1-Year-Old Chihuahua Dumped At Shelter, Cried Herself To Sleep In A Pink Sweater

A one-year-old Chihuahua living at an animal shelter cries herself to sleep every night. With no discernable reason for abandonment, she’s not adjusting well to the environment.


Image Credit Source: Facebook Watch Video Story

The Carson Animal Shelter workers knew the dog felt hopeless and full of despair. They placed a pink sweater on the dog, but she continued to be fearful and shake. Feeling completely hopeless, they placed her in front of a mirror–for some reason, she was drawn to it. From within the mirror came calmness; she felt embraced by this new source of warmth and love…

A shelter volunteer says that the dog’s little chest compresses up and down ⬈and she sobs quietly each night before bed


Image Credit Source: Facebook Watch Video Story

The Chihuahua barks softly because the sound might disturb the other animals. Amidst the noise, chaos, and fear, this little dog deserves a life of love. We have no idea why she was given up, but there must be somebody out there who would love her.

Watch this heartwarming video below. Be sure to pass this story on to a friend or family member!

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