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TOP 10 Aggressive Dog Breeds that can kill humans



TOP 10 Aggressive Dog Breeds that can kill humans

Despite the reality that any dog can be dangerous, several dog breeds are repeatedly stereotyped as unsafe, aggressive, and deadly.

To try and reduce the number of deadly dogs, there are breed-specific rules that still exist around the world.

(10) American Bulldog

TOP 10 Aggressive Dog Breeds that can kill humans

Despite being recognized for their pleasant and finest attitude, American bulldogs are heavy strong dogs. This leaner, longer overdue variation of the ancient English bulldog became expensive for his capability to guard farms and hunt small animals.

The American bulldog has strong protective instincts and is willing to put his life on the line for his family.

As a result, early socialization is essential to guarantee that he can discriminate between pleasant faces and those that are genuine threats.

(9) Bandogge

TOP 10 Aggressive Dog Breeds that can kill humans

The term Bandogge has been in use since the Middle Ages to describe a large canine that was allowed off its leash at night to protect its property. The modern Bandogge isn’t purebred, and other mixes have been used to create it, including American pit bull terriers and various mastiffs.

The goal is to breed a dog the size of a mastiff and the drive of a pit bull terrier. Well-behaved puppies are usually barred anywhere there are breed-specific laws.

(8) Neapolitan Mastiff

TOP 10 Aggressive Dog Breeds that can kill humans

The Neapolitan mastiff was historically used as a gladiator dog in the Roman Colosseum; they are huge dogs that can weigh up to 200 kilograms.

Despite the fact that many people no longer equate Neapolitan mastiffs with vicious dogs, they are illegal to own in Singapore.

To possess one in Romania, one must pass a mental examination, however, the large dog can be dangerous when fully grown and should not be around children.

(7) Wolf dog

TOP 10 Aggressive Dog Breeds that can kill humans

Breeding wolf pups is still a contentious topic among dog owners.

Due to their genetic composition, part wolf and part dog, these breeds present their unique set of challenges to owners.

The wolf-dog is exceedingly unpredictable, behaving like a wolf in some situations and behaving like a dog in others.

If you are not organized to typically tend to their wishes, wolf dogs can be difficult to control and oftentimes aggressive.

(6) Boerboel

TOP 10 Aggressive Dog Breeds that can kill humans

Boerboel is a South African breed that closely resembles a more athletic bull mastiff. The name approximately translates to “farm dog” in Dutch.

It was a time when they were the first line of defense against predators such as hyenas, lions, and other large cats. The Boerboel is a domineering but astute breed with a keen watchdog instinct. If not properly schooled, these dogs may become a real issue.

(5) Dogo Argentino

Dogo Argentino Dog - Free photo on Pixabay

Dogo Argentino was first bred in Argentina in 1928, the dog was taken from the now extinct Cordoba fighting dog which was mixed with various other breeds including the Great Dane Dogue de Bordeaux and Irish Wolfhound as a big-game hunters they were known to take down every dangerous prey as the mountain lion.

Although it was not its original purpose, the dog has also been used for fighting and it has been banned in at least 10 countries.

(4) Presa Canario

Dogo Canario Docked Dog Female - Free photo on Pixabay

Hailing from the Canary Islands in Spain the Presa Canario is a huge fighting dog that generally weighs over 100 pounds.

Back in 2001, a notable case of a pair of Presa Canario named Bane and Hera mauled and killed a 33-year-old lacrosse coach in a hallway apartment building.

Naturally, since these dogs were bred for working with livestock, they tend to have an aggressive disposition.

(3) Fila Brasileiro

File:Fila brasileiro glowa k9.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Fila Brasileiro is extremely intelligent and athletic but terribly aggressive and strong.

It is highly prized for its aggressiveness, this personality trait is called odor ISA which translates from Portuguese to distrust.

The fila despise strangers to the point where judges advised not to touch them, and they were customary laws set in place to allow some degree of aggression else they’ll be banned.

(2) Tosa Inu

File:Tosa Inu.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Tosa Inu happen to be massive dogs with certain variations that have a weight anywhere between 130 pounds and 200 pounds

The Tosa displays an uncommon stoicism as they are expected to fight silently without growling or whimper, they’re bred to be fighting dogs right from the start and they are legally prohibited in several countries like Denmark, Malta, and Norway where they are regarded as dangerous.

(1) American PitBull Terrier

According to reports, multiple studies have shown evidence that Pitbulls are involved in many human assaults. One study found that Pitbulls are responsible for 42 to 45 percent of dog assaults, with children accounting for 70 percent of the victims.

Pitbulls are regarded as the most dangerous dogs, as well as the most misunderstood puppies.

Whether they are considered sweet-natured pets or terrible monsters, several governments have made it illegal to own them in certain countries.




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