11 Best Dog Cooling Products


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Finding out how to cool down a dog is something pet parents should research before their dog is overheating. If your dog is showing signs of discomfort during hot weather, it can be easy to panic, so knowing what to do in advance can help you more effectively protect your pup. Also, using dog cooling products to prevent overheating from happening is a great idea.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to cool a dog down along with some excellent cooling products for dogs. That way, you can ensure your dog stays safe when it’s hot out.

Panting dog with water bowl

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How to Cool Down a Dog

If your dog is showing signs of overheating or discomfort in hot weather, it’s crucial to take immediate steps to help them cool down. Here’s what you should do:

  1. Move to a Cooler Location: Immediately bring your dog indoors or to a shaded area to protect them from direct sunlight.
  2. Provide Fresh Water: Ensure your dog has access to fresh, cool water. Don’t force them to drink, but make sure water is readily available.
  3. Use Cool (Not Cold) Water: Gently wet your dog’s body with cool water using a hose, damp cloth, or sponge. Avoid using ice-cold water as it can constrict the blood vessels and impede cooling. Focus on cooling the paws, belly, and armpits.
  4. Use Fans: If available, use fans to help circulate air around your dog to speed up the cooling process.
  5. Limit Activity: Encourage your dog to lie down and rest. Overexcitement or continued activity can further raise their body temperature.
  6. Check Their Temperature: If you’re concerned, use a rectal thermometer to check your dog’s temperature. A dog’s normal temperature is between 101°F (38°C) and 102.5°F (39°C). If it’s above 104°F (40°C), it’s a sign of potential heatstroke, and immediate veterinary attention is needed.
  7. Seek Veterinary Care: If your dog isn’t cooling down quickly, shows signs of heatstroke, or you’re unsure about their condition, it’s always best to consult with a veterinarian.

Remember, prevention is the best approach. Avoid exposing your dog to high temperatures, especially during peak sunlight hours, and always ensure they have access to shade and water. Using dog cooling products can help prevent your dog from overheating on hot summer days.

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Buyer’s Guide: Dog Cooling Products

If you’re looking for a dog cooling product, consider the following factors.

Type of Product

There’s a wide variety of cooling products, including pads, vests, bandanas, pools, fans, and treats. Choose the one that you think your dog will tolerate (or even enjoy) while also considering when you’ll use it. For example, if you plan to use it both inside and outside, it should be a portable product.


Whichever type of product you choose, it should be able to withstand potential chewing and scratching from your dog. It should also be easy to clean after you’re done using it.

Duration of Cooling

Think about how long the product will stay cool at a time. Will that duration be long enough for what you’re planning to use it for? Then, consider how long it will take for the product to become cool again.


Finally, size may be important for some products. For example, if you choose a cooling vest, you’ll want a size that fits your dog comfortably. If it’s a cooling bed, you’ll want your dog to be able to stretch out on it. Luckily, many dog cooling products come in several sizes or styles.

French Bulldog wearing cooling vest

Best Dog Cooling Products

FunnyFuzzy Ice Cream Shape Cooling Pet Mat
  • Uses ice silk cotton fabric to reduce your dog’s temperature
  • PP cotton pillow provides neck support
  • Surface is waterproof and anti-scratch
  • Cover is removable and washable
  • Comes in three sizes and five color patterns

What could possibly be a better cooling mat design than an ice cream cone? The FunnyFuzzy Pet Cooling Mat comes in five designs, three of which resemble a delicious frozen treat. These mats use ice silk cotton fabric to reduce your dog’s skin temperature by being cool without feeling too icy. One side of the mat has a raised edge made of PP cotton that acts as a pillow for neck support. The cover is scratch-resistant, waterproof, and removable, making it easy to clean and maintain. To ensure that this mat is fully effective for your dog, you can choose between three different sizes.

The Green Pet Shop Cool Pet Pad
  • Pressure-activated cooling mat
  • Doesn’t need electricity, water, or refrigeration
  • Recharges after 15 to 20 minutes of non-use
  • Comes in five sizes

The Green Pet Shop Cool Pet Pad is a convenient way to cool off your dog. It uses pressure-activated, non-toxic cooling gel, meaning it starts cooling as soon as your pet lies down on it. There’s no need for electricity, water, or refrigeration. The pad is versatile, portable, and can be used in pet beds, crates, or directly on the floor. It can last for several hours, and then it recharges after 15 to 20 minutes of non-use. To clean it up, you can simply wipe it with a damp cloth. This cooling mat comes in five sizes to cater to dogs of all breeds.

Canada Pooch Wet Reveal Cooling Dog Bandana
  • Bandana has a cooling effect when wet
  • Fabric reveals a cute pattern when wet
  • As the moisture evaporates, it cools your dog
  • Comes in three sizes

The Canada Pooch Wet Reveal Cooling Dog Bandana is a stylish and functional accessory designed to keep dogs cool during the warmer months. Crafted with a unique fabric that reveals a pattern when wet, this bandana is an effective cooling tool while also being adorable. Pet parents simply need to wet the bandana, wring it out, and then tie it around their dog’s neck. As the moisture evaporates, it creates a cooling effect, helping to reduce the dog’s body temperature. It comes in three sizes so you can choose one that fits your dog comfortably.

GF Pet Elastofit Ice Dog Vest
  • Elastofit vest ensures a snug fit on your dog
  • Cools your dog off when wet
  • Anti-microbial material also protects from harmful UV rays
  • Comes in eight sizes

The GF Pet Elastofit Ice Dog Vest utilizes ice-cooling technology, which involves wetting the vest, wringing it out, and putting it on your dog. Made with Elastofit technology, it ensures a snug fit, adapting to various dog body shapes and sizes, guaranteeing maximum cooling coverage. Plus, it comes in eight sizes so dogs of every breed can enjoy its cooling properties. In addition to cooling down your pup, it protects your dog from harmful UV rays while also using antimicrobial technology.

K&H Pet Products Coolin' Pet Cot Elevated Bed
  • Elevated bed offers better air circulation
  • Cooling center enhances cooling features
  • Supports up to 200 pounds
  • Non-skid feet
  • Comes in two sizes

The K&H Pet Products Coolin’ Pet Cot Elevated Bed is a great resting spot for both indoors and outdoors. Elevated beds offer better air circulation around the dog’s body to help cool them down. This bed also features a cooling center that effectively absorbs and dissipates heat, ensuring a cooler surface for pets to relax on. It’s easy to assemble, and its sturdy steel frame can support up to 200 pounds. Plus, its non-skid feet help keep it in place on smooth surfaces. This unique bed comes in either medium or large, so you can choose the size that suits your pup best.

KOPEKS Outdoor Portable Dog Swimming Pool
  • Large pool requires no inflation
  • Folds up for easy transport and storage
  • Made of industrial-strength PVC
  • Slip-resistant bottom

The KOPEKS Outdoor Portable Dog Swimming Pool is the perfect place for water-loving dogs to cool off on a hot summer day. Designed with durability in mind, this pool is crafted from high-quality, industrial-strength PVC material, ensuring it can withstand the playful antics of energetic canines. One of its standout features is the simplicity of its setup and storage; it requires no inflation and easily folds, making it perfect for pet parents on the go or those with limited storage space. Its spacious design ensures dogs of all sizes can take a comfortable dip, while the slip-resistant bottom adds an extra layer of safety.

Arf Pets Self-Cooling Solid Gel Dog Mat
  • Pressure-activated cooling gel mat
  • Absorbs and dissipates body heat
  • Doesn’t use electricity, water, or refrigeration
  • Made with scratch-resistant nylon
  • Comes in three sizes

The Arf Pets Self-Cooling Solid Gel Dog Mat is another one of the best dog cooling mats on the market. Utilizing a specialized solid gel interior, the mat effectively absorbs and dissipates body heat, offering a consistent cooling effect without the need for electricity, water, or refrigeration. Its durable nylon construction ensures it can resist punctures and scratches, making it suitable for even the most playful pets. Additionally, the mat’s portability and flexibility mean it can be conveniently rolled up for travel or storage. Plus, it comes in three sizes so all breeds can use it.

Pooch Creamery Ice Cream Mix Dog Treat
  • Dog-friendly ice cream mix
  • Mix, freeze, and serve
  • Free from lactose and harmful additives
  • Comes in six flavors

Pooch Creamery Ice Cream Mix presents a delightful way for pet parents to indulge their canine companions with a cool treat, especially during warm days. Made with wholesome, dog-friendly ingredients, this mix ensures that dogs get a tasty, yet safe, ice cream alternative free from lactose and other potentially harmful additives. Preparing the treat is a breeze; simply add water to the mix, freeze it, and serve a creamy, frozen delight that your pet will undoubtedly love. Not only does it offer a fun and flavorful snack, but it also ensures that your dog’s treat time aligns with dietary safety. This ice cream mix comes in six tasty flavors.

Pro Select Store Cool Pup Crate Fan
  • Fan attaches to your dog’s crate
  • Compact design doesn’t take up much space
  • Operates quietly
  • Battery-powered

The Pro Select Store Cool Pup Crate Fan offers a smart solution for ensuring your dog’s comfort, particularly during hotter periods. Designed specifically for use in pet crates, this fan helps increase air circulation, reducing the risk of heat-related discomfort or complications for animals in confined spaces. Its compact design ensures that while it’s effective, it doesn’t compromise the available space within the crate. The fan operates quietly, ensuring that it doesn’t add unnecessary noise or stress to your pet’s environment. This special fan is a great product for pet parents who often travel with their furry friends or those seeking to enhance the conditions of a crated pet during warm days.

Pet Fit for Life Cooling & Heating Pad
  • Doubles as a cooling and heating pad
  • Keep in freezer to use it for cooling
  • Made of durable, safe materials
  • Fleece cover is machine-washable

The Pet Fit for Life Cooling & Heating Pad is a versatile accessory designed to offer year-round comfort to our beloved pets. During scorching summer days, the pad can be placed in the freezer to provide a cool surface that helps regulate a pet’s body temperature, offering relief from the oppressive heat. Conversely, in colder months, the pad can be microwaved to give a warm, cozy spot perfect for snuggling. Made with durable and safe materials, it ensures that frequent temperature changes won’t compromise its integrity. The fleece cover is machine-washable for easy cleaning.

Ruffwear Swamp Cooler Evaporative Dog Cooling Vest
  • Durable nylon vests
  • Cools off your dog when wet
  • Reflects solar radiation
  • Comes in six sizes

The Ruffwear Swamp Cooler Evaporative Dog Cooling Vest is meticulously designed for active dogs, ensuring they remain cool even in the most sweltering conditions. Harnessing the power of evaporative cooling, the vest works by being soaked in water, wrung out, and then placed on the dog. As the water evaporates, it effectively pulls away the body heat, cooling the dog in the process. In addition to this, the vest’s light color reflects solar radiation, adding another layer of protection against overheating. It comes in six sizes so your dog can stay cool outside no matter their weight.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Some Symptoms of Heatstroke in Dogs?

Heatstroke in dogs can manifest as excessive panting, increased salivation followed by dry gums as heatstroke progresses, and a rapid heart rate. More severe symptoms can include lethargy, weakness, confusion, vomiting, diarrhea, and even collapse or seizures. Immediate veterinary attention is crucial if heatstroke is suspected.

Can I Shave My Dog’s Fur to Keep Them Cool?

Shaving a dog’s fur might seem like a good way to keep them cool, but it can remove their natural protection from the sun, potentially leading to sunburn. For many breeds, their coat provides insulation from both cold and heat. If considering a trim, it’s best to consult with a veterinarian or professional groomer to determine an appropriate length.

Can Dogs Get Sunburned?

Yes, dogs can get sunburned, especially those with short, thin, or light-colored fur. Areas with little to no fur, such as the nose, ears, and belly, are particularly susceptible. To protect your dog, consider using pet-safe sunscreen or protective clothing, and provide shade during peak sunlight hours.

What Time of Day is Best for Walking a Dog in the Summer?

During the summer, it’s best to walk your dog in the early morning or late evening when temperatures are cooler. Midday walks, especially during peak sunlight hours, can expose your dog to intense heat and potentially harm their sensitive paw pads on hot pavement.

How Do Dog Cooling Mats Work?

Dog cooling mats typically contain a pressure-activated, non-toxic cooling gel. When a dog lies on the mat, the gel absorbs and dissipates the dog’s body heat, providing a cooling sensation. Most mats require no electricity, refrigeration, or water to activate their cooling properties.

Is it Okay to Leave My Dog in the Car if I’m Running a Quick Errand?

No, it’s never safe to leave a dog in a parked car, even for a short time. The temperature inside a car can rise rapidly, even with windows cracked open, potentially leading to fatal heatstroke in mere minutes. Always prioritize your dog’s safety by leaving them at home or ensuring they can accompany you outside the vehicle.

Dog swimming

Final Thoughts

Dogs love to play, no matter what the temperature is, so it’s important that we keep them safe. The best way to cool down a dog and prevent heatstroke is to provide cooling products and clean water whenever they’re out in the sun. With precautions in place, your dog will be able to have fun while still being comfortable, regardless of the temperature.

iHeartDogs is reader-supported. When you buy via links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you.


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