Are Cheetahs Friendly?


Are Cheetahs Friendly? Different From Other Big Cats


Cheetahs are the fastest animals on the land when it comes to running speed. They can run at a speed above 70 mph, which proves them beyond the race. The black dots are present on their skin, which has made them more beautiful to these big cats.

The people who hunt in the forest want to know about their behavior and whether are cheetahs friendly. People also might be searching this query to know about if they can own a cheetah as a pet.

Rather than a carnivore, cheetahs are friendlier than other wild cats, but they are not friendlier than humans. In most cases, cheetahs are non-aggressive toward humans.

We should not touch the wild cheetahs; this is better for both the cheetahs and humans because survival is the basic necessity of wildlife. If we talk about the captive cheetahs, if they are trained properly, then they can become affectionate and friendly with their breeders and caretakers. 


The shape of the cheetahs is the same as the domestic cats; they can look like friendly and affectionate animals, which is why they can deceive us. The wild cheetahs are famous hunters in all the forest, and they kill big and small animals regularly, such as impalas and gazelles.

The female cheetahs, who are adults, do not socialize more with other cheetahs, especially other female cheetahs, if they are not related. 

The females also rarely socialize with male cheetahs; they spend their lives solitary and nomadic. Sometimes, they can interact when they cross from the males’ territories’ or when they do sexual processes.

Are Mother Cheetahs Friendlier With Their Cubs?


A female cheetah takes care of her offspring till a special time and takes care of his needs. When her offspring is born, she takes care of her cubs till 16 to 24 months old and teaches them hunting skills for surviving in the wild. The cubs of the cheetahs are born blind and helpless; their mother provides protection for them and nourishment for them. 

When the cubs learn survival skills and leave their nests, they search for territory in suitable places where water sources and abundant prey exist. 

They can travel long distances to search territory, even hundreds of kilometers. On the other hand, females live close to the home where they were raised, or they live with their relatives, such as their mothers and sisters. 

After leaving their nests, male cheetahs live alone; they set up their living in their territories. This depends on their born group; if one or more males are in the group, then they live together and try to possess the territories. 

Sometimes, unrelated cheetahs can consist of this litter group, which lives around here in the same area. They can coalition with each other and remain in the same litter. 

Are Cheetahs Friendly With Each Other?


Cheetahs are not social animals like other big cat species. They prefer to live alone and hunt alone, but in some cases, cheetahs can show friendly behavior or tolerance.

For example, when a female cheetah raises her cubs. During this time period, she showed some friendly behavior and made a small family group. Generally, she lives solitary without cubs. 

One more example is that, after some coalition, the male cheetahs of one litter leave her mother’s aftercare. Generally, this coalition consists of two or four cubs and continues for some months or even some years. After this, they live together and can hunt, rest, and tolerate each other.  

Are Cheetahs Docile?


Cheetahs are not considered docile animals in most cases. They are wild animals and mostly do not show behavior like domesticated animals.

Cheetahs are the fastest animals in the wild, which is very helpful for them in catching their prey. Despite this, when it is possible then, they prefer to flee rather than fight. 

In captivity, cheetahs show docile behavior on some occasions, but it is necessary that we should be careful and still maintain proper distance. It is advisable that in the wild, there should be enough distance from the tigers.  

In the wild, when the cheetahs hunt their prey, the lions and other animals steal their food. 

Cheetahs spend their life in the wild, and they know all the techniques for avoiding other predators. So, they hunt at night when most apex predators are sleeping or socializing. 

This is very beneficial for them in that they are not contesting for prey from other predators; no one can kill them easily and steal their food, and there is less danger of losing the cubs.  

Do Cheetahs Like Humans?


Cheetahs are docile animals and are not dangerous to humans as compared to other big cats like tigers and lions. They have no case that proves their attack on humans but their predatory and wild instinct is always a danger for humans. The wildlife revolves around the rule “kill or be killed.” So, in case of feeling insecurity due to your presence, they can make an attack for their survival.

Cheetahs have lived with humans for a long history, and they live peacefully. From hundreds of years ago, royal families have bred cheetahs.

So, they are addicted to living along with the humans from ancient history. Therefore, they are not more dangerous for the people. 

An example here is that when the safari tours go hunting, they climb into the cars if the car windows are open or their heads put into the vehicles. Cheetahs are naturally curious animals. 

That’s why it is considered that they are friendly and like humans. After all this, they are wild animals, and we should care for the cheetahs. 

Can Cheetahs Be Domesticated?


Cheetahs are not domestic animals like other domesticated animals, such as dogs, horses, sheep, and cats. They are wild animals. We can keep them in captivity and train them, but this is challenging. They have many special requirements to live in a domestic environment.

The Cheetahs are known for their fast speed and for best hunters. They need large areas for hunting and thriving. So, it isn’t easy to manage them in domesticated places. 

Many historical personalities have used them as a wealth sign for thousands of years, such as Genghis Khan, Charlemagne and pharaohs. But, this is a wild animal and careful is necessary for them.  



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