Animals That Gallop (10 Animals With Pictures)


Gallop is a fascinating type of movement found in many animals. While galloping, an animal run at high speed by lifting its front and rear legs from the ground in a flow. Usually, we see horses using this amazing technique, but various other animals can gallop.


List Of 10 Animals That Gallop

  • Antelope
  • Camel
  • Hippopotamus
  • Lion
  • Cheetah
  • Giraffe
  • Hyena
  • House Cat
  • Leopard
  • Bears

1. Antelope

Antelopes are significant creatures and are found in various parts of the world. It is said by many resources that they can run with a three-beat gallop, but it’s not true. They run with a four-beat gallop. They lift all their legs in the air simultaneously and put them back on land at the same time. This way, they can get maximum speed and cover the highest distance. 

They gallop when any predator attacks them or wants to cover long distances in a low time. Further, they run in a zig-zag motion to slow down their predator.

Antelope also use a diagonal gait in which they move their front left leg and back right leg or front right leg and back right leg. They use this gait when they walk slowly, such as during grazing. They are different from horses which gallop with three-beat gallop.

Moreover, antelopes are found in a variety of species and possess different gallop speeds. For example, the gallop speed of the pronghorn antelope is 98 km/h. They are mostly found in Northern America. Further, springbok antelope related to African savannah have a galloping speed of 88km/h.

2. Camel

Animals That Gallop

Camels are also among those animals who can gallop. Their gallop is considered a three–step gait, but I want to add more. Camels have a unique gait type which is called “pace gait”. For walking, they used both front and back legs of the same side at the same time and then stepped forward with the help of other front and back sides of the other same side. Such a unique gait kind. This gait helps them to run at high speed and saves them from colliding with one another. Further, it also helps them to save energy. 

They have a maximum speed of 65 km/h but cannot maintain it during long travels. Their speed decreases to 40 km/h, where they can manage it for an hour.

3. Hippopotamus

Animals That Gallop

Hippos are usually large, heavy, popular animals due to their massive size and aggressive behaviour. They look lazy and agile but can run fast if necessary. Their maximum speed is almost 30 km/h. When it comes to weight, an adult hippo may weigh more than 1500 kg.

Coming to the topic! They also can gallop. On land, they can trot or canter gallop; in water, they make a bouncing gait, which refers to aquatic gallop. 

4.     Lion

Rotatory gallop is linked with lions, but lions can’t do rotatory gallop. Despite this, the type of lion’s gallop is bounding gallop. It means all their legs go up in the air at the same type. Further, their speed may go up to 80 km/h. 

Bounding gallop helps them to cover short distances. Moreover, the male’s lion heart does not allow them to make a great run. So, it hides and waits for their hunt to come near.

5. Cheetah

Regarding the cheetah, we know it is the fastest land animal, with a speed of 93 km/h to 98 km/h. They can do rotatory gallop but stop. Lion and cheetah are both cats, but the lion can’t do rotatory gallop, but the cheetah can do it. Why?

The cheetah is lower in weight (60 to 70 kg) than a lion and is an agile, fast creature. Their body flexibility also allows them to do so. These adaptations also make it a successful hunter, and it can chase their hunt for long distances compared to lions.

6. Giraffe

Such a taller and heavyweight animal also can run fast. These creatures also use their one side front and back legs at the same time to travel. 

You will experience the gallop in slow motion when you see it running. It is due to its long legs. With a speed of 56 km/h, they can cover long distances in less time. It means they might be out of sight in just some strides, but they can’t do so. They need a gap during their travel to make their breath in normal flow.

7. Hyena

When it comes to hyenas, these creatures are considered cowardly creatures. Despite this, they are opportunistic; they mostly eat the prey they own hunt. They attack in packs and can kill prey of huge sizes. They do not eat their prey until it does not become still.

These small and agile creatures also can gallop. Their gallop is also like the gallop of giraffes. Their high speed (64km/h) greatly helps them while hunting their prey. Other than speed, their patience level also benefits them on the battlefield.

8. House Cat

House cats are independent creature which spends most of their time sleeping. Their cuteness forced their owners to take care of them. After all this, this small, independent, pretty and cute creature has many types of a gallop. They can do bouncing gallop and also can do rotatory gallop. 

Their speed can reach nearly 50 km/h. But you don’t need to panic. Their speed goes here when any dog attacks them or in other possibly dangerous conditions. Normally, house cat does not gallop.

9. Leopard

Leopards and cheetahs both are considered the same. Leopards are smaller in size, but still, they are not faster than a cheetah. Leopards possess rotatory gallop. Due to big paws and long legs, their speed can reach 58 km/h. Mostly, they spend most of their time under the trees. Sometimes, they also spend a little time on the trees.

10. Bears

Bears are huge in size and big creatures with a heavyweight. They have a different kinds of gaits, and also they can gallop. Like most animals, they do not gallop in normal circumstances but do when they feel danger or hunt their prey.

During this process, most of his body weight is on his front legs (60 %). Moreover, this weight percentage also helps bear a lot and makes it easier to cover the long distance without any trouble.



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