4 Ways Crows Have Displayed Their Intelligence: From Solving Puzzles to Using Tools

You might have heard the term “bird brain”, but this slight doesn’t apply to crows (or any birds for that matter). Crows stand out as remarkable problem solvers and tool users. These feathered geniuses have captivated researchers and bird enthusiasts with their astonishing cognitive abilities – so we are sharing some of our favorites with you!

1. Food Puzzle

Source: rationalstabs/Youtube

This amazing crow, nicknamed 007, solves an eight-step puzzle to get food. While food is a great motivation, this video truly shows the intelligence of these creatures!

2. Tool Use Experiment

Source: NAMExTAKEN/Youtube

This researcher put together a tool-based puzzle to see if a crow would be able to figure it all out. To everyone’s surprise, the crow easily figured it out!

3. Tool Making!

Source: Nat Geo WILD/Youtube

This video reveals that crows have moved beyond just doing puzzles and using tools — they have learned to craft their own tools!

4. The NYT Does Their Own Experiment

Source: The New York Times/Youtube

Scientists are still attempting to understand the limits of crow intelligence. The New York Times set up a series of experiments to push their smarts to the limits. For example, this crow dropped stones into the water to raise the level and get a piece of floating food.

The intelligence of crows goes beyond flight and song like other birds. These birds possess unique cognitive abilities!

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This article by Trinity Sparke was first published by One Green Planet on 17 December 2023. Image Credit :munichawla/Shutterstock.

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