After Being Unwanted Several Times, You Helped This Pup Get An Amazing Life!

Whenever you shop at the iHeartDogs store, part of that profit goes to Greater Good Charities, an organization that helps lots of animals in need. Greater Good Charities’ GOODS Program donates food and other essential supplies to animal shelters and rescues. Those donations can save the lives of many animals, including this abandoned canine named Smoke.

Smoke lived a rough life before he ended up at Happy Paws Animal Shelter in Oklahoma. He had lived with several families and traveled many miles on his own. When the shelter picked him up, they scanned him for a microchip, which linked him to his most recent owners. According to the information on his microchip, he had traveled over 100 miles from Oklahoma City to Checotah.

But when the shelter called the number on the microchip, the person who answered said they didn’t want Smoke anymore. Despite being such a sweet dog, people had given up on Smoke several times. But he was still very deserving of love, so Happy Paws Animal Shelter took him in and showered him with love.

Thanks to the GOODS Program, the shelter provided Smoke with quality dog food so he could stay happy and healthy while he waited to get adopted.

Smoke rescue dog in pool

A Better Life for Smoke

Now, Smoke lives on a farm with lots of other rescue dogs, including a blind Pit Bull mix and an Australian Shepherd mix. One of Smoke’s favorite activities is splashing around in a kiddie pool. Without the GOODS Program, it would’ve been difficult for the animal shelter to provide for Smoke. But with these food donations, they’re able to take in more dogs and focus their funds on other areas of care like medical needs.

“The GOODS Program allows us to provide high quality food to the many “lifer” shelter pets we care for,” Happy Paws Animal Shelter wrote.

If you buy products from the iHeartDogs store, you’re helping dogs like Smoke get another chance at life. Even small purchases can help save the lives of dogs in need. So, thank you to all the heroes who have purchased products to make an impact.

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