop to the playtime. THE BEST DOG TIP FOR BEGINNERS (Cesar Millan Dog Tips)

(6) Water Spray

In severe cases where biting is exceptionally strong, you can use a water spray use a squirt of water in your puppy’s face with a firm “No”.

Make sure to set the nozzle to spray and not jet to avoid harming the puppy, it’s important that you never threaten your puppy with a squirt bottle.

You don’t want to create a fearful situation with your squirt bottle in your hand.

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