Adopted And Returned Multiple Times, Dog Wonders If His Day Has Come

Captain, a misunderstood dog at 115 pounds, found his way to a rescue shelter a year ago. The staff believed that a special person needed to embrace the love he had to offer. Despite the hope of adoption, Captain was returned multiple times. Potential adopters who showed interest in Captain changed their minds after meeting him. Catherine with Woods Humane Society continued to search for Captain’s perfect home, knowing that the dog deserved his happily ever after. She believed because Captain is a Great Pyrenees, he likely spent a lot of time outdoors and struggled to be an indoor pet. This may be why adopters returned him instead of working to make Captain more comfortable inside the house.


Catherine watched as adopters rejected him time and time again. Seeing him being returned multiple times broke Catherine’s heart. One adopter kept him for three months before bringing him back to Woods Humane Society! Still, the shelter’s relentless efforts to find Captain a forever home continued. They were determined not to give up on him. It had been six months since Captain was surrendered back to the shelter, tired of being confined to a kennel. A promising application came from Bruce and Brigitte, a couple with ample acres for Captain to roam.

Bruce had developed an attachment to Captain through a video and believed he deserved a loving home. With a Miniature Dachshund named Guinnie at home, they decided to expand their family. The day finally arrived when Captain met his potential family.


As they introduced Captain to Guinnie, the Miniature Dachshund had the ultimate say. Surprisingly, Captain adjusted well, and Bruce’s eyes lit up with joy. The connection was evident as Bruce stretched out on the ground, showcasing the unique bond they were forming.

Captain’s adoption became official and the couple brought the pup home. As he explored his new digs, it became clear that he had hit the jackpot. The shelter staff bid him farewell with a mix of pride and joy, knowing that Captain had found the loving family he deserved.

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